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100 Corgi Names


Corgis are an extremely sweet, adorable puppy. Originally, the Welsh Corgi came from Wales where it was used as a herding dog. There are two main breeds that are recognized, which are known as the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. With either breed, you get a friendly, spirited puppy who is a great companion. If you are struggling to find Corgi names, we have a list of 50 male and 50 female names that can get you started.

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50 Female Corgi Names

1. Cordelia: Represent your Corgi’s Welsh heritage with a name that comes from England and Wales.

2. Nipper: Name your dog this to show off her tiny size.

3. Lady: Names from royalty really show off your Corgi’s Welsh background.

4. Ellie: This is certainly a pretty name for a dog.

5. Duchess: If your Corgi still lived in Wales, I am sure that she would be a duchess.

6. Honey: This would be such a cute name for your dog.

7. Alma: This beautiful name originally comes from Wales and England.

8. Betsy: You could also call her Bitsy because she is just a little “bit” of fluff.

9. Sinead: This Welsh name would be the perfect choice for your Corgi.

10. Baby: This name capitalizes on your dog’s small stature.

11. Moira: Showcase your dog’s heritage with a Welsh name.

12. Mamie: I love this unusual name choice for a Corgi.

13. Gemma: This pretty English name would be a great choice for your Corgi.

14. Tiny: This name makes sense for such a small dog.

15. Elwyn: This Welsh name really showcases your Corgi’s heritage.

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16. Angel: If your dog has the heart of an angel, show it with a name like this.

17. Winnie: This name originally comes from Wales and England.

18. Violet: Flower names are always top dog names.

19. Maeve: Welsh names like this are perfect for a Welsh dog.

20. Minnie: Minnie or Mini would be an obvious choice for a small dog.

21. Princess: Name your puppy after the princess of Wales.

22. Bryn: A Welsh name is a perfect option for a Welsh Corgi.

23. Charlotte: This name originally comes from England.

24. Gwendolyn: If you want to show off your Corgi’s Welsh heritage, names like this are perfect for her.

25. Swansea: This unusual Welsh name would be perfect for your Corgi.

26. Pumpkin: This name just sounds so sweet for a puppy.

27. Elizabeth: There have been several Queen Elizabeths in England, so why not name your dog after them?

28. Bella: This name means beautiful in Italian, which makes it quite fitting for your beautiful puppy.

29. Keely: A Welsh name like this one would be a great Corgi name.

30. Imogen: This Welsh name is also the name of a famous musician.

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31. Clover: For a dog who smells as sweet as clover.

32. Queen: Queen or Queenie would be a perfect nod toward your dog’s heritage in England and Wales.

33. Shiloh: This is a pretty option.

34. Fiona: This Welsh name would also be one of the most beautiful Corgi names.

35. Mimi: While you hear this more often with poodles, it would still be a cute Corgi name.

36. Cricket: Cricket is a popular sport in Wales, but it would also be an adorable Corgi name.

37. Daisy: Flower names are always a good choice.

38. Pippa: This is the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge.

39. Keira: This would be an adorable Welsh name for a dog.

40. Beatrice: If you are looking for a Welsh-inspired name, this one would work.

Name Ideas for Corgis

41. Lona: This Welsh name would be great for your puppy.

42. Twiggy: Names that come from England and Wales are always a safe bet.

43. Rosie: Use this for a dog who is as beautiful as a rose.

44. Carys: This Welsh name would be so cute for your puppy, and you can bet that no one else will have it already.

45. Chica: This name means girl in Spanish and is an easy option.

46. Morwenna: A Welsh name is perfect for your pup.

47. Maisy: This is such a sweet, old-fashioned name.

48. Arwen: This is a beautiful Welsh name and an unusual choice for a puppy.

49. Gracie: This is a fun, pretty option.

50. Flora: This name comes from England and Wales. It would be great for a Welsh dog.

Welsh Names for Corgis

50 Male Corgi Names

1. Winston: This is an adorable English name for a Corgi.

2. Boots: If your dog’s fur makes it seem like he is wearing boots, this would be an awesome choice.

3. Pembroke: Pembroke or Pem reference the dog’s breed.

4. Elf: This name is basically a way to tease your puppy about his appearance.

5. Aidan: A Welsh name like this is always a fun option.

6. Teddy: This is a great choice since your Corgi is the size of a teddy bear.

7. Gawain: This Welsh name also appears in a number of legends.

8. Clancy: This would be a strong-sounding name for a dog.

9. Bron: Welsh names are a top option for a Welsh dog.

10. Scrappy: Scrappy Doo was a popular character on Scooby Doo.

11. Arthur: Why not name your puppy after King Arthur?

12. Mite: This name makes sense since your dog is just a little mite.

13. Rogan: This strong, Welsh name is a great choice.

14. Corky: This name wins points for sounding a lot like the word, Corgi.

15. Darcy: This was the main male character in the popular Jane Austin novel.

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16. Bear: He might be small, but he has the heart of a big bear!

17. Broderick: This Welsh name is a great option for a Corgi.

18. Rascal: Use this name if it always seems like your dog is getting into trouble.

19. Gordon: Welsh and English names are good choices if you want to show off your dog’s heritage.

20. Amigo: In Spanish, this name means friend.

21. Trahaearn: You are unlikely to hear this unusual-sounding Welsh name at the dog park!

22. Lucky: Use this if your dog is one lucky pup!

23. Charles: This English name was famously used by a number of kings and princes in England.

24. Champ: Use this for a dog who has the heart of a champion.

25. Idris: This is a good choice if you want a Welsh name for your dog.

26. Harvey: This is a strong-sounding name for a little dog.

27. Rhett: Originally, this name came from Wales just like your dog.

28. Murphy: This is a fun choice for a puppy.

29. Caden: A Welsh name is a perfect choice for the Welsh Corgi.

30. Augie: This is certainly a cute option.

31. Kian: This Welsh name is short and easy to say.

32. Percy: This was a popular character in the Harry Potter series.

33. Seamus: This is another name that originally came from Wales.

34. Skip: This has been a popular dog’s name for years.

35. Llewellyn: This is a very pretty-sounding Welsh name.

Marvelous Corgi Dog Names

36. Junior: This Corgi name makes sense for such a small dog.

37. Deverel: If you are stuck on a name, this Welsh option will work well.

38. Asher: This is a beautiful Corgi name.

39. Glenn: A Welsh name like this one is always a top choice.

40. Cooper: This is one of the more hip Corgi names on this list.

41. Rhys: This beautiful Welsh name would be perfect for your dog.

42. Murray: This is a fun option.

43. Oliver: This is another fun name that comes from Wales and England.

44. Squirt: You can use this name for your tiny dog.

45. George: Why not name your dog after a famous king of England?

46. Chance: This reminds me of the dog in Homeward Bound.

47. Pierce: This would be an excellent Welsh name for your puppy.

48. Opie: I love this Corgi name.

49. Owen: A strong, short name like this is a great choice.

50. Scout: This would be a cute name for your Corgi.


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