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35 Best Compliment Words to Compliment Your Partner


When it comes to a relationship it’s important to think carefully of the words that you use towards your partner. You want to describe them in the best possible way that you can. You want to make them feel loved and appreciated by you. You don’t have to go to great lengths to truly give your partner a compliment that they will like hearing. You can keep it short, sweet and simple while still giving them the confidence boost they deserve. Try out any of the following 35 best word compliments to use on your partner:


Who doesn’t love hearing that someone has taken time out of their day to notice how motivated they are? Complimenting someone’s productivity can really bring up their self esteem and give them the encouragement they need to continue being super ambitious!


When your partner tells you that they think you are amazing, you may feel all warm and fuzzy inside for days on end. It feels good to know someone thinks so highly of you. I mean if you’re lover doesn’t think you are amazing, then who does, right?


When you tell someone that they are blossoming you are telling them that they are maturing or growing into something more wonderful than they were before. You are letting them know that you notice their growth in life and that you are really proud of them!


Shining a light on your partner’s intelligence is just as, if not more, important than complimenting them on their physical attributes. Although both are great to do, this one can make your partner feel even more awesome! Them knowing that you believe they are smart can do wonders for your relationship.


Charming is a fantastic word to use when you are complimenting your partner. Charming indicates they are elegant and sophisticated. It will truly make your partner feel like they are a part of your fairytale.


Compassion is a wonderful thing to have as a characteristic. When someone calls you compassionate and recognizes the effort you are putting forward it makes you feel really good about yourself. It will help to motivate them to continue being as compassionate as they are.


To be desired by someone is to be wished for or wanted. It can also mean that someone finds you sexually attractive. It’s a great word to use with your partner. It helps them remember that you are still into them like crazy and find them desirable in every way. Perfect word to use when you need a relationship boost, don’t you think?


Dreamy is a beautiful word when it comes to compliments. It lets your partner know that you find them to be the person of your dreams or the person that you always day dreamed about. It’s a perfect way to describe someone that you truly love.


Calling someone dazzling is the equivalent telling them they shine brighter than the sun. It can also refer to their dazzling good looks or you can use it in a way that it describes their personality.


Your partner will truly know that you think very highly of them when you call them excellent. Being excellent means you are being the best that you can be. Lift up your partners spirits and call them this a.s.a.p!


Telling them this complement will open their eyes to how much you enjoy spending time with them. It will be a great reminder to them that they are never a burden on you and that you always have a great time when you are hanging out with them.


When you describe something as exhilarating you are saying that it makes you feel elated and extremely happy. So that is what you are saying your partner makes you feel when you say they are exhilarating.


Telling your partner that you find them enticing will lead them to believe that you are undeniably drawn to them, because they have the power over you. It’s a great way to tell your partner how you feel about them.


Your partner will absolutely love hearing that you think they are exciting! Who doesn’t love hearing that they are the life of your party? Watch your partner’s face light up when  you dawn this compliment word upon them. It will be so worth it!


There’s nothing better than hearing someone thinks that you are fantastic. Fantastic literally means that someone or something is extremely good at something or very, very attractive. It’s a perfect way to compliment your s/o anytime and anywhere!


This is an amazing compliment to use when you’re partner has just accomplished something that makes them happy! You can tell them they look positively glowing. It will only make them so much happier on top of already being ecstatic about something!


Being graceful means that you are elegant and have grace when you go about doing something. Your partner will feel all warm inside when you tell them how graceful you think they are! Everyone likes to hear that they look flawless when they do stuff.


There are a lot of different things to praise your partner for, but you should always make it apparent that you think they have a good sense of humor. Loving someone means loving their efforts to make you laugh, just as much as everything else.


Your partner will definitely feel humbled by your complimenting their humbleness. Give it a shot and watch them appreciate it.


If anything, your partner needs to hear that you have a lot of faith and trust in them. Calling them honest is a great way of letting know that you have those things for them.


Who knows? Maybe your partner aspires to inspire you everyday. Let them know that they do just that for you. It will strengthen the bond between the two of you.


It’s always a wonderful idea to compliment your partner on their creativity and imagination. This is an especially good words to use if your partner takes interest in any hobbies or arts. They will definitely love hearing it then!


Your partner is more than just brawn, they are brains, too! It’s important to remind them that you love more than just their body when it come to complementing them. Although it’s important to do both, of course. You never know when your partner will need a confidence booth to feel a little smarter than they did before.


Your partner is only trying to bring joy into your life, so why not bring some into theirs by calling them joyful!


Calling your partner kind is a great way to let them know that you think they are genuine, generous and nice.


Make sure they know just how much you love them by telling them they are lovable. It will only make the bond between the two of you stronger than it was before.


Telling your partner you find them magnificent is like telling them they are striking in every way possible. Once in awhile it’s nice to be described by such a powerful word, don’t you think?


Calling your partner perfect is the absolute best thing you can call someone in a relationship! If you have gotten to a point where your partner thinks that you are perfect, then you’ve reached relationship heaven!


What’s better than hearing your partner is pleased by you? The answer is nothing.


To be radiant means you are shining the brightest you can. It’s a perfect compliment to get your partner smiling within seconds.


Let your partner know that they are doing everything right in the romance department when it comes down to it. They will surely enjoy hearing that you appreciate their romantic efforts. It’ll make them feel closer to you.


This is a great compliment to use if you are not that into all the sappy vocabulary. Calling someone rad means that you think they are super cool in every way!


Your partner will adore hearing how sweet you think that they are. Everyone deserves to be called sweet every now and again.


Telling someone they are strong, especially if they are going through a tough time, is an amazing way to let them know that you see them for all they are and notice how hard they are trying.


We all love to hear that we are one of a kind. Your partner will enjoy hearing it, too.


If your partner has a great warm vibe that they put out, let them know it! There aren’t many people that don’t enjoy hearing how warm and appealing they appear to people.


Make your s/o aware of how feisty you think they are and how spunky you see their personality as! They’ll love it.


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