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8 Conversation Games To Keep Your Chats Lively And Fun


Getting tired of the same old boring conversations? Don’t worry, we have the perfect conversation games to keep things lively and fun for everyone involved!

Two Truths, One Lie

This is a great game to play and it certainly keeps the conversation light and fun!

How To Play: It’s so easy. Almost too easy for the amount of fun that you have when you play it. All that needs to happen is each of you take turns saying three statements. One of the statements has to be a straight up lie. That means that you say two things that hold truth and one that is completely dishonest. Then the other players must decide which one is a lie and which two are the truth. It’s fun, give it a go!

Never Have I Ever

Surely you have heard about this fun party game! The good thing is that you don’t necessarily have to be at a party to play. You do need more than two people, however to make this one work properly! It can be done with just two, but it’s much more fun with more than that!

How To Play: Granted you probably already know how to play this one, since it’s been around forever, we are still going to talk you through the directions. This game works best if you are drinking something, but works if you aren’t as well.

Drinking Version: Fill up your cup with alcohol (or a mixed drink) first. If you are sober, but your partner(s) want to drink, you can just get a cup of soda or tea. Set the cups in front of each of you. Now one of you will say a sentence out loud stating something that you (or whoever it’s turn it is) have never actually done.

I.E: “Never have I ever gone to Canada.”

And then whoever has gone to Canada will take a sip. Those of you have actually done it will keep your cups in place and wait until next round.

Non-Drinking Version: Do exactly the same, but instead of putting cups of drinks out use your fingers to count instead. Each player put up all five fingers on one hand. If you want to make the game go longer, use both hands and display ten fingers. Now rattle off your statements, taking turns. And instead of taking a sip of a drink, just fold a finger down for each statement that you have done.

Truth Or Dare

Of course, we can’t leave out truth or dare. This game is as old as your great, great grandparents, but it’s still just as fun to play in this modern day! Give it a shot anytime, anywhere. Except in the car, it’s not really a car game.

How To Play: Although it is super simple to play, it’s a lot of fun! Of course you might want to set up boundaries with one another before initiating the game. There might be some things people just aren’t comfortable doing. So boundaries beforehand are fairly important to establish.

After you make up those rules you can proceed to playing the game. Each of you will take turns. You will pick someone to ask a question too. If you can’t decide who, just choose the person directly to your left.

You will ask them, “Truth or dare?”

They will then pick which one they want to go through with.

If they pick truth: If a player picks truth you will then ask them a personal question that they must truthfully tell the answer to. Once they answer, they ask the person to their left truth or dare next.

If they pick dare: If a player picks dare then you think up a dare that they should go and actively go through with.

I.E: “I dare you to kiss ___!”

Then the player you dared should go and kiss whoever you listed off.

The Alphabet Game

This is the perfect game to play if you are on a road trip and bored. Or if you are just sitting around and have nothing better to do!

How To Play: This one is super simple. So you can have a minimum of two players on this one but more works, too.

The first player picks a letter. Any letter of the alphabet works, but if you want to get extreme start with the letter A and work from there. Now when you say the letter, the other player will list as many things as they possibly can that start with the letter named.

I.E: “I pick B.”

Player: “Banana, baton, batman, bacon….” And will go until they absolutely cannot think of anything else.

Once they can’t think of anything then it’s your turn to play.

They will pick a letter for you and now you list as many things as you can.

Each of you gets three rounds. Whoever gets two out of three rounds is the winner!

Would You Rather

This is a great game to kill time! There aren’t really any winners in this one, it’s just more of a fun game to play than anything. So if you want there to be winners keep scrolling to find a different game!

How To Play: This one is extremely easy to play. You can have as many people in this one as you want, but it works best with just two.

Pick someone to start and then give them a would you rather question.

I.E: “Would you rather be naked in front of the whole class or have to eat a cockroach?”

And then they will answer. You usually only use really strange, gross questions. It’s a great game to play if you are looking for a lot of laughs!

I Spy

This is a classic game that works best if you are in the car or on the move somehow. Once again, there aren’t really any winners in this game. Just another fun way to kill time with someone!

How To Play: When you are on the move, one of you will pick out something that you see, without letting the other person know what it is. They will have to guess what you are referring to. You can make it obvious or you can make it difficult. That part is totally up to you.

I.E: “I spy with my little eye something red!”

Player: Is it that fire hydrant?

You: “Correct!’

Easy as that!

The Telephone Game

This game really only works if you have five or more people. However, it is so much fun, especially at parties or family events!

How To Play: Make a straight line of all the people that are playing. You want each one of you to be next to each other in a line. At the beginning of the line have the person standing there think of a phrase to say. It does not matter what the phrase is. It can literally be anything that comes to their mind. Make sure that the sentence is a bit lengthy or else the game will fail.

I.E: “I want a banana on a hot day to cool the dog down.”

No the sentence doesn’t have to make sense. Actually the more ridiculous the better.

Now don’t let them say the sentence out loud. Have them whisper it in the ear of the person who is sitting next to them. Have them whisper quietly, but kind of rapidly.

Now the person they said it to has to whisper is fast to the person next to them. This will continue on until the last person is reached.

The last person will say the sentence out loud and the point of the game is to make sure the sentence is still in tact. However, most of the time they will say something completely different.

I.E: “I want a hot bandana to cool my hotdog off.’

20 Questions

This game is the best game to choose if you are trying to get to know someone on a deeper level. Perfect for couples or friends alike!

How To Play: It’s pretty easy to play. You just think of a question to ask and then ask the person, or people, that you are playing with. When they answer, you will then respond with an answer to the same question. Now it’s their turn to ask you a question. You will repeat this until you have reached twenty questions.

You can ask each other anything and they cannot back out of the question after you have answered and vice versa.

However, if neither of you have answered the question yet, they do have the right to say pass on it. There are only three passes allowed per game, if no one has already answered the question being asked.


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