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40 Best Compliments for Guys


Everyone loves to get compliments, and your boyfriend is no different. Regular compliments will let him know how important he is to you. Other than complimenting the way he looks, you can also compliment his personality, his intelligence and how he makes you feel. You can use the 40 best compliments for guys as texts, in love letters or you can just tell your boyfriend them.


1. You are absolutely charming. I just can’t pull myself away!

If you are not comfortable with complimenting his looks, you can always stick to something like his charisma. Everyone naturally likes to hear about how awesome, intelligent or charming they are, so this is an ideal compliment to use.

2. I love how you listen and respect me.

Make sure to say this one with the right tone of voice, or it could end up sounding slightly sarcastic. If you say it the right way though, it will also show your appreciation for the way he listens to you and values your input.

3. Wow, you weren’t lying when you said you were hitting the gym!

You could just say that he is hot or sexy, but this is a much classier way of telling him how attractive he is. The best news? This type of compliment will encourage him to work out even more, so you will have the hottest boyfriend out there.

4. You did such a great job at (____).

Sometimes, the best compliments are more personal. You can fill in the blank with anything that he has done recently or something specifically that he has done for you.

5. You are always making me smile!

Everyone wants to know that they matter to someone and made a difference. This compliment is a quick, easy way to let him know that he makes a difference and always brightens your day.

6. I love spending my time with you.

This is an easy, straightforward message to use. It could also be used as a hint that you would like to spend even more time with him. If you have not seen him enough lately though, you should probably just tell him that because he is most likely not a natural mind reader.

7. I always feel safe when I’m around you.

This type of compliment plays to his ego and makes him feel stronger and like a huge influence in your life.

8. It’s so nice to see a man who can cook.

If you are lucky enough to find someone who can cook, stick with him! With casual dining options and meals-to-go readily available, few people take the time to really learn how to cook a meal. If you are lucky enough to find the one person who can whip up a gourmet meal, then you should compliment him and encourage that behavior.

9. I respect you.

Respect and trust are so important in a relationship, and you are extremely lucky if you have found someone that you genuinely respect.

10. I could imagine your arms wrapped around me tight.

This would be a wonderful thing to send in a text message with a winking emoticon after it. It could be just a flirtatious hint, or you could also add things to it like, “Can we try this later?”.

11. Geez, girls can’t keep their eyes off of you!

This is a way to show that you find him attractive, and he will get an ego boost by thinking that every lady finds him attractive. Since it naturally leads to something along the lines of, “But you are the only one for me,” it could also help to soothe your jealousy if there are a lot of girls checking him out.

12. Any lady would be lucky to have you.

This is a simple, easy way to show how much you care for him. If you want to make it even more romantic, add a few of the compliments on this list together and write them out in a traditional love letter.

13. I love how easy it is to have a conversation with you.

It is easy to be attracted to someone, but it is so much harder to actually be able to talk to your crush. When you have a lot in common and compatible personalities, it becomes much easier to share your thoughts and feelings.

14. I love the way you (insert something here).

This is an easy compliment for guys that you can use.

15. Is there anything you CAN’T do?

While it sounds simple, this is actually an amazing compliment to use. It implies that you think that he is talented and capable at doing just about anything, and he will absolutely love to hear this compliment.

16. Wow, you really rock that (shirt, tie, etc).

Take a look at what he is wearing today. Which aspects of his outfit really make him look good? Use that clothing item to fill in the blank. This compliment is ideal because it implies that you think he is attractive without directly saying it—perfect for a crush that you are uncertain likes you or not.

17. I can’t help but smile around you.

If you are sending this in a text message, you can add a smiley face or winking emoticon after the text to make it more personal.

18. Thanks for helping me (_____) today. I really appreciate it!

If your boyfriend is helping you do chores or fix your home, make sure that you show your appreciation! As you date someone for months or years, it is easy to unintentionally start taking them for granted. Compliments like this will help him know that you really value his contributions to the relationship.

19. You make me feel so beautiful (or appreciated, respected, etc).

You do not have to just compliment him. You can also give compliments by saying how wonderful he makes you feel.

20. What are you wearing? You smell magnificent.

This compliment is good for two reasons. First, it makes him feel awesome and attractive. Second, it shows that you really like his cologne, which means he is far more likely to wear it again in the future.

21. You always give the best advice.

Sometimes, you just need someone who can listen to your problems, genuinely care and give you advice. If your boyfriend or crush is one of these people, make sure to tell him it!

22. You always know exactly what to say.

Like the last compliment, this one involves being an excellent listener and advice giver. When you are going through a difficult time, nothing makes it easier than having the love and support of the people who are important to you.

23. You really know how to treat a woman.

This compliment is ideal if he recently bought you flowers, took you out on a fancy date or did something extra special for you.

24. You’re the strongest man I’ve ever met.

In our culture, guys are expected to be strong and muscular. For this reason, many guys like to hear how strong they are.

25. Your arms look great in that shirt.

Like the last compliment, this compliment helps to make him feel strong and powerful. Plus, it could even encourage him to work out even more, which means that you could have an even more attractive, muscular partner.

26. I couldn’t be any more comfortable around you.

After the initial butterflies of the early relationship, it is nice when you start to transition to a more relaxed, comfortable stage of your relationship.

27. You are so handy!

This is a wonderful, easy way to show your gratitude for how much he has helped you.

28. I love your (insert color here) eyes. I just get lost in them.

Eyes are an easy part of the body to compliment because your compliments show that you think he is attractive without being too sexual. While it is extremely common to compliment someone’s eyes, I doubt few men get tired of hearing these compliments.

29. I’ve never seen a man who can (____) quite like you can!

You can fill in the blank with any activity that he is good at.

30. There’s something about your smile that gets me every time.

This is a simple, lovely way to tell him that he has an attractive smile and you are completely entranced by him.

31. Honestly, you are way hotter than Brad Pitt.

A decade or two ago, Brad Pitt was THE hottest man of his generation—or, at least, that is what many people at the time thought. Obviously, there are different attractive men in today’s class of young actors. You can change the name in this compliment to any actor that you think is attractive.

32. Judging by the way you’re so sweet and playful with kids, you’re going to make a great dad one day.

If your relationship is starting to get more serious (or you want to gradually nudge it that way), this is an excellent quote to use.

33. Your voice is so deep, masculine, and comforting.

Obviously, you can adjust this compliment for guys to include the actual description of your guy’s voice.

34. I have never met a man like you. You’re genuinely different from the rest and I’m loving it!

This compliment can easily be used after you have started dating. It is not too serious, but it shows that you find him to be different than everyone else and want to see where the relationship goes.

35. You’re the funniest man I’ve ever met.

If the other compliments on this list do not feel quite right, you could always try complimenting his unique sense of humor.

36. (Insert color here) is really your color! You should wear it more often.

This is another sneaky way of implying that he is attractive without having to be too blunt about it. Because of this, it is an excellent compliment to use on your crush as you try to figure out if he is interested in you or not.

37. You are the manliest man I’ve ever known.

Obviously, this compliment works best if your boyfriend or crush is actually trying to be manly. If he does not care about that, then it won’t work as well.

38. You can fix anything, can’t you?

This is an easy, simple compliment to use.

39. Hey, can I have a ticket to your gun show?

While this compliment is extremely corny, it is bound to make him smile and definitely shows that you are attracted to him.

40. You really turn me on.

If your relationship just reached the sexual level, this is a great compliment to send. He will certainly love hearing that you are attracted to him.

If you need to make a longer text, you can always combine several of the compliments for guys on this list. Write a few down and you can use them at random to brighten your boyfriend’s day.


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