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100 Cool Snapchat Usernames

Coming up with usernames can be a hassle. So that is why we have decided to help you out by compiling a list of 100 of the best and coolest Snapchat usernames. 50 guys and 50 for girls! You will never have a problem thinking of a name on your own again!    

Usernames for girls:


Believe you are a lover of the moon and one of it’s many “children”? Then moonchild might be the perfect username for you to use when it comes to Snapchat.

Magical Melodrama

Just because you are full of drama does not mean that you can’t also be a magical person, does it?

Bad Bish

We all know what Bish stands for now, right? Well, we thought it would make a good Snapchat username!

Drama Mamacita

Again, being dramatic doesn’t have anything on you when it comes to good Snapchat names.

Sea Siren

Consider yourself a sea lover? Maybe label yourself as a sea siren to let it be known.

Goth Glamour

Goth and glamour go hand in hand. Especially when it comes to Snapchat names.

Nail Queen

Not everyone is super good at doing their nails, but if you are then you might want to call yourself Nail Queen.

Craving Chocolate

Come on, who isn’t craving chocolate almost all of the time?

Kitchen Magician

You might be one of the few lucky ones who can consider themselves a killer cook. If that applies to you then you can use this awesome username!

Cereal Killer

You don’t have to be a murderer for this name. You just have to know how to mow down on some good cereal.

Rap Goddess

Lovers of rap: This username is totally calling to you!

Young Adulteress

We just think this name sounds pretty snazzy.

Queen Of College

College is pretty hard to some, but that doesn’t mean it makes anyone any less fabulous.

A Bad Babe

A simple, yet savy name for you to use.

Baby Diva

Being youn sure doesn’t mean you can’t be a diva!

funny snapchat usernames

Snapchat Belladonna

We absolutely love this username for girls!

Sassy Sally

A perfect username for any of you sassy ladies there are out there.

Serenade Of Hope

How beautiful is this Snapchat username?

Simply Stellar

This username just rolls right off our tongues when we say it aloud!

Questionable Decision

We all make questionable decisions, but do you make them more often than not? Maybe this name fits you perfectly.

Captivating Eyes

Do you have beautiful eyes that captivate? This username would be perfect for you!

Healthy Heartbreaker

You can be healthy and break hearts at the same time, right?

Fit Fantasia

This adorable username is perfect for anyone who likes to stay in shape.

Fantastic Fish

A double F name for anyone that likes fish!

Female Fatale

Like femme fatale, but slightly different.

Sexy Savage

Savage seems to be a popular words these days. So why not include it in your username?

Spandex Specialty

We all know there are girls out there that absolutely love spandex! This name is for them.

Sports Spinster

Sometimes sports consume your life, what more can we say?

Dove Of Snap

A great username for those who are constantly on Snapchat.

Daring And Delicious

Being daring is delicious in our opinion!

Boxed In Beauty

Introverted, yet beautiful? Then this name is the one for you!

Delicious Dish

Don’t worry… It’s totally okay to think of yourself as scrumptious!

Kissable Peach

This one is simply just adorable!

Wardrobe Warrior

Not everyone is a master of their wardrobe, but if you are then you might be a Wardrobe Warrior.

Snogging Vixen

Snogging means kissing. So you’d be known as the kissing vixen!

Pumpkin Pie

Maybe this might make people hungry, but it also makes for a cute username.

Jogging Jewel

Let the world know you love your daily runs with this name!

Beautiful Bae

Bae is the word of the year, so why not put it to good use?

Independent Gem

You can be a gem and independent at the same time. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Robin Reliant

Even if your name isn’t Robin this is still a great sounding username.

Rich Brunette

Perfect for brown haired girls with money to spend.

Jazzy Spazzy

We just like the rhyming factor of this name, don’t you?

Greyhound Girl

It doesn’t matter whether you like the Greyhound bus or you love the Greyhound dog!

Dancing Diva

Let it be known you love to dance, but you love to dance with attitude.

Cheeseburger In Paradise

Like the Jimmy Buffet song!

Pretty In Punk

Because you can be pretty no matter what style you sport!

Pink Lady

Like the beautiful ladies from the musical Grease.

