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200 Cool Band Name Ideas


Band names. How often do you think about the reason why a certain band has a certain name? I bet most of the times we’re left in confusion because we can’t make out the real reason behind why bands select special names to identify themselves. So I came up with a list of cool band names that you can get inspiration from together with the ‘whys’ behind the name, because a band isn’t a band until it has a name

1. Soul Salad: if you’re more of the rhythm and blues guys.
2. Sound Machine: because you’re creators of music after all, right?
3. Rock Mekanika: sounds like sound gears creating good music.
4. Petrichor: sounds melodramatic and melancholic. The word itself is full of unwelcomed emotions.
5. Paper Parachute: means a false feeling of safety. You feel like falling is safe but there’s only fragile paper holding you.
6. Lost Atlantis: undiscovered and mysterious. Especially great if you’re going to write riddles.
7. Shooting for Stars: sounds so promising and full of potential!
8. Lies and Lullabies: for songs that are full of angst and false promises.
9. Song Pilots: for the aviators of great music and alternatively..
10. Song Sailors: if you love the sea more than the skies.
11. Private Property: because the songs that you will be writing are yours alone.
12. In Between: makes people feel that you are caught in the middle.
13. Born Victim: makes a great band name if your songs’ overall theme is playing the victim.
14. Façade: for to the illusion that we paint ourselves in order to please others.
15. Oblivion: subtly hinting that your band will all about be unawareness.
16. Front of the Line: if you feel like you guys in the band are sacrificial lambs.
17. Hard Times: for what it really is.

Band Name Ideas
18. Amore: because the greatest human misery there ever is is love.
19. Playing Mantis: for the playful funny bone in your body.
20. Breakout: sounds liberating and freeing!
21. Magic Misery: to balance out the bad and the amazing.
22. Game of Songs: if Game of Thrones is your thing! Also, everyone loves the funny band.
23. Leftovers: sounds abandoned and never thought of. Great if you are capitalizing on this.
24. Jams and Jelly: because naming your band to your favorite breakfast is so personal yet so cool.
25. Sickened Sanity: sounds problematic and wicked. Great for emo songs!
26. Pandora’s Pain: we all know about her curiosity. Let the world know about her pain.
27. Blind Followers: great if you’re capitalizing in all the things you’re blindly following.
28. Rare Ransom: sounds like a rare band name. Grab it asap!
29. Fool’s Paradise: because we all think this exists on our minds.
30. On Deaf Ears: for all the things that you wish to scream but is always often unheard of.
31. Hope for Humanity: because this is what you wish to be.
32. End of the Ocean: two words: endless and deep!
33. Dramachine: for the creators of sound, the creators of drama!
34. Dreams and Daffodils: sounds very positive and chill. Use if your band is aiming for that. If you are not…
35. Guns and Grudges: sounds revengeful and with a hidden agenda.
36. Brand New Heart: because we all want one.
37. Virgo: simple band name that can hold so many meanings. You can also change this to Taurus or Capricorn, depending on what’s common. You can also capitalize on the known qualities of your zodiac.
38. Emergency: morbid and rushing. Choose if your band favors these two qualities.
39. Red Rocks: rare, like how rare your literal band name’s meaning is.
40. Escape Route: because we all want a Plan B when something goes wrong.
41. Black Lines: there’s something mortifying but ambiguous in this band name.
42. Blurred Lives: for the things we are all unsure of.
43. Art Avenue: because writing and singing songs is a true art. And your band is an avenue for that.
44. Bruise and Burgers: when your band is a mixture of chill and pain.
45. Dreaming of Demons: sounds very dark and best for a heavy metal band.
46. Sleepwalking: for the state you are usually in.
47. Curbside Prisoner: sounds sophisticated! A prisoner of life still, but one that is seen in everyday life.
48. Assumed Prime: we all have assumptions in life and your band is not an exception.
49. City Kids: if you really are! Even if you aren’t, it gives a feel of sophistication with experience.
50. Eggs and Pancakes: because breakfast is always a good idea.
51. Winter Warriors: because we have all heard about the summer kids. Here’s to the ones that are often neglected.
52. Secret Keepers: makes your band sounds like you have secrets to be revealed through your songs.

