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50 Cute Contact Names for Your Girlfriend


It is no new thing to give your significant other pet names. These names have become terms of endearment that take time to build which is why people tend to like the pet names given to them. Most of the time, these pet names stem from a trait from the person or even an insider the both of you have together.

When it comes to women, pet names are something special because it shows them that you have thought of something that represents them. It is unique and suitable for their being which is why pet names are special. Here are some pet names you can use or even get inspiration from to keep the passion in your relationship alive.

  1. Baby: A classic but you can never go wrong with calling your girlfriend ‘baby’.
  2. Sweetheart: To all the girlfriends who have a pure and tender heart.
  3. Wifey: An ideal name for a girlfriend you can see yourself marrying in the future.
  4. Queen: It is guaranteed calling your girlfriend a queen will make her the happiest woman ever. This is a name for a woman you have the upmost respect for.
  5. Angel Face: To the girlfriend who has the innocent face of an angel, it can also be similar to baby face.
  6. Lover: Because she just so happens to be her lover so it’s pretty obvious to call her so.
  7. My Everything: If she happens to mean everything to you, this is the perfect pet name to save her as.
  8. Baby Girl: This is a cute name if your girlfriend happens to have a baby face.
  9. Beautiful: A pet name that reaffirms what she is and will always make her feel loved.
  10. Cutie: Similar to calling her ‘beautiful’, cutie is a much more innocent and playful pet name.
  11. My Girl: This lets you girl know that she is yours and she is the only girl.
  12. Dream Girl: If she happens to be so amazing, it seems as though she is from a dream.
  13. Honey: When your girl is so sweet, you cannot help but relate her to honey.
  14. Sunshine: If your girlfriend brightens up your day, even on your darkest ones.
  15. Amor: If you want to give her a pet name in another language, this is the perfect one. It translates to “love” because that is what she gives to you and you do the same in return.
  16. Hot Stuff: Depending on how far into the relationship you are, this is a sexy and playful pet name to give to your girlfriend.
  17. My Light: If your girlfriend brings light everywhere she goes, especially in your life.
  18. Lovebird: Since birds always tend to mate with only one bird, it is a special name.
  19. My World: To your girlfriend that means everything to you.
  20. Pretty Lady: A sophisticated, yet innocent, name to give to your girlfriend.
  21. Princess: For your girlfriend who likes to be treated as a princess.
  22. My Boo: Definitely a classic and a fun pet name to give to your girlfriend.
  23. Sexy Mama: This pet name is one that can be controversial since not all women like to be called ‘mama’. But besides that, it is a fun name to give.
  24. Suga: Instead of calling your girlfriend ‘sugar’, suga has much more spunk to it.
  25. The Mrs.: If you can see yourself marrying your girlfriend, she will eventually become your Mrs.
  26. Peach: To all the sweet girlfriends out there.
  27. Gorgeous: Because there is nothing wrong in letting your girlfriend know what she is.
  28. Doll: If you find your girlfriend to be as perfect as a doll.
  29. Babe: Another classic and you can never go wrong with it.
  30. Cutie Pie: To your girlfriend who is cute and is as sweet as a pie.
  31. Lover Girl: Because your girl is also your lover.
  32. Sweet Thang: This is a playful pet name to give to your girlfriend. If she is a sweet person, this can be an ideal name for her.
  33. Supergirl: To all the strong and independent girlfriends who get work done.
  34. My Heart: Since the heart is where love is considered to stem, she has all your love – therefore, she is your heart.
  35. Bae: Today’s replacement for ‘baby’. Sooner or later, it will become a classic. It actually stands for “before anyone else”.
  36. Hot Mama: Just like ‘sexy mama’, this can be a controversial pet name but if she does not mind then it is a super sexy pet name to give.
  37. Brown-eyed Beaut: Of course, your girlfriend needs to have warm brown eyes in order to give her this name.
  38. Blue-eyed Beaut: Similar to the one before, she needs to have bright blue eyes.
  39. Lucky Charm: If you consider yourself luck to have her, this can be the perfect pet name.
  40. Treasure: If she is a person so valuable in your life, she is a treasure to you.
  41. My Gem: Just like any gem, your girlfriend is of high value due to her being.
  42. Baby Doll: If you treat your girl as a princess, this is another alternative to use besides ‘princess’.
  43. Other Half: Because you were incomplete before meeting her, now she is your other half.
  44. Babylicious: This pet name is a combination of baby and delicious.
  45. Sweet Pea: If you two are two peas in the pod, this is the perfect pet name to give her.
  46. Baby Love: Giving her this pet name will also give you the privilege to play “Baby Love” to her.
  47. Boo Bear: Even though this is a very youthful pet name, it is still very cute.
  48. Buttercup: If she happens to have a bubbly and bright personality.
  49. Pumpkin: She might not be orange but she is as bright and sweet as one.
  50. My Dear: This might sound like something from a classic movie but it will always be a classic.


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