Yarn Dumpster

For all the women out there that love to crochet or knit.

Umbrella Captain

A wonderful username for those always stuck in rainy weather.

Sunny Sol

Sol means sun in Spanish. So you would be a sunny sun!

Usernames For Guys:

Sandwich Samurai

Because you can be a master at making your favorite food and you can also let all your friends know, too!

Pirate Of Snap

Consider yourself a frequent Snapchat user? Then this might be the best username for you that we have.

Snapchat Batman

You can’t be Batman in real life, but you can definitely be Batman on Snapchat.

Racecar Robinhood

We just love the way this name sounds!

Chimney Jicket

Instead of Jiminey Cricket you can be Chimney Jicket.

Jazzed Up Jackolatern

This is perfect for those who are always excited about Halloween.

Lad Of The West

From the West? This might be a good username for you to use.

East Coast Prince

Or if you are from the East, you can use this name instead to identify yourself this way.

Bowling For Scoops

Because who isn’t always trying to get the 411 on Snap?

Pizza De Luigi

This one is sure to make readers smile when they see it!

Hungry Womanizer

Well, if you are a womanizer you probably are pretty hungry for women, right?

Fascinating Fascination

This one just sounds classy. Try it out aloud! You’ll see what we mean.

Fear Of Fire

Some of use don’t like to play with fire. If that applies to you, use Fear Of Fire as your name.

Fantastic Cowboy

Because what Cowboys aren’t fantastic?

Little Big Man

We like the irony of this one! It definitely makes for a good Snapchat username.

Heartbreak Putz

Some of us aren’t smooth when we go around breaking hearts!

Disco Inferno Guido

Guidos tend to love to hit up the dancefloor. So we thought this would be a fitting name for those kind of people.

funny snapchat names for guys

Kinky Cat

It just makes us smile. It’s a funnier username.

Simple Stallion

Stallions are the best kind of guys. So we thought it’d make for a great name.

Westside Wizard

What a fun username for guys! We love it!

Computer King

Do you spend a lot of time on your computer? Maybe you should be known as Computer King!

Quidditch Lover

Any Harry Potter fans will get this name!

Master Of Dark Arts

Another fun name that regards the very famous Harry Potter series.

Brave Badboy

Because aren’t all bad boys brave?

Don Of Chat

Consider yourself a master of chatting up on Snapchat? You might be the Don Of Chat!

Senior Salamander

If this makes you smile then it’s a perfect username for you to use.

Simple Steve

Even if your name isn’t Steve, this is still a super cute username.

Dawged Up Dog

We just love this fun sounding Snapchat username!

Black And Mellow

A funny play on the song Black and Yellow.

Savory Pyscho

A good username for those of not so sound mind.

Lefthanded Lunatic

A great title for those that find they are lefthanded.

Uncle Sunshine

This is a classy name if we ever saw one. Try it out. We bet you’ll dig it.

Classroom Clown

Have you ever been called the “Class clown”? Then this a great username for you.

No Money

Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with stacks.

One Eyed Warlock

This is just an awesome username all around!

Dirtbike Vandal

Dirtbike lovers will unite for this name!

funny snapchat names for guys

Vicious Eyes

Just because you are a guy doesn’t mean you can’t boast about your eyes.

Ninja Pounder

We just think this one will make you giggle everytime that you see it.

Hitchiker Of The South

An awesome username for a guy who lives in the south.

Dark Lord

We love how ominous this username comes off.

Purple People Feeder

A play on Purple People Eater.

Top Tickler

You can let it be known that you are the best at tickling with this name!

No Parking Zone

For those of you who don’t like to have people around for very long.

Horror Hero

Do you love horror movies? We think you’d make a perfect Horror Hero.

Dazed And Amused

We love this play on word regarding the popular film Dazed and Confused.

Crepe Crustacean

A great username for those who love the French pastry.

Ocean Explorer

Do you feel as if you belong at sea? Spend a lot of your time out there? You could snatch this username up for yourself!

Confused Criminal

For the not so smooth criminals.

Capsizing Captain

The irony in this one is what makes it so fun to use as a username!

Man In The Mirror

Like the Michael Jackson song!


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