53. Blood Rush: sounds exciting and fun!
54. Superheroes: in a super world – that is what you aim to be.
55. Back to Basics: gives a feel of simplicity and sounds like a band that is focused more on songwriting versus styles and strategies in instrument playing.
56. Believers of Boston: when you and your folks started your band in Boston.
57. Gray Skies: signifies the arrival of rain or of doom.
58. Junk of Jupiter: we all know that this mysterious planet has bad bread too.
59. Fossil Friends: if you’ve been friends since the Jurassic period.
60. Rivers and Roses: unstoppable, flowing and beautiful yet full of turns.
61. Phantom Returns: poses a threat to the society. If you are a band, the threat are well-written songs.
62. Empty Boxes: sounds sad and empty. Great if your song will focus on these.
63. Star Dust: bright and shining, but they are still dust.
64. Hades’ Home: for the dark-themed metal band!
65. Clandestine of the Invited: mysterious but righteous. These two are great attributes of a musical band.
66. Impossible Etiquette: when you feel like the world’s standards is impossibly high.
67. Apothecary: because this is what all song-writers are.
68. Moonlight Thief: for the one who robs us of the light and shines darkness instead.
69. Serendipitous Sins: for the sinful band who is happy about it.
70. Pulled Pin: for the band who is so close to exploding. Beware!
71. ICU: to let everyone know that you are in need of an intensive care!
72. Unbroken: is what your band is. You all have different painful experiences in life that made you write great songs. So brand this to your band and be proud of your resilience!
73. Soldiers of Seattle: Applicable if you are childhood friends or you grew up in the same city or at least in the same state.
74. Truth in a Whisper: sounds like a promising band as they are expected to share some truths in a song too.
75. Rebirth of Lazarus: offers so much hope but is borderline creepy. Offers us something fresh and different!
76. Miscarriage Of Steady: because even the best fall down sometimes.
77. Afterthought: here’s to the group of people who never felt like they are priority and writes songs about it.
78. Paid Prophet: for the band who sings about incoming doom but not for free.
79. Sinful Sleepers: because who doesn’t love sleep? Also, this band name has a good sound to it that undeniably a hit.
80. Symmetric Symphonies: like the previous item, this has a good sound to it. Only, it’s more of the soul or RnB genre.
81. Rated R: the band who writes and sings about the things that the world is trying so hard to censor.
82. The Trinity: best for the band composed of only three members. There’s nothing more divine!
83. Evening Train: like its literal meaning, I hope people catch your gigs as eagerly as they wish to catch this.
84. Satire Robot: a robot does not usually have emotions. But your band has it, making you a rare find.
85. Icebergs: because your listeners will only know the tip of you and you have so much left undiscovered.

86. Prelude Sandstorm: because listeners appreciate warnings.
87. Ground Zero: this is where everything starts and is measured on. Let your band be the standard.
88. Dashboard Secrets: the dashboard in your car surely knows a lot of secrets. Spill it through your songs.
89. Glass Arm: fragile arms that strums the guitar. This surely sounds urbane and classy.
90. Eggshells: let your songs be fragile things that listening to them is like walking on eggshells.
91. Needless Nemesis: not specifically a nemesis that you need but a nemesis that can give more life to your songs.
92. Ashes of Atlantis: pretty sure Atlantis is underwater but this is still a cool band name that is easy to remember.
93. Prodigal Sons: make your parents proud with this sarcastic band name!
94. Mastertape: the master of the masters that contain all original content. Make this your band’s brand.
95. Merlin’s Beard: An expression of surprise in Harry Potter. Show your inner geek, potterheads!
96. Entropy: a Science term that means a gradual decline to disorder.
97. Splash Among Footstep: the songs that we create have effects on others. Your band is the footstep and your songs are the splashes.
98. Ripple Stopper: this sounds quite powerful for a band. Sounds like a band with a mission indeed.
99. Scars in Hypocrisy: if your band is so tired of hypocrisy, adopt this name so that people will know what you stand against.
100. Unwise Obligation: is a wise decision for a band name. It sounds like a warning that soon you’ll get addicted to the songs of this band.
101. The Resistance: is your last chance. This band name is so full hope that listeners cannot help it but follow you.
102. Tainted Poet: for the band who writes wonderfully but is tainted by bad memories.
103. Breakaway Puncture: sounds full of pain and full of angst. Perfect if you are reflecting these traits.
104. Endless Charades: is what our whole life is. If your band seek to capitalize this, you might have found the perfect name!

