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35 Corn Puns


If you love corn or have a friend who loves corn, then these corn puns and jokes are for you. Ranging from corn-y jokes to clever puns, these are a fun way to get your day started.

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35 Corn Puns

1. “If corn oil comes from corn, what does baby oil come from?”

That is an excellent question.

2. “Corn hero gets a complaint from a woman that someone is “stalking” her.”

It sounds like just the job for a superhero like corn hero.

3. “What has ears but cannot hear? A field of corn.”

If you are sharing corn puns with your friends, then they will automatically jump to this answer. You should probably use this joke as the first one of the evening.

4. “When is corn like a little quiz? When it’s popped.”

Does anyone like pop quizzes? The name makes them sound fun, but they are decidedly not that exciting.

5. “What did one ear of corn say to the other ear of corn? Don’t look now. but I think someone is stalking us.”

This is a fairly typical corn joke.

6. “What does moldy corn flakes have in common with Charles Manson? They are both Cereal Killers!”

This is a play on the word, “serial killers.” Obviously, the corn version is far less dangerous.

7. “What do corn use for money? Corn Bread.”

While you don’t hear it as often anymore, bread was a popular slang term for money. It is especially common in 1920s films.

8. “What did the baby corn say to the mama corn? Where’s pop corn?”

This is a cute joke.

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9. “What do you get when a unicorn is run over by a semi-truck? “Creamed” corn.”

This is a clever, fun option.

10. “Why shouldn’t you tell a secret on a farm? Because the potatoes have eyes, the corn has ears and the beans stalk.”

Those all sound like great things to avoid if you want to have your secrets kept.

11. “What did the farmer say when he picked up the corn? “Aw, shucks!”

This is an adorable option based on the pun about shucking corn.

12. “What do you call the state fair in Iowa? A corn-ival.”

That would be an awesome event to go to.

13. “What do unicorns call their father? “Pop” corn.”

This is a fun (and a bit corny) joke.

14. “What did the corn say when he got complimented? Aww, shucks!”

This punch line can be used for a number of different corn-related jokes.

15. “If you catch a criminal in a cornfield, does that mean they’ve been cornered?”

I think that it probably does.

16. “How much does a pirate pay for corn? A buccaneer!”

This is absolutely adorable.

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17. “What do you call the best student at corn school? The “A”corn.”

Acorns aren’t actually corn though.

18. “The corn kernel’s dad gets in a fight and gets creamed. Rubbing his ears, he says, “Aww, shucks!””

There are a number of puns in this corny joke.

19. “Why didn’t anyone laugh at the gardener’s jokes? Because they were too corny!”

Poor gardener. I would laugh at his jokes.

20. “What do you tell a vegetable after it graduates from college? Corn-gratulations.”

If you have a kid graduating from an agricultural school, this would work on their congratulations card.

21. “Why are corn cobs great hunters? They’re the world’s best stalkers.”

This is a cute-sounding pun.

22. “How is an ear of corn like an army? It has a whole lot of kernels.”

This is one of the only puns based on a kernel of corn, but you could definitely make a number of different options out of it.

23. “Where do farmers go for meetings? A corn-ference.”

This one is a bit too corny.

24. “What do you call a mythical veggie? A unicorn.”

This is an adorable option for anyone who loves corn and unicorns.

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25. “How are corn cobs in bed? A-maize-ing.”

Maize is a type of corn that is native to the Americas. Since it sounds like a number of other words, it is a great option for puns.

26. “Why is the corn cob worried about its weight? Because it’s a bit husky.”

You husk corn, which is what makes this play on words work well.

27. “What did the corn say after the eating contest? It was utter cornage.”

This is a play on words based on the word, carnage.

28. “Don’t tell a secrets in a cornfield. There are too many ears.”

That is certainly the truth!

29. “Why did the boy tie some corn to a sled? He heard they were husky.”

Huskies pull sleds. You husk corn. Get it?

30. “How did the tomato court the corn? He whispered sweet nothings into her ear.”

This is such a sweet-sounding option. I love the idea of vegetables going out on dates.

31. “Why are so many farmers conservative? Because they vote republicorn.”

This is one of the more clever corn puns.

32. “What is the corn cob’s favorite game? B-husk-etball.”

This is a cute pun.

33. “Why did the corn cob stop talking? He was tired of fielding questions.”

Get it? Field-ing questions?

34. “Why was the corn cob lost? He lived in a maize.”

That is certainly the truth! As a kid, I actually got lost in a corn maze once.

35. “Why did the cops lock up the corn? They thought he was a garden variety stalker.”

Garden variety and stalker are the puns in this corn joke.


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