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200 Cool Fish Names


You want to have cool fish names for your pet fish. At first, you thought of a couple of brilliant names. Unlike other pets, it is fairly normal to have a dozen or more fish. Now, you need other names for all of your fish. To get started on your search, we have compiled a list of some of the best fish names. 

1. Fish Out of Water: This longer name was the name of a goldfish in the 2005 film, Chicken Little.

2. Flash: If your fish is known for being speedy, this is a great name for him.

3. Sushi: This is an amazing name for a fish. Technically, sushi is raw fish that you eat, but you don’t have to eat your fish.

4. Ariel: In the Disney movie, Ariel was a beautiful mermaid who wanted to walk on land.

5. Zig: If you name one fish Zig, you should name the other Zag.

6. Blinky: This was a three-eyed fish in the Simpsons.

7. Sunny: This is the perfect name for yellow or orange fish.

8. Wilbur: This is a serious-sounding name for a fish.

9. Shakespeare: This name will make your fish feel fancy.

10. Bubbles: This is always a popular fish name.

11. Destiny: In Finding Dory, this was the name of the nearsighted whale shark who was Dory’s closest childhood friend.

12. Aqua: In Spanish, this word means water, which is a good name for a fish.

13. Zoltan: This sounds like the name of a magician.

14. Wings: This name is just ironic since the fish could never actually fly—unless it happens to be a flying fish.

15. Pumpkin: Name your orange fish this sweet name.

16. Iakora: This was the name of a long fish in Maori mythology. It was said to give bird to all of the stars that you see in the Milky Way.

17. Crimson: This is a pretty name for a red-colored fish.

18. Ace: Use this if you want a simple option.

19. Winter: This sounds perfect for a white-colored fish.

20. Blue: If you have a blue fish, this is an obvious option.

21. Albert: This was the dogfish in the Dreamstone.

22. McLovin’: If you love McDonald’s, I guess this name would work.

23. Freckles: This is the perfect name for a fish that has a lot of spots.

24. Zivan: This name just sounds awesome.

25. Caspar: This name works well for white-colored fish that look like Caspar the Friendly Ghost.

26. Misterjaw :This was the name of a Great White shark in the 1976 Pink Panther and Friends show.

27. Charlie: An easy option.

28. Azure: This is a word that means blue.

29. Ajax: This is certainly a strong name for a fish!

30. Bee: Bee or Bumblebee would be cute for a yellow and black fish.

31. Flounder: You may remember this happy, adorable fish from the Disney movie, the Little Mermaid.

32. Aphrodite: Naming your fish after the goddess of love would be a fun choice.

33. Yuki: This is a cool, fun option.

34. Fish: This is an obvious option.

35. Baby Guppies: If you have a lot of fish, give them all this name from the television show.

36. Kenny: Kenny was a tiger shark in the show, Kenny the Shark.

37. Anarchy: This sounds like a mischievous fish.

38. Harley: This is an adorable option.

39. Asa: I like how easy this name is.

40. Hercules: This name comes from a super strong hero in ancient mythology.

41. Darwin: This was an orange-colored fish in the Amazing World of Gumball.

42. Guppy: Naming your guppy, Guppy, is a bit obvious, isn’t it?

43. Spike: This is a strong name for a fish.

44. Spot: Use this for a spotted fish.

45. Harvey Beaks: Nice!

46. Leviathan: In the Talmud, this was a sea creature.

47. Goldie: This is a great name for a goldfish.

48. Babel : Cute!

49. Gypsy: Use this for your wandering fish.

50. Batista: For revolutionary fish, only.

51. Bruce: This was the name of a Great White shark in the Finding Nemo series. He wanted to lead other sharks in no longer eating fish.