105. Teaspoon of Discrete: when your band is blunt as hell, this is the perfect name to call yourself.
106. Coffee Table: is a venue where many stories are told. If you have so much to tell, this is faultless.
107. Beastfriend: if you are your listeners’ best friend, but not quite!
108. Waderlusters: if your band is more of the travelling type who loves adventures!
109. Artistic Armor: sounds resilient, powerful and well, artistic! Name your band this if you reflect these qualities.
110. Suspended Membership: one word: relatable! Because almost everyone has experienced this one way or another.
111. Gypsies in the City: the irony of this band is never lost. Choose if you seek to be different.
112. Unbranded Church: If you are all about faith but not about religion, this sounds suiting.
113. Immediate Resignation: for the kiddos who are tired about life.
114. Slapped Cheek: red and painful. That is what the band should be all about.
115. The Afterbirth: basically life. Just a better term for it.
116. Long Weekend Whores: if your bandmates love long weekends, because who doesn’t?
117. Campfire Clash: campfire sessions are passionate and fiery. Perfect for your band, eh?
118. Sins and Spices: a mixture of heavy feelings and fun. Perfect if you want that combination.
119. Endless Solstice: happens when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky. Sounds bright and positive
120. The Unburnt: something about resilience again. Not only does it sound strong. It also sounds so badass.
121. Violation of Rights: if your band wishes to be blunt and uncensored as possible, you might want to name your band this as an extra precaution as well.
122. Generated Lifetime: sounds like a well-rehearsed life, a good band theme too.
123. The Citadel: contains so much information and wisdom. Sounds very sage.
124. Gallant Guest: sounds like the guest of the party who was able to amuse everyone.
125. Vanilla Cupcake: basic and simple but it doesn’t mean it’s boring!
126. Dizzy Dancer: sounds like a disaster in dancing so it’s cool for a band name.
127. Warfreak Eskimo: eskimos are usually quiet and peaceful. So this is something ironic.
128. No Stomach: can mean that you are a bunch of people who doesn’t just accept things. Difficult but takes no sh*t.

129. Strings Attached: if you wish to highlight your talented guitarist.
130. Estimated Equinox: when the day and night are equal in length, when you wish to write both happy and sad songs.
131. Dumb Drums: total sarcasm if your drummer has insane talent.
132. Festive Funeral: best for an emo band. This sounds like a group of people who are happy with sadness.
133. Lukewarm Independence: for an independence that is not yet there but is on its way.
134. Fire by the Bay: rescue is so near but so far and this is what the band is all about.
135. Endless Cure: for the endless pain. The songs will be the cure for your endless pain.
136. Fallen Owl: because even the wise and sturdy fall sometimes.
137. Anthem of the Nobodies: everyone feel like you they don’t matter so be the hero of these lone and sing their anthem.
138. Invisible Ink: for the written words of the people that are never truly read.
139. Alternate List: because your band indeed is a good alternative for what’s out there.
140. Slit Silts: aside from the fact that this sounds good, slit is a powerful word that can create powerful imagery.
141. Halfway Feelings: unsure but brave. This band name can be a good trademark for you.
142. Undone Doom: something is brewing and it’s not pretty. Make this your band name to warn others.
143. Chasing Airplanes: hopeless and helpless. If your band loves those two things, make this yours.
144. From the Ashes: perfect for the Christian band. No doubt that it reflects beliefs without sounding too basic.
145. Obesity of Grief: because sometimes we are so full of something sad.
146. Coming in Stereo: a premonition to your success!
147. Full Consent: of listeners. Consider the band’s name as a warning when you intend to listen.
148. Finally Someone Said: it if you wish to write all unspoken thoughts of people.
149. Vindictive Voyager: sounds like someone with a hidden agenda. If your band is something like this, do not hesitate to grab this.

