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100 A-Z Cool Last Names For Guys


Need of Last Names

History teaches us that people used to live in small villages, obtaining the possibility to know all of his neighbors. Society is constantly evolving its technologies, daily lives, work environments, laws and entertainment. As a result, nowadays we encounter the necessity a person has to acknowledge who the neighbors are due to the world’s connection. It should be very easy now to recognize the specific individual if we refer towards their surname or last name.

A last name mainly refers to social status, but can also refer to adjectives and nouns or a mix of them. If your research is about cool last names for guys you are reading the right document.

Bellow you will encounter a list of 100 cool last names for guys.

Last Names from A to Z


  • Adams: A common surname of Scottish, English and Jewish origin that means “son of Adam.”
  • Anderson: Derived from the Anders and itself from Greek name Andreas will mean “man” or “manly.”
  • Andrews: A patronymic of the English given name “Andrew.”
  • Alexander: A surname originally from Scotland.
  • Armstrong: From the Scottish borders origin, from the Middle English nickname that meant someone with strong arms.


  • Burns: It has several nicknames but in some cases it derived from the English “burn” as someone who is lived by a stream.
  • Black: Its origins can be from English, Scottish, French or Irish.
  • Blevins: Derived from the Welsh given name “Bleddyn.”
  • Burke: Is the name giving to the clan of the Anglo-Norman family known as “de Burgh.”
  • Bradley: In old English is a name derived from a place meaning “broad wood.”


  • Carroll: From Irish it is a name Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Cearbhaill.
  • Casey: A common variation of the Irish Gaelic that means Vigilant of watchful.
  • Cunningham: A surname of Scottish origin.
  • Cullen: Of Gaelic origin can be derived from the pre 8th Century name O’Cuileannain, with the O indicating a male decedent.


  • Davis: It is the 45th most common surname in England and it means “son of David.”
  • Dunn: A family name that means fort or dark colored.
  • Daley: From the word “dalach” which means “assembly.”
  • Douglas: A common surname of Scottish origin that means “black stream.”


  • Elliot: Its origin is difficult to follow. But the clan Elliot was burnt in a castle at Stobs in 1712 AD.
  • Emery: A common male given name also common to be a surname of the English language.
  • Erickson: A common Scandinavian patronymic that means “son of Erick.”
  • Euphrates: The Assyrian name that means Sweet water.
  • Egan: From Irish origin that means “son of fire.”


  • Franklin: Has its origin in the feudal system. Franc means “free” as liberal and generous.
  • Ferguson: Means “man” and “vigour” is a Scottish surname.
  • Fowler: its linguistic origins are from the Old English.
  • Forbes: From the Scottish clan.
  • Flanagan: A noble and distinguished surname of Irish Origin.


  • Guthrie: It has a lot of independent origins. Derived from a place in Scotland meaning “wind place,” another meaning from other origin can be “son of Uchtre.”
  • Gill: In Hebrew is a male given name or surname that means “joy, gladness.”
  • Goodwin: From the old English personal name that means “God friend.”
  • Gallagher: From the Irish Gaelic clan.


  • Hoffman: Of German origin, one who manages a property of other in the medieval times.
  • Hammond: Means home.
  • Hale: The origin is strictly from Ancient British.
  • Hughes: This is a Patronymic last name of Irish origin.


  • Isa: The Arabic for Jesus.
  • Igarashi: The Japanese of fifty storms.
  • Iglesias: From Spanish origin, it means “churches.”


  • James: Derived from Jacobus.
  • Johnson: Of English origin it will mean “son of John.”
  • Jensen: Of German origin.
  • Jimenez: Iberian origin, derived from Ximenes or Eiximenis.


  • Kilgore: Scottish origin meaning “goat wood.”
  • Kent: An Ancient Celtic name.
  • Keene: From Anglo-Saxon or old English, this name will be told to someone who is brave.
  • Kane: A Celtic Irish that means “war like.”


  • Leblanc: A French surname that means “the white.”
  • Lamperouge: French compounded from two words it is a Character’s surname from Code Gueass. It means “red lamp.”
  • Lionheart: French origin.
  • Lockhart: The American from the German “Luckhardt” it is named after a person who is in care of a sheep.


