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150 Cool Villain Names


Back when I watched films as a child, I always wanted to be the cool villain. Heroes are great to look up to, but when you want to play games like cops and robbers, it is always more fun to be a bad guy. In real life, you obviously don’t want to be a villain. Still, there is something fun about thinking of villain names.

Whether you are writing a novel and need a character name or just want an evil name for your dog, the following list of cool villain names can help. We have divided the list into 75 female and 75 male names, so pick your favorites and have some fun!

Villain Names

75 Cool Villain Names for Guys

1. Pyro Thug: Pyro comes from a Greek root word for fire, so this basically means a fire thug.

2. Well-Spoken Monster: This sounds just a bit too well-spoken for my tastes.

3. Axis: Do you remember when former President Bush talked about the “Axis of Evil”? That would be a cool villain name, right?

4. God of Mischief: In addition to being one of the top cool villain names, this
would also be an amazing band name.

5. Northwest Ripper: Jack the Ripper was one of the most famous serial killers of all time. All you have to do is put your location or area of the country in front of the word, “Ripper,” and you have a fairly good villain name.

6. Icarus: He was not actually a villain in Green mythology, but Icarus certainly flew too close to the sun!

7. John Doe :This is the perfect villain name if your villain seems so normal and anonymous that he could be anyone.

8. Nightmare King: You better watch out for someone who has a name like this!

9. Shadow Atlas: This just sounds cool.

10. Casanova: It is my duty to point out that Casanova was never a villain in real life. He was quite the lady’s man, but there were also quite a few times when he went out of his way to help a damsel in distress. In his life, he was a priest, a spy, the creator of a lottery and Don Juan. Quite the resume!

11. Quick Kill: I would watch out for a guy who has this name.

12. Fifth Gunman: I think Second gunman would be better since it reminds me of
the second gunmen theory in the JFK assassination.

13. Badmash: This is certainly a “bad” name!

14. Flint: This sounds hard and cool.

15. Stone Heart: This sounds like the opposite of Braveheart.

16. Paladin: This is an awesome name. It would be even better if you add an adjective of some sort in front of it.

17. Gambit: This villain name sounds so cool.

18. Boxcar Nomad: Did you ever read the book series about the Boxcar Children?

19. Lockjaw: Watch out for this guy!

20. Hail: Thunder, hail and lightening would be great names for a trio of villains.

21. Vega: This sounds pretty awesome!

22. Ogre of the Smokies: If you live on the West Coast, then you could always name your villain the Ogre of the Rockies.

23. Mister Splinter: I am not even sure what this villain’s super power would be. What do you think?

24. Zeus: Like most Greek gods, Zeus was not always a good guy. Still, you might want to change up his name a bit with an adjective or turn it into the “Dark Side of Zeus” or “Zeus Nemesis.”

25. Hades: As the lord of the underworld, Hades is a Greek god who would always make for a great villain.

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26. Bushwhacker: This sounds like the name of a villain from Australia.

27. Magnus: Awesome!

28. The Ax Man: If you are writing a horror story, then this name would be a pretty good match.

29. Nimbus: It sounds like a cool villain name, but it was also the name of a broom Harry had in the Harry Potter series.

30. Alligator Man: With a name like this, I bet I can guess what the villain will look like.

31. Invictus: In Latin, this name means “invincible.” Your hero is going to have a few problems.

32. Chicken on a Chain: No one is going to be afraid of a villain with this name.

33. Demolition: Because he can crush cities and towns in a single blow.

34. Helios: This comes from a Greek word that means sunshine.

35. Panama Red: Through a place name and a color together, and it will sound like a villain’s name.

36. Metal Fang: Watch out for this guy!

37. Maverick: Mavericks are normally good guys, but who cares?

38. Terror of Baker Lake: You can obviously change the lake’s name to match the right lake.

39. Grendel: This is a famous evildoer.

40. Flex: Nice!

41.Warlock: Fairly self-explanatory.

42. Grinder: Ouch!

43. Alpha: Your hero is going to have some fun.

44. Brutus: In Roman history, Brutus was the guy who killed Julius Caesar.

45. Doctor Lobotomy: There was once a doctor who drove cross-country in his truck to give lobotomy demonstrations. He did thousands of them and ended up hurting many, many people.

46. The Regulator: Watch out or this guy!

47. Jolly Roger: This is a good name for a bad pirate.

48. Blackbeard: Blackbeard was actually a real pirate.

49. Tremor: This name makes sense because it describes exactly how people react when they stand before your villain.

50. Big Dig: This is okay.

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51. Zyrian: This name sounds pretty awesome.

52. Bronx: Anyone who lives in the Bronx will be hurt when you choose this as your villain name.

53. Ferryman: Awesome!

54. Big Hit: This sounds like a 4/20-friendly name.

55. Bronco Billy: Interesting.

56. Corinthian: This sounds cool.

57. Winter Jack: This sounds fun.

58. Mister Bull: Why not?

59. Plasmid: Awesome!

60. Troubadour: This is such a cool name.

61. Mister E: Get it? Mystery?

62. Doctor Hades: Very evil.

63. King Fisher: This sounds pretty cool.

64. Johnny Rotten: This is certainly a top cool villain name.

65. Captain Splatter: Because he makes all of his enemies go “splat!”

66. Doctor Jekyll: Like the doctor in the novel.

67. Straight Jacket Killer: That would be a difficult task to accomplish. Unless this means he kills straight jackets. In that case, it would probably be pretty easy.

