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Cool Gamer Tags and How to Create a Unique Gamer Tag


Your cool gamer tag is a unique way to showcase your personality and aspects of your character. This tag is what gamers give to their in-game character and is especially common in online, multiplayer games. For the most part, cool gamer tags consist of words, characters and numbers. It is the easiest way for you to show the type of player you are and get respect from other gamers.

game character name list

Obviously, you are somewhat limited in the types of tags that you choose. You are not allowed to use abusive language or wordings. While most game systems limit abusive language, you still see gamers who use this kind of wording. Instead of this type of tag, it is better to look for a cool, creative tag that gets the attention of other players. If you are struggling to think of your own gamer tag, we will help you brainstorm a creative gamer tag and find the best option for your character.

One of the most obvious, easy solutions is to create a cool gamer tag using your own name. You can use your first, last or middle name. If your friends normally call you by a nickname, you can always modify it to make your username. You can also add in a color or adjective to make your name more unique. For example, Stan could make a username like Silent Stan, Silver Stan or Stan the Sniper. You can also blend two names or more to make a unique, creative gamer tag.

1. Pick a Name From a Popular Game

One of your options is to choose a name from a popular game. Gamers play many different games, but most gamers have one or two games that they prefer the most. You can use these games to start thinking of username ideas. Think of unique locations or places in the game. A weapon or an event in the game could also be used as your gamer tag. Once you think of the right gamer tag, you don’t have to use it for just your favorite game. The same gamer tag can be used on other gaming platforms as well.

2. Be Mysterious

Another option is to make your gamer tag mysterious. To do this, your first goal is to avoid words or common phrases that are drastically overused. Look for nouns and adjectives that you rarely see people use. If you want to be especially mysterious, pick a name that is highly distinctive with a puzzling, unusual word.

Interestingly, many audiences are attracted to names that do not have a clear meaning. Perhaps you could use a play on words or just an unusual name to stand out. In addition, a more mysterious, unusual name will make you more memorable. Everyone seems to have gamer tags with the word “sniper” or “killer” in them. If you want other players to remember you, you need a name that is unique and easy to remember.

game character name list

3. Think About Characters

There are many characters that are favorites among gamers. While many of these names will already be taken, less common characters might not be in the database yet. Plus, you can always mix up your name by adding different adjectives or nouns to it. You can also mix up big and small letters to make your gamer tag stand out more. Underscores, spaces and numbers can also be used to give your tag a unique identity. Some players also replace letters with numbers so that it stands out and looks cooler.

4. Consider a Scary Name

Another option is to choose a scary name. In some games, your goal is not to be popular: you want to scare away the competition. While you cannot use abusive language or bad words for your gamer tag, you can use adjectives to communicate your fearfulness to other players. Your name is designed to catch the attention of other players, so adding in scarier, more intimidating words will make you stay out. Just make sure that you avoid any hate speech or abusive language in your name. Most platforms will not let you use hate speech and may even kick you off the platform for doing so.

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5. Look at Your Hobbies

Are you still unsure about which name to choose? Another option is to consider your own hobbies. For example, some people like swimming, hiking, bouldering or skydiving. All of these activities can be used to create a cool gamer tag. Often, you only have to add a few modifications like characters or numbers to make sure that you get the name you want.

Many gamers use a tag from their favorite car brand, but this is a fairly overused option. If you want to be more creative, think about your favorite novels or movies. Pick a character, location or event to name your gamer tag after.

6. Use a Different Language

If you still cannot find a gamer tag that is available, try using a non-English word. Many English words are already used as gamer tags, but other languages do not have the same limitations. You can pick a word that has the right meaning, or you can pick a word that has the right sound to it. You can even blend words from two different languages to make a new gamer tag. Your main goal is to create a name that sounds cool, is still available and means the right thing.

The Best List of Cool Gamer Tags

Still in doubt? Don’t worry because we can help. We have compiled a list of some of the coolest gamer tags ever for you to check out. While some of these names may already be taken, there are many that are still available. In addition, these names can always be modified with letters or numbers so that you can find an available gamer tag. If we missed any of your favorite gaming tags, make sure to leave a comment at the bottom of the article.

game name list

Whatever you choose as your tag, you should exercise caution. While some people are willing to sell their gamer tag, your gaming platform will probably not allow this. Many gaming platforms charge a fine or ban you for buying a tag, so don’t do it. It is far easier and safer to just create your own gaming tag instead.

