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37 Congratulations Messages on Your New Job


When someone starts a new job, it is an exciting time. They have a new opportunity and an added source of income. Whether your friend or family member is the one with the new job, it is important to show how much you care through a card, text message or email. These congratulations on your new job messages can be modified to suit the individual’s exact situation or used as they are written.    Congratulations on Your New Job

Congratulations on Your New Job

1. New jobs are only given to people who have exceptional promise and potential. You are one of the lucky individuals who is blessed with both, and your new boss has noticed your talent. Congratulations on your new job!

2. The true secret to being successful at a new job is to exceed the job requirements in every way—I think you are perfectly placed to do just that! Best of luck at your new job!

3. A job is basically a contract. The employer promises to pay you money in return for you doing what it takes to get paid. Good luck on making that promise!

4. A job is a kind of relationship. When you leave your old workplace, it is like a breakup. You have a heavy heart and miss your former co-workers as you move on to a new relationship. Your new employer gives you fresh promises and renewed hope in the future. Now, you just have to hope that you will have a happy, long-lasting relationship and never break up again!

5. When you move to a new job, it is kind of like moving to a new home. While the transition is painful, the rewards will hopefully be worth all of the effort. Congratulations on your new job and here is hoping for good luck in your future!

6. A new job is like the best recognition for all of your hard work. Finally, someone realizes how much you have achieved and pays you for it. Congratulations!

7. A new job is a lot like having a good relationship. You can’t take the other person for granted or they will break up with you. Wishing you the best of luck!

New job wishes

8. Your new job is a blank book where you get to write all of the chapters. Congrats!

9. When you have a job, you could get promoted because of being the boss’ pet or because of playing office politics. The only way to get a new job is to be good at what you do. Congratulations on showing that you have what it takes to succeed at any workplace!

10. Jobs may come and go, but good employees like you will do well at any job. Congratulations!

11. While being employed is always better than being unemployed, it is also better to get paid more for doing the same work. Congrats on getting a new job that pays better!

12. The secret to success in a new job is knowing how to delegate the work to other people and then pretend like you are busy. Best of luck and congratulations!

13. You do not actually need the new job, but they desperately need someone like you. Congratulations on being a truly deserving job candidate.

14. Starting a new job is easy, but getting offered a job is not. Congratulations on being amazing enough to get headhunted by your new company!

Congratulations Letter Examples for a New Job

15. You totally deserve this job, and the company was smart to recognize such a great employee. What a perfect fit! Best of luck at your new job!

16. Thank goodness that someone realized what a great employee you are and finally paid you for it! Congratulations!

17. If your new job was an actual person, he would be so thankful for having found you. Congratulations on your new job!

18. In the middle of getting a new job with new co-workers, bosses and fun, make sure not to forget about all of your old friends here. Congrats!

19. A new job is not just a new beginning. It gives you a new path for creating your own story and ending. Congratulations!

20. Your new employer has no clue what a lottery he won in choosing to hire you! They are lucky to have you at your new workplace! Congratulations on getting your new job!

21. A star company requires a star employee just like you. Thankfully, someone finally saw what a gem of an employee you are and rewarded you for it. Congratulations!

Congratulations on your new job quotes and wishes

22. A new job is similar to a sponge. You either soak up all of the failures around you, or you can squeeze out every drop of success. Hopefully, you and your new co-workers will always get to choose the latter option!

23. It is not just a new job that you are getting. It is a fresh start in life and a brand new opportunity. Congrats!

24. May you always exceed your colleagues, boss’ and company’s expectations for your performance. Congratulations on your new job!

25. Having worked with you, I know that your new bosses are even luckier than they think. They might be paying you more, but they are definitely getting the better deal. Farewell to one of my favorite co-workers and here’s to wishing you the best of luck at your new job!

26. People like you are always in demand because you know how to think outside of the box. It doesn’t surprise me at all to hear that your new company saw so much potential in you. Congratulations on getting offered a new position!

27. Never let your new job get in the way of visiting me! I know you will have a bunch of new, fun co-workers to work with, but don’t forget about all of us here! Congratulations!

28. May your new job always bring you to new heights. May your talents and potential always give you a brighter future ahead. Congratulations on getting the new job!

New Job Congratulations Letter for a Colleague

29. Your new job is just one more reason why I envy you so much and am thankful to call you my friend. Congratulations!

30. Thankfully, you finally got a new job. The more you get paid, the more you can spend on friends like me! Congrats on the new job and don’t forget about all of us little people!

31. Your employers made an extremely smart decision in picking you for the position. Congrats!

32. Our loss is your new employer’s gain. Congratulations on your new job and the best of luck in the future!

33. You can change your paycheck, your boss, your job and your way of living, but please never consider changing who you are. You are already perfect. Congrats on the new job!

34. May you never have a job that makes you feel redundant. Congratulations on getting your new job and the best of luck for the many happy years (and promotions!) to come!

35. You have truly been an inspiration for the rest of us—I would give anything to get offered a job like yours. Congratulations on being chosen for such a great role—you really deserve it!

36. A perfect employee for a perfect job opportunity. Congrats!

37. Opportunities like this come around only a handful of times in a lifetime. You are lucky to finally get an employer who sees just how much you deserve the new position. Congrats!


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