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50 Cute Contact Names for Your Boyfriend


When in a relationship, that cloud nine feeling will have us doing and saying things we never thought we would do. Every once in a while you might pause and realize what you are doing but when it comes to the right person, there is no questioning your actions. One of these things is giving your significant other pet names. After building a bond, you have these special moments that help create these nicknames. nicknames for my boyfriend

With guys, it might be embarrassing to give him pet names – depending on what it is. His friends might hear and call him that as well, in a teasing manner of course. So to make his life a little easier, just save his contact information with his pet name. Here some nicknames you can give your boyfriend, whether he likes it or not.

1. Babe: A pure classic in the dating world. It is simple but still so cute.
2. Soul Mate: To those who know they have found “the one”, this is the perfect nickname. Not only is he your boyfriend, he is your soul mate.
3. Baby: Another classic that can always be used. You can never go wrong with calling your man ‘baby’. Whether he admits it or not, he loves to be called that because it shows you’ll always take care care him.
4. Daddy: Something a bit more sexual but still fun.
5. My Boo: An old nickname but it is still endearing. It definitely has more spunk than ‘babe’ or ‘baby’.
6. Love: This is one that can explain itself. If you love him, this is the perfect nickname to save him as.
7. Champ: If he is the champion of your life.
8. Sweetheart: For the guys who have a pure and sweet heart.
9. Honey: When you have a guy as sweet as honey, there is no way you cannot call him honey.
10. My World: To the guy who knows how to make your world a better place.
11. Hubby: A cute short cut for ‘husband’. This is for the guy who you know you can see yourself with in the future.
12. Amor Mio: No better nickname than one in Spanish – a language so romantic. This translates to “My Love”.
13. Lover: He is not only someone who you always have a great time with but you also have a great time with him in the bedroom.
14. My Main Squeeze: To that special someone who is the first person you go to.
15. Lovebug: Such an adorable nickname to give your guy.

nicknames for boyfriend
16. Sugar Lips: We all know why you call him sugar lips. His lips are just too hard to resist.
17. Sweetie-pie: If your guy is as sweet as a pie.
18. My Heart: Since we are little, we are told that love blossoms from the heart. So by calling him your heart, you are letting him know he has all your love.
19. Handsome: Something that might be obvious but it is always a confidence boost, to not only your boyfriend but to yourself. You have a handsome man all to yourself!
20. My Rock: To the supportive guys who help you become a better version of you.
21. Big Guy: If your guy happens to be big, why not call him big guy?
22. Sexy Man: Pretty obvious and ideal for the guy you find sexy.
23. Love Muffin: A cuter version of love because not only is he your lover, he is a sweet and delicious as a muffin.
24. Boyfriend: Incase you forgot what your boyfriend is to you.
25. My Everything: To a special someone who means everything to you.
26. Apple: If your man is the apple of your eye.
27. Other Half: When you find a guy who completes your being.
28. Pookie Bear: It does not make much sense but there is no denying that it is a cute nickname!
29. Mine: He is yours in every aspect. From his love to his while being.
30. Shortie: There is no doubt that he is your shortie.

 nicknames for a boyfriend
31. Iron Man: To the strong and hard-working boyfriends out there, this one is for you.
32. Stud Muffin: If you cannot resist but call your man a stud and adding the muffin part is just something cute.
33. Prince Charming: If he is something out of a fairy tale from his looks, the way he treats you and his whole being in general.
34. Mr. Good Looking: Since you find him so handsome, you might as well call him what he is.
35. Boo Thang: To someone you consider your boo but want to add a twist to his nickname. It is a super playful nickname and fun to say!
36. LOML: An acronym for “Love of My Life”, it is pretty obvious why you would call him that.
37. Hot Stuff: A playful nickname for your boyfriend that you find so hot!
38. Papa: If he is from another country, specifically a Spanish-speaking country, this is the perfect name. It translates to “daddy”.
39. Better Half: Because he is your better half that brings out the best in you.
40. My King: Because you are his queen, he is your king.
41. Honey Bee: This is a great name from a guy who is hard-working like a honey bee.
42. Hunk: If your guy happens to be a bit brawny.
43. Darling: Such a classic name for an old soul.
44. Pumpkin: He might not look like a pumpkin but he happens to be as bright as one.
45. Mr. Right: When you found the right man to spend your life with.

cute nicknames for boyfriend
46. Bae: In this day and age, bae has become the new “baby”. It is actually an acronym for “before anyone else.”
47. Eye Candy: He is so good looking, you cannot resist but call him your eye candy.
48. Knight: If he is your knight in shining armor.
49. Romeo: For your super romantic boyfriend.
50. Use an emoji: If you have an insider with your boyfriend, an emoji be used. After all, there are many different emojis you can you. It can be as simple as a heart.


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