1. The China Wall
2. Widow Curio
3. Zero Charisma
4. Automatic Slicer
5. Agent Hercules
6. Chicago Blackout
7. Willow Dragon
8. The Dude
9. Street Squirrel
10. Kingfisher
11. Joker’s Grin
12. Highlander Monk
13. Green Scavenger
14. Fast Draw
15. Dancing Madman
16. Centurion Sherman
17. Rude Sniper
18. Polar Bee
19. Renegade Slugger
20. Scare Stone
21. Candy Butcher
22. Junkyard Dog
23. Cross Thread
24. Elder Pogue
25. Hog Butcher
26. Mercury Reborn
27. Natural Mess
28. Nutmeg Riot
29. Pepper Legs
30. Riff Raff
31. Sky Herald
32. Wolf Tribune
33. Trick Baron
34. Troubadour
35. Vicious Street
36. Snow Pharaoh
37. Roadblock
38. Radioactive Man
39. Old Man Winter
40. Necromancer
41. Midnight Rider
42. Ember Rope
43. Drugstore Cowboy
44. Desert Haze
45. Congo Wire
46. Atomic Blastoid
47. Bearded Angler
48. Bootleg Taximan
49. Cool Iris
50. Diamond Gamer
51. Desperado
52. Fiend Oblivion
53. New York Winder
54. Lava Nibbler
55. Kill Switch
56. Jelly Camber
57. Greek Rifle
58. Frozen Explosion
59. Impulsive Flower
60. Feral Mayhem
61. Green Ghost
62. Lazy Killer
63. Papa Smurf
64. Twinkle Cutlass
65. The Howling Swede
66. Omega Sub
67. Natural Gold
68. Monster Mania
69. Mindless Bobcat
70. Hyper Kong
71. Devil Chick
72. Cereal Killer
73. Mud Pie Man
74. Bug Blitz
75. Doz Killer
76. Dexter
77. Houston Rocket
78. Moon Solitaire
79. Onion King
80. Old Orange Eyes
81. Pixie Soldier
82. The Shield Toronto
83. Mad Irishman
84. Little General
85. Chocolate Thunder
86. Accidental Genius
87. Global Meltdown
88. 3D Waffle
89. Grave Digger
90. High Kingdom Warrior
91. Lord Nikon
92. Monkey King
93. Mystery Ends
94. The Final Judgment
95. Trash Master
96. Turnip King
97. The Happy Jock
98. Take Away
99. Sweet Talker
100. The Flying Mouse
101. Mule Skinner
102. General Broomdog
103. Exotic Alpha
104. Disco Potato
105. Mad Rascal
106. Crash Test
107. Captain Peroxide
108. Buckshot
109. Little Cobra
110. Bit Sentinel
111. Arsenic Co.
112. Blistered Outlaw
113. Celtic Charger
114. Liquid Death
115. Commando
116. Mad Robin
117. Disco Thunder
118. Mad Kid
119. Eye Shooter
120. General Finish
121. Stallion Patton
122. Yellow Menace
123. Uncle Psycho
124. Tough Nut
125. Sugar Man
126. Third Moon
127. Suicide Jockey
128. Vagabond Warrior
129. Terror Master
130. Sultan of Speed
131. Toolmaker
132. White Snare
133. Shadow Chaser
134. Night Magnet
135. Gas Man
136. Cupid Dust
137. Alley Frog
138. Breadmaker
139. Darkside Orbit
140. Nightmare King
141. Airport Hobo
142. Dark Horse
143. Beetle King
144. Daffy Girl
145. Ghost Rider
146. Night Train
147. Old Regret
148. Marigold Loot
149. K-Tin Man
150. Electric Saturn
151. Chasm Face
152. Day Hawk
153. Admiral Tot
154. Phoenix Tetra
155. Knight Light
156. Earl of Arms
157. Lunar Treat
158. Devil Blade
159. Bad Bunny
160. Crash Override
161. Pink Panther
162. Electric Player
163. Lord Pistachio
164. Wolf King
165. JesterZilla
166. Pinball Wizard
167. Liquid Science
168. Neophyte Believer
169. Nickname Master
170. Stacker of Wheat
171. Vortex Queen
172. Snake Eyes
173. Wooden Man
174. Venus Lite
175. Sofa King
176. Trash Sling
177. Reno Monarch
178. Snow Hound
179. Landfill Max
180. Zesty Dragon
181. Acid Gosling
182. Speed Breaker
183. New Cycle
184. Winter Bite
185. Revenge of Omega
186. Romance Guppy
187. Alpha Returns
188. Twin Blaze
189. Star Sword
190. Solo Kill
191. Lady Killer
192. Man Maker
193. Boom Blaster
194. Midnight Rambler
195. Ionic Hound
196. Lord Theus
197. Blood Eater
198. Capital F
199. Metal Star
200. Koi Diva
201. Manimal
202. Command X
203. Chip Queen
204. Drift Detector
205. Psycho Thinker
206. Life Robber
207. Fifth Harmony
208. Mighty Fellow
209. Prometheus
210. Angels Creed
211. Red Fisher
212. Fast Lane
213. Bug Fire
214. Raid Bucker
215. Midas Touch
216. Drift Maniac
217. Mind Buggle
218. Poppy Coffee
219. Le Spank
220. Fire Feline
221. Dahlia Bumble
222. Red Combat
223. Flying Doodle
224. Knuckle King
225. Monkey Smash
226. Racy Lion
227. Darling Peacock
228. Fist Wizard
229. Poptart AK47
230. Bazooka Baby
231. Bitmap Hero
232. Reed Lady
233. Collateral Damage
234. Eerie Mizzen
235. Club Nola
236. Married Man
237. Father Abbot
238. Mustang Mystic
239. Pink Hopper
240. Nemesis X
241. Daisy Craft
242. Pistol Hydro
243. Easy Sweep
244. Killer Goose
245. Saint La-Z-Boy
246. Tan Stallion
247. Spider Fuji
248. Thunder Stroke
249. Spit Fire
250. Toxic Charger


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