68. Winter Warrior: Warrior makes the villain sound like a good guy, which could be a problem.

69. Meathook: Watch out for this guy!

70. Troublemaker: This sounds like the villain in a kids’ book.

71. Ditch: Cool.

72. Vex: This sounds pretty awesome.

73. Blue Death: Kind of like the Black Death.

74. Static Revolt: Awesome.

75. Killer Criminal: Probably not the best name on this list of cool villain names, but it works.

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75 Cool Villain Names for Ladies

1. Lady Voldemort: You have heard of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, but what about She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?

2. Spellbinder: Awesome.

3. Cat Lady: She could run around with a bunch of cats and look like a crazy cat
lady. I feel like this villain would be designed primarily for children’s books.

4. Nurse Rachet: Technically, she was a villain in a classic book, but you might be able to steal or modify this name.

5. Absinthe: Long ago, this drink was known as the green fairy.

6. The Wicked Witch of the West: Any variations on this popular villain name will work well.

7. Madame Hollow: You get to decide what the word “hollow” symbolizes.

8. Dark Phantom: This sounds pretty awesome.

9. Black Bird: This sounds more cute than scary, but that’s okay.

10. Professor Moriarty: This was a character in Sherlock Holmes, but it is still an awesome villain name. The last name is made from the French root word for “to die,” so it is a brilliant villain name.

11. Andromeda: Awesome.

12. Siren: In mythology, a siren would sing so beautifully that men would be lured into their watery death.

13. Banshee: Another great villain name.

14. Mistress of Death: Excellent.

15. Sadie: I guess this one is decent enough.

16. Pandora: You had better be careful about opening up Pandora’s Box!

17. Mystic Huntress: This sounds like it could be the name of a good or bad witch.

18. Death’s Kiss: Uh-oh!

19. Honeycomb: This sounds deceptively sweet.

20. Vanity: Nice.

21. Night Lady: Interesting.

22. Nocturne: This sounds pretty cool.

23. Woman in Red: Awesome!

24. Misery: With a name like this, the villain’s theme song could be Paramore’s
Misery Business.

25. Stiletto: Sharp and dangerous. A truly lethal combination.

26. Dark Charms: Watch out for a woman who has a name like this!

27. Hail Mary: You might say your prayers when you are around her, but they won’t actually be to her!

28. Hellcat: Yikes!

29. Aphrodite: In Greek mythology, Aphrodite was the goddess of love. In your story, she can be anyone you want her to be.

30. Wonderland: Sometimes, wonderland is not as wonderful as you would think.

31. Broken Pixie: Watch out for this woman.

32. Abyss: From the depths of the abyss comes a villain unlike any other!

33. Acid Rain: In real life, acid rain is definitely a villain to the environment.

34. Silent Songbird: Her origin story could include why she became so silent.

35. The Black Widow of the Rockies: You can always change the word “Rockies” to whatever place name happens to exist in your novel or story.

36. Femme Fatale: This would be brilliant for a villain.

37. Euphoria: This sounds awesome.

38. Death Swirl: Uh-oh!

39. Silhouette: Sweet.

40. Deviation: Because she is certainly different from the norm!

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41. Karma Kills: Only if you have bad karma, that is!

42. Sugar Cane: Interesting.

43. Ecstasy: This sounds like a villain who knows how to have a good time.

44. Perfect Poison: I would never, ever recommend eating around this cool villain.

45. Enchantress: This is always a fun name for a villain.

46. Hope: This would be an ironic name choice for a villain.

47. Cloud 9: Again, another ironic choice.

48. Devil’s Playmate: This sounds awesome.

49. Sin Spiral: This villain is never a good influence on anyone.

50. Psychotica: Don’t try to reason with a villain who has a name like this!

51. Eve: In the book of Genesis, Eve was kind of a secondary villain to the devil. In fairness, she was tempted by the prince of darkness. Adam was only tempted by a mere mortal. If you look at it fairly, who is really the villain in that story?

52. Princess of Darkness: Speaking of the prince of darkness . . .

53. Manhunter: Fellas had better watch out for this lovely lady.

54. Mistress of Mayhem: This would be a cool villain name.

55. Undertow: When you are swimming in the ocean, the undertow is what pulls you back out to sea. They are deceptive and extremely dangerous.

56. Hellion: This would be a fun name for a villain in your story.

57. Winter Hail: Nice!

58. Eclipse of Evil: Since this name sounds a bit too long to be convenient, you could always shorten it to just the nickname “Eclipse.”

59. Ground Zero: This is foreboding.

60. Optic Nerve: This sounds cool, but it is just a part of the eye.

61. Hit Girl: If you see her coming, you had better duck.

62. Inferno: This sounds like a cool villain name for a woman.

63. Superstition: I hope you aren’t superstitious about naming your character this!

64. Kabbokie: This would be an unusual option to choose.

65. Black Moon: Otherwise known as the New Moon. This sounds more foreboding and ominous though.

66. Undead Temptress: These are two words that should never be seen together.

67. Wicked Moon: Watch out for this villain!

68. Living Death: Interesting choice.

69. Sniper Queen: I feel like Hit Girl would be her sidekick.

70. Seven Dust: This name sounds pretty cool.

71. Black Pearl: Awesome.

72. Black Magic: This is a fairly obvious choice.

73. Locomotive: This sounds evil, but the word is just used with any locomotion-related thing.

74. Mystic Mayhem: I love the alliteration in names like this.

75. Whirlpool Priestess: Don’t go swimming near her!


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