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100 Cool Usernames For Guys


Coming up with a username on your own can be mildly, if not extremely, difficult to do. That’s why we are here to help you out with this awesome list of 100 cool usernames for guys!

  • Lord Of The Flies

Have you ever read the ever so famous novel Lord Of The Flies? If so, this is totally the username for you. It’s an awesome book and the title makes for an awesome username. Or so we think at least!

  • Bender

Who doesn’t love Bender from the popular adult animated show Futurama? Bender is the badass robot in the main crew of the Planet Express team. He’s sarcastic and hilarious! So if that definition fits you then Bender is a great name for you to use.

  • Greek God

Do you feel as if you have the stunning looks of a Greek god? Then this is the username for you to use! It’s definitely a name for someone handsome.

  • Big Poppa

Do you consider yourself the head honcho in the group? Or do you like the notorious Biggie Smalls? If you answered yes to either of these then go ahead and take this username immediately!

  • Original Badass

Are you the O.G badass out of everyone you know? Then let the world know with this wild name!

  • Lord Voldemort

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Use this name from the famous series.

  • He Who Shall Not Be Named

Another nickname based off of the famous movie and book series Harry Potter. It’s what they nicknamed Lord Voldemort.

  • Diablo Of Doom

Diablo of doom translates to the cool name devil of doom! It’s a good name to have if you are a total badass!

  • Genius Of The World

A great name for a smarty pants to use as a username anytime, anywhere. You might be considered a little arrogant for claiming this, but who gives a heck?

  • Moonstone Level Up

Pokemon fans will eat this name right up. You’ll only understand what this means if you watch the series!

  • Your Romeo

Have a sweetheart out there that you love so much? Let the world know that you are a true romeo with this sweet name.

  • Romeo’s Cool Cousin

Or maybe you don’t have a girl out there, but you are on the search for one. This is the username for guys to use in that situation.

  • Secret Sandman

Maybe you consider yourself a master of the night time. Sleep might just be your favor thing to do. This would make a great case for you to be called this username.

  • Sorry Not Sorry Bro

Sorry not sorry is a current trend phrase and would make for a great username for any platform that you need one for!

  • It Wasn’t Me

If you are too young to have heard Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me then move along, but if you know that song well (as you should) use this awesome username! It’s a great nostalgic one to try out.

  • King Kobra

This is just a cool sounding name, what more can we say about it?

  • Midwest Dragon

Being from the Midwest in could open up a lot of different name choices. Like Midwest Drago.

  • The Midwest Beat

Or if you are from the Midwest you could use something more musically prominent like The Midwest Beast.

  • Drinkable Poison

Obviously poison isn’t drinkable ever, but this sure does make for a cool username. I mean it sounds pretty neat, don’t you think?

  • Dazed and Confuzzled

Dazed and Confused is a great movie from awhile back! This is just a humorous take on it’s title.

  • Pacific Punch

Are you from the Pacific or do you love that area? This would be a perfect fit for you in that case! The name Pacific Punch really packs a punch.

  • Hot Dad Bod

There was a meme going around not too long ago talking about how dad bod is the new hot bod. Thus was born the hot dad bod. Are you a dad? Do you have a bod? You could now be known as Hot Dad Bod.

  • King Tut’s Brother

This is just an impressive sounding name! It’s also pretty original. Not many people thought of this, we’re sure.

  • Gimme Dat Bromance

Some guys simply live for the bromance nowadays. Let it be known! You love the bromance.

  • Broken Frenzy

Are you a living a fairly erratic lifestyle? Do you feel a bit broken up in it? Become Broken Frenzy to highlight it. Or else just use it cause it sounds awesome.

  • Desperado

Desperado definition is a desperate or reckless person. So, if the shoe fits…

  • Bayou Beau

The is the absolute perfect name for anyone who lives anywhere near a bayou! Doesn’t this name just roll of the tip of your tongue so smoothly?

  • Never Grew Up

This is a super sweet name for someone who feels like they will always be young at heart.]

  • Blackbelt Buddy

This is a fantastic username for any cool guy who loves karate or knows how to fight well!]

cool usernames for boys

  • Fantastic One

Who needs four fantastic people when you can be fantastic all by yourself?

  • SuhDude

Nowaways people like to say “Suh Dude” as a joking play on “S’up Dude” so why not make it into a smooth name.

  • Gold Medal Gamer

Are you a gamer? Are you the best at it… Or so you think? Be proud and loud with it by using thi kind of username.

  • Atomic Rooster

This one just sounds cool.

  • Counting Crawdaddy

This one sounds silly, but also amazing! We think it’s a perfectly funny username to have for any platform.

  • Evil Elvis

It’s safe to say Elvis wasn’t evil, but this makes for a good name to use.

  • Space Cowboy Carnie

Because… Why not?

  • Carnival Carebear

You might just be a carnie type personality with a loving side to you! So use something like this to say so.

  • King Nightterror

You don’t let anyone stand in your way, because you are a terror yourself! Or, at least, this is what this name says.

  • Lucky The Luckiest

Feeling lucky? Let the world know with this name.

  • Bearhug McGee

This is just too funny not to use!

  • Tippy Top Tickler

Another funny name that sounds neat!

  • Slammer Hammer

Hit the nail on the head with this hammer name!

  • Dalek Deathman

Are you a Whovian? Then you know what a dalek is!

  • Who Is Doctor Who

Another Doctor Who reference to use as a cool name!