150. Blocked Airway: when you wish to write songs that will make others’ breath stop in midair.
151. Violent Verdict: not only does this sound phonetically good. It also is a good one if you’re into metal.
152. Mary’s Metamorphosis: especially beautiful if you wish to transform your band into something innocent and naïve to something dark.
153. Diagonal Stairs: undefined and impossible. That is what your band is.
154. Shadows of Snow: dark and white. If your band is aiming for contrast, this definitely sounds good.
155. Thought Police: the band which seems to know all your thoughts and turns them into songs.
156. Castrated Undead: what do we get when we castrate an undead? More morbid thoughts, just how we like the band.
157. Carpe Die: inspirational line but not quite. This is also a good pun.
158. Life in General: when your band wishes to discuss simple things in life with big enough impacts.
159. The Fortunate’s Feud: usual scenario in the world? Let your band have this name then.
160. Swelling Summer: swelling with fun? With sadness? Keep your listeners guessing?
161. Hopeless Transmission: for the hopeless romantics.
162. Unworthy Hero: because sometimes people are never what they seem to be.
163. Lost Aglet: is for the useful things that we have lost along the way.
164. Society of the Singletons: for the introverts that still wish to make this world a happier place to live in.
165. Slightly Used: not full of experiences yet but has them nonetheless.
166. Pregnant Fidelity: a band that is loyal to each other sure enough.
167. First Day of School: because this day is always so memorable.
168. Unread Messages: still capitalizing on the things that we always want to say but we’re unable to do so.
169. Twelve Blocks Away: when you are neighbors with your band. Feel free to modify the word twelve.
170. Triangular Table: suited for trios!
171. Minor Inconvenience: but your band is no inconvenience at all!
172. Blinded Sheep: for the people with no opinion and are just doing what everybody’s been doing.
173. Conservative Whore: when you want to express the mockery via your band name.
174. Prohibited Savagery: when your barbarity is prohibited but singing about it is allowed.
175. Traumatic Trio: when your band is a trio and is not the perfect ones.
176. Dire Wolves: riding on the popularity of Game of Thrones but still naming the band this gives the feeling of royalty and viciousness.
177. Unstable Accolades: best for bands who are just starting up. Still good-sounding.
178. Clairvoyant Stripper: the irony is not lost on this.
179. Lady of the Lake: pure and mysterious. Best for a girl band that bodies those attributes.
180. Gills and Lungs: to everything and anything that helps us breathe.
181. Picky Herbivore: for the ironic hypocrites.
182. Farting Farmers: when you aim to be funny and light.
183. Careless Indies: when you are starting an Indie band but still clumsy enough to know the basics.

184. Drenched Prayer: more badass way of referring to an unanswered prayer.
185. Allergic Reaction: when you or one of your bandmates is allergic to something
186. Sinking Contest: sounds so plain but is actually pretty catchy.
187. Technical Difficulties: when your band experiences these but your music is still top of the line.
188. Salted Sea: for the band who wish to give highlight on the obvious.
189. Grumpy Kindergartens: because we are all just kids at heart, aren’t we?
190. Comrade Reporting: if your band doesn’t only love music but love online games as well.
191. Lost in Translation: because we all wish to impart something but doesn’t always achieve that part.
192. Goodbyes and Good Mornings: beginnings and endings. This band name is for those who wish to highlight those two.
193. Absurd Theories: for the doubters of beliefs and believers of doubts.
194. Water Under the Bridge: forgiven but not forgotten. This band name is for all that wish to sing about their demise.
195. Side Stories: for all the stories that are not only for the victors but are also for the lowly people as well.
196. Glitter Shoelace: when you are a girl’s group and you just want to show how well you’re about to shine.
197. Misguided Ghosts: this band is not of this earth and are imprudent but oh-so-terrifying.
198. Bruise by Bruise: one bruise after another for each song after another.
199. Meeting of the Myths: if you in the band are all legendary people coming together as one, this is the
200. Dice and Lies: if you are the geek type who like playing games, this band is for you. But it’s not entirely geeky after all as we’ve included the powerful word lies.


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  1. I like the name “AMORE” we want that name for our duo group we will post it in social media like youtube.thank you❤

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