51. Herny: This is a fun option.

53. Finley: This sounds like a strong name for a fish.

54. Billy: Billy the Fish sounds like the Wild West name, Billy the Kid.

55. Boo: For a fish that loves to hide and pop out when you are least expecting it.

56. Gyopi: This was a cute goldfish in the Goldfish Warning.

57. Blingo: Adorable!

58. Comet: For a speedy, fast fish.

59. Tuna: This is a fairly obvious name, but it would be rather cute.

60. Batman: For comic book fans.

61. Oscar: This was the name of a fish in the Shark Tale and a fish in the Fish Hooks.

62. Bacon: An ironic, silly name since there is no bacon involved in the fish world.

63. The Godfather: This is an awesome name for a fish.

64. Trouble: This name works even better if you name your other fish Bubble
because then their names will rhyme.

65. Blade: Cool.

66. Jasconius: This was a giant fish that first appeared in the story of Saint Brendan.

67. Shadow: For a dark-colored fish.

68. Tsunami: Water-related names like this work great for fish.

69. Tie Dye: For a fish with many beautiful colors.

70. Bob: This is an easy choice.

71. Marlin: Marlin was a clownfish who was the father of Nemo in Finding Nemo.

72. The Koi Family: This is the perfect name for a school of koi.

73. Galaxy: For a fish that has all the colors of the universe. You could also use it for
a fish that has a lot of star-like spots.

74. Balthazar: This is an interesting, older name.

75. Tony: This is an easy choice for a fish.

76. Klaus: This was a pet goldfish in American Dad.

77. Captain Jack: This fun name comes from the Pirates of the Caribbean.

78. Bugatti: This is a fun choice.

79. Bicker: For a fish that always seems to argue with its fish friends.

80. Lila: Adorable!

81. Fishtronaut: This clever name is actually the name of a Brazilian cartoon.

82. Goggles: This is a cute option.

83. Gandalf: For fans of the Lord of the Rings.

84. Gill: Because fish have gills!

85. Johnson: A very strong, simple option.

86. Cleo: This was the name of a Geppetto’s goldfish in the story, Pinocchio.

87. Butterbill: This sounds so cute.

88. Geriatric: For a fish that looks years older than it is.

89. Chewbaca: A great name for Star Wars fans.

90. Garth: This is perfect for fans of Garth Brooks.

91. Nemo: This was the name of the starring character in the kids’ movie, Finding Nemo.

92. Cashmere: This sounds pretty.

93. Cutie Pie: Adorable!

94. Confucius: This is such a cool option to go with.

95. Charlie: This is a fun choice.

96. Namazu: This was the name of a catfish in ancient Japanese mythology. It was said to cause earthquakes.

97. George: This is a strong name for a fish.

98. Crowley: Awesome!

99. Dexter: This is a cute choice.

100. Gilbert: Get it? Gill-bert? This is a pun on the word gills.

101. Dory: This was the name of Nemo’s sidekick in Finding Nemo. Later, she was the star of Finding Dory.

102. Mr. Moon: Cute!

103. Cocoa: This is perfect for a brown fish.

104. Minos: A fun option.

105. Mr. Limpet: This was the name of the fish in the 1964 film, the Incredible Mr. Limpet.

106. Da Koi: Clever!

107. Magnus: This sounds cool.

108. Delos: This sounds cool.

109. Jabberjaw: You may recognize this as the name of a Great White shark in the Hanna-Barbera cartoons.

110. Mrs. Blackie: For a black fish.

111. Moon: Pretty!

112. Dr. Seuss: Use this to honor the fish in One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

113. Bea Goldfishberg: This was the name of a drama-causing goldfish in the Fish Hooks.

114. Mister Ed: Technically, Mr. Ed was actually a horse.

115. Deb: This is an easy choice.

116. Mango: Adorable!

117. Mack Salmon: As you may have guessed, this was the name of a salmon. It comes from the show, The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police.