  • McElroy: “The son of the red haired youth.”
  • Meza: A surname found in Castille, or Castellano.
  • Mahoney: A noble and distinguished surname meaning “bear.” Probably related to the animal itself.
  • Miller: Old English or Scottish surname, for people located in Glasgow.
  • Moss: Can be of either Jewish or English, “Moses.” In the Old Testament, he would liberate the Hebrews from the ancient Egypt.


  • Nichols: Of the Scottish “contents.”
  • Nolan: Of Irish origin from Nuallain.
  • Norris: A Viking / Norman surname will refer to someone who lives in the northern location.
  • Newman: Originally on the pre-medieval ages, this will refer to someone who is new to a specific place.


  • O’Leary: Irish, will mean “keeper of the calves.”
  • Ortiz: From Spanish origin.
  • O’Grady: From the Ireland’s noble family.
  • Oliver: French in Norman origin, from a powerful clan.
  • Owens: A traditional Welsh found in the UK.


  • Pruitt: “Small but brave,” a surname from the Middle English.
  • Phillips: Is from the medieval English. It means “lover of horses.”
  • Pearson: An English last name from the Norman Conquest.
  • Pollard: For a person with a large head, this surname came established since 14th


  • Quinlan: Developed from the Ancient Gaelic surname.
  • Quintana: Of Spanish origin.
  • Quinones: Spanish and Australian last name derived from “five.”
  • Quintus: Found in the culture of Ancient Rome, means “fifth.”


  • Reinheart: A German and American associated with “strong.”
  • Rodgers: “Son of Roger” of English origin.
  • Roche: Of French Origin, from a residential.
  • Ray: A feudal title in India.


  • Sutherland: A tribe of the Ancient Scotland.
  • Schwartz: From the German “black.”
  • Shaw: Americanization of the Jewish “Ashkenazic.”
  • Salazar: Means “old hall” and it is originated from the town of the same name.


  • Townsend: It indicates a resident near the edge.
  • Thompson: English and Scottish “son of Thom.”
  • Turner: A common surname from Normandy.
  • Travers: English and French related to “crossing.”


  • Unsworth: An English surname from some villages in Lancashire or Yorkshire.
  • Underdown: An English name for someone who lives at the foot of a hill.
  • Unwin: From the pre 7th Century of Old English.


  • Vanstone: Of a family called “Faunt,” (French).
  • Veyron: From a super car named after Pierre Veyron.
  • Vaughan: Originally Welsh, meaning “small.”


  • Welch: From English origin.
  • Whitehead: Of English origins for someone with a white hair.
  • Wiley: From the Places of Cheshire, Shropshire and so on.
  • Williamson: “Son of William” from the English language.


  • Xavier: Derived from the Basque place name Etxeberria.
  • Xanders: From the Greek “defender of people.”
  • Xanthos: The name of the city in ancient Lycia.
  • Xian: Chinese surname chosen to replace the “Shan” which cannot be displayed on a normal coding computer.


  • Yale: Derived from the Welsh “dweller at the fertile upland.”


  • Zacharias: From the Hebrew given name.
  • Zack: Refers to the Hebrew given name to commemorate.


  1. Im of Irish ancestry. My first names Shaughn (pronounced sean). My last name is Keegan. Ive never met anyone else with this last name. Theres 2 tv stars with similar names – Andrew keegan and Interior Designer Lynn Kegan.

    The name means Little Fiery One”

    Keegan Surname Definition:
    Contracted from Mac Taidhgin, ‘Little Tadhg’s Son’, or possibly from Mac Egan, which is itself a contraction of Mac Ædhagain. The name Ædhagan, a diminutive of Ædh, may be rendered ‘The Little Fiery Warrior’.

    • Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences. It is certain that you knowledge is beneficial. People share more of your positive comments in the future, as this will draw positive people and energy into your life. We look forward to hearing more of your thoughts and feelings. Have a great day, Shaughn!


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