  • Creative Comma

Maybe you’re a writer! This one would be a perfect fit for you. Who ever said that grammar had to be difficult all the time?

  • Remixed Loser

Not every remix is a banger! The same goes for people. If you know what we mean.

  • Lemon Limon

First part is the English word for lemon, so pronounce it that way as well. The second one is the Spanish spelling for lemon. But it is pronounced ‘lee-mon’.

  • The Executioner

This cool username for guys definitely sounds awesome when you say it out loud. It just has a nice ring to it we think.

  • Troubled Tease

Some men are definitely bigger teases to women than others. If that is the situation for you you can surely use this name! It sounds great.

  • Couch King

Are you king of your couch? Is it your favorite place to be in the whole entire world? Awesome. Use it to your advantage when choosing a username for online.

  • Epicly Royal

Flaunt your popularity with a stylish name such as this one.

  • Papa Pain

Consider yourself the father of doling out pain? Try out papa pain as a username and see how you like it!

  • Angry Monk

An ironic username is always a great username.

  • Trickster

Not everyone is a good trickster, but if you think that you are why not say so in your username?

  • A Deranged Lover

This one is for the more romantically minded men out there in the world!

  • Heroic Officer

Got a cop like attitude? Or are you a cop yourself? Law enforcement comes with perks. Like getting this neat name to use.  

  • Reckless Daredevil

Being reckless can be used to your advantage when picking out a fashionable username.

  • Father Nerd

Are you leader of the nerds? Then become Father Nerd online.

  • I Like Me

We think this is a cool username because it lets everyone know that your ego is never damaged by what other people think of you.

  • Griffin Troll

A good way of using your love for mystical creatures is by getting a sweet username out of it.

  • Doctor Blade

We just love how badass this name sounds in general! Doctor anything would be a great idea for a name, but ultimately Doctor Blade wins today.

  • Bad Idea

Let all the ladies know you are a bad idea with this satirical name!

  • Tasty Cereal

This one definitely makes us giggle! If it makes you giggle then it might be the username for you.

  • Big Ego Big Mouth
    If you have a big attitude and consider yourself a little arrogant you can try out this name for size.
  • Hands Off My Bacon

Because who wants to share something like bacon? The answer is no one. No one at all.

  • Wild Fancy Man

You can be wild and fancy with this funny name!

  • Grammar Artist

Do you think you are an artist with a pen? Then you could call yourself a grammar artist.

  • Definitely Anonymous

Don’t want anyone to know who you really are? Be Definitely Anonymous.

  • Heart Burglar

Are you a stealer of hearts? You could consider yourself a heart burglar.

  • Has No Rules

Some people live by their own rules. Others have no rules at all. Hence this wonderful name.

  • Jungle Jam

This one just sounds fun and it’s fun to say, too!

  • Poptart Papi

Let’s face it… Poptarts are delicious.

  • Your Girl’s Man

Get a little cocky with this hilarious username.

  • Whiskey Giver

Whiskey makes for a lot of great things. Including usernames apparently.

  • Lover Boy

Oh lover boy… Does this name just call out to you? Then you might be a match made in heaven.

  • Elfish Presley

We certainly can’t stop LOL-ing at this name. How about you?

  • Smoking Kills

Well, it’s true isn’t it? Take a stand against the cancerous activity with this stylish name.

  • Fedora The Explora

A spoof name based on the kids show Dora The Explorer.

  • Hey You Not You

Getting people will never be any easier than by using this username online!

  • Nightmare Seeker

Are you one to search for danger? Then you might just be a nightmare seeker.

  • Yeah Your Mom

Your mom jokes still really get people riled up. No matter what they are still going to be relevant. Make it your username to let it show you’re still in the loop.

  • Frozen Demon

Demons are usually fiery. However, switch is up by using Frozen Demon.

  • Deadline Dorkus

Because everyone trying to always make deadlines might be considered a dork. But take pride in your good ability to manage time with this username.

  • I Love Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? Who wouldn’t want this name to display so?

  • A Beautiful Find

Let the women in the world know that you are a catch to be had with this romantic name!

  • Master Nonsense

Some people are just born silly. Some people are born to use this name.

  • Mobile MacDaddy

Maybe you are a ruler when it comes to using social media. Then you might just be a Mobile MacDaddy.

  • Sleepy Gang

Who said gang members are violent? Sometimes they are just sleepy.

  • Rad Rumor

When people like to talk crap about you, it’s important to let them know it doesn’t phase you!

  • Media Mogul

Not everyone is a total whiz at using social media, but if you are you can call yourself a Media Mogul for sure.

  • Shocking Sane Man

Because in this world it’s impossible to stay sane most of the time!

  • Giant Rampage

Life is kind of one giant rampage don’t you think?

  • Life Of The Party

Or you could consider life one big party and you’re the certain of it! Use this name to let everybody know.

  • Zero Dark Flirty

You might be the most intense flirt there is! Why not make people aware of that fact.

  • F My Followers

Because who really cares what their followers tend to think of them in the end?

  • Eye Candy

A great username for someone with good looks.

  • Geek God-Ish

We mentioned Greek God, but have you heard of the Geek God?

  • Horny Angel

Well, if you have no shame this is a great name to use. Especially for a Tinder profile or something along of those lines.

  • Burned Out Bae

We all get a little burnt out once in awhile, don’t we?

  • Smoke Up Son

A great username for someone who loves to smoke!


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