118. Dusty: For a dusty-looking fish.

119. Drake: Cute!

120. Moby: In honor of the whale in Moby Dick.

121. Mrs. Puff: Mrs. Puff was a pufferfish in the cartoon, SpongeBob SquarePants.

122. Earl: This is a easy choice.

123. Draco: For Harry Potter fans out there.

124. Eclipse: Nice!

125. Street Sharks: This was a group of crime-fighting sharks in comic series. They were half human and half shark.

126. Mary Lou: A simple option.

127. Diablo: This means devil in Spanish.

128. Fiesta: For a fish who loves to party.

129. Undyne: This was the name of a monstrous fish in the computer game, Undertale.

130. Fishsticks: The fish does not have a bright future ahead of him if you choose
this name.

131. Crush: For a fish that you fell in love with.

132. Finley: Because he has fins.

133. Winnie: Winnie was a cute sea horse in the Adventures of the Little Mermaid.

134. Fresco: For a fresh-faced fish.

135. Drew: Cute!

136. Elsa: This is an easy option.

137. Don Lino: This name comes from a Great White shark in the Shark Tale.

138. Mr. Nibbles: Adorable.

139. Fred: Fred the Fish would be an awesome name.

140. Gillian: This is a play on the word, “gills.”

141. Muddy Mudskipper: This was the name of a mudskipper in Ren and Stimpy.

142. Glimmer: Cute!

143. Shimmer: This would be a great partner fish for Glimmer.

144. Fluffy: This would be an ironic choice for a fish.

145. Lenny: This was another Great White shark in the Shark Tale.

146. Patch: This is such an adorable name.

147. Duke: Nice one.

148. King Thaddeus: Putting “king” in front of any fish name will sound awesome.

149. Freddi Fish: This was the name of a yellow, crime-solving fish in the computer game, Freddi Fish series.

150. Ruby: Perfect for a red-colored fish.

151. Goober: For a silly fish.

152. Mable: This is an adorable, old-fashioned name.

153. Mr. Fish: This obvious fish name was actually from the Marvel Comics series. He was a super-villain.

154. Princess: An obvious choice.

155. Lips: For a fish with big lips.

156. Ezekial: If you like biblical options, this would be a good fish name.

157. Milo: This adorable name was the name of a Siamese fighting fish in the film, Fish Hooks.

158. Kai: This is an adorable name choice.

159. Rudy: For the fish who never stops trying.

160. Jax: This is an easy, simple option.

161. Virgil Sharkowski: Known as “Bull” for short, this bull shark comes from My Gym Partner’s a Monkey.

162. Prometheus: One of the best cool fish names.

163. Mac: You could name one fish Mac and the other cheese.

164. Lucy: This sounds like a sweet name.

165. Frances Albacore: This was the name of a sassy fishy in Cats Don’t Dance.

166. Kujo: This sounds pretty cool.

167. Larry: This is another fun name for a fish.

168. Neon: Perfect or a neon-colored fish.

169. Sherman: This was a shark name from Sherman’s Lagoon.

170. Skittles: This is such a sweet fish name.

171. Olive: This is a pretty fish name.

172. Sharpie: For a smart or black-colored fish.

173. Ponyo: Ponyo was a goldfish who wanted to turn into a human girl.

174. Ninja: Cute!

175. Kostya: This sounds awesome.

176. Edward Bloom: This was the name of a fish in a comic series.

177. Noelle: This is definitely one of the top cool fish names.

178. Orion: Adorable.

179. James Pond: This was the name of a fish in the James Pond computer game.

180. Lu: This is fairly simple.

181. Fish-keteers: Named in honor of the Three Musketeers.

182. Pudge: This was the name of a tropical fish in Lilo & Stitch. He was the one that Lilo fed because she thought that he had the power to control the weather.

183. Papa: For the father fish.

184. Little Boo: For your baby fish.

185. Trevor: Trevor is a goldfish from Being Human.

186. Siam: Cute!

187. Smarty: For a smart fish.

188. Gail: This was the name of a goldfish in the West Wing who was owned by the
character, C.J. Cregg.

189. Sunset: For a fish the color of a sunset.

190. Sir Finley: Adorable.

191. Terrible: This was the name of a dogfish in the Carlo Collodi book, the Adventures of Pinocchio.

192. Sir Gillian: Another play on words like fins and gills.

193. Violet: For a violet-colored fish.

194. Roysten: This was the name of a goldfish in a Nintendo 64 game.

195. Abaia: This was the name of an eel in ancient Melanesian mythology.

196. Rainbow Fish: This was the name of a cute fish in the Marcus Pfister Rainbow Fish book.

197. Indigo: For a fish the color of indigo.

198. Otto: This was a cute goldfish in the Helen Palmer book, A Fish Out of Water.

199. Swimy: This was the name of a black fish in Lo Lionni. It would be one of the top cool fish names.

200. Dorothy: This was the name of a goldfish in Elmo’s World.


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