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100 Funny, Good and Cute Cow Names


Whether you have a pet cow or want to name your favorite stuffed animal, we have a number of funny, good and cute cow names that you can use. Even when you have beef or dairy cows, they can quickly start to feel like a member of the family. When you decide to name them, you have to carefully find the perfect name to suit their personality or the type of cow that they are. To get you started, we have a list of 100 names that you can use for your cow.

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1. Candie: This is a cute option.

2. Bully: If you can’t think of a name for your bull, use this. Hopefully, he does not end up becoming a bully in honor of his name.

3. Where’s the Beef?: This cow name comes from the popular commercial.

4. Homer: Cute!

5. Minnie: She is decidedly not mouse-sized!

6. Chocolate Milk: When we were kids, we were told that chocolate milk came from brown-colored cows.

7. Flower: This is a pretty name for a cow.

8. Armor: Use this for a burly bull.

9. Angus: An estimated 50 percent of all commercial cows are Angus cattle. They do not have horns and possess a wide forehead. This type of cow is also known for its meat-producing abilities.

10. Dahlia: Sweet!

11. Kristof: This is a fun name for a bull.

12. Margie: You could also name her Margo instead.

13. Smalls: This is intended to be an ironic name for cattle.

14. Rose: This is perfect for a red-colored cow.

15. Diesel: This is a strong name for your bull.

16. Ground Beef: This is a funny name for your cow, and it works especially well if you plan on eating your cow someday.

17. Sampson: Like your bull, Samson was known for his strength.

18. Bella: This means beautiful in Italian.

19. Daisy: This was the name of the cartoon cow in Mickey Mouse.

20. Midnight: For dark-colored cows.

21. Hydro: This sounds cool, but it actually means water.

22. Holstein-Freisian: You can choose the first or the second part of this name to name your dairy cow. This is another popular breed because it is known for producing a lot of milk.

23. Tank: For muscular bulls.

24. Darla: Cute!

25. Hamburger: Use this as a funny nickname for your cow.

26. Jasmine: This is pretty, but it doesn’t really sound like a cow’s name.

27. Duke: Nice!

28. Hereford: If you have a Hereford cow, then just name it after its breed. This cow is known for being variations of red and white.

29. Lois: This is a fun name.

30. Horns: Sometimes, you just have to take the bull by the horns.

31. Raw Steak: It definitely is raw!

32. Meg: Cute.

33. Earl: This is a common option for bulls.

34. Esmeralda: Pretty!

35. Bob: If you can’t think of another name, I guess this would work.

36. Shelly: Adorable.

37. Nitrous: This is a cool sounding bull’s name.

38. Maggie: This is a cute, easy cow name.

39. Cupcake: Cute!

40. Honey Bun: A god option.

41. Molly: Molly the Moo Cow.

42. Moon: Get it? Moo-n?

43. Blanca: This means white in Spanish.

44. Clarabelle: There is a cartoon cow with this name.

45. Sweetie: Definitely a sweet option.

46. Bell: Because of cow bells.

47. Shrimp: An ironic name.

48. Ginger: For red-colored cows.

49. Porkchop: This is meant to be ironic, I think.

50. Big Mac: Cute!

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51. Spot: For a cow with a lot of spots.

52. Humphry: This is a cute cow name.

53. Rusty: For red-colored cows.

54. Beefy: This is a simple option.

55. Bovina: Because cows are bovines.

56. Sunny: For happy cows.

57. Booboo: Sweet.

58. Ella: Cute!

59. Milkmaid: An easy option.

60. Red: For red cows.

61. Blue: In Australia, redheads are often called Blue or Bluey.

62. Strawberry Milk: Because red cows give strawberry milk?

63. Toro: This means bull in Spanish.

64. Baby: For little cows.

65. Vanilla: For an all-white cow.

66. Dinner: For a beef cow that is about to become your dinner.

67. Mud Pie: For brown-colored cows.

68. Matador: This is the term for a bull fighter. Perhaps your bull is a bull fighter, fighter.

69. Teacup: You have cow’s milk in your tea.

70. Moscow: Get it? Mos-cow?

71. Brown Cow: A fairly simple choice.

72. Coffee: For brown cows.

73. Annie: This is a cute name for a cow.

74. Bessie: This is one of the most common cow names.

75. Cheese Maker: Because your cow’s main job in life is to make great cheese. You could also call her things like Feta, Cambert, Brie or Cheddar.

76. Nettie: Nessie would also be a good choice that is similar to Nettie.

77. LovaBull: This is a play on the word, “lovable” that you can use for a bull.

78. Annabelle: For some reason, Annabelle has always been a fairly popular name for a cow.

79. Emma: Cute, but not the best cow name on the list. You can do better.

80. Pinky: use this for a reddish cow that almost looks pink in color.

81. Sunshine: This is a perfect name for a happy cow.

82. Gertie: You could also go with the longer name Gertrude for more formal occasions.

83. Anna: This is a shortened form of the name Annabelle.

84. Betty Sue: Cute!

85. Muffin: Muffin is a cute cow name.

86. Heifer: This is a fairly obvious option.

87. Ineda Bunn: Try saying this one aloud. If you have the right beef cow, you will soon be saying, “I need a bun!” (and maybe some ketchup) before long.

88. Madonna: This cow name is meant to be ironic.

89. Penelope: You could shorten Penelope to Penny.

90. Henrietta: This is a fancy sounding name for a cow.

91. Cocoa: This is a good name for a cow that is mostly brown in color.

92. Princess: This is a fairly ironic choice. There are few cows that I know of that are treated like a princess. Perhaps this is a better choice for a kid’s stuffed animal.

93. Bertha: This is an adorable name for a cow.

94. Moo-sic: Get it? Music?

95. Hamburger: Your beef cow will become a hamburger before long.

96. Cookie: Cute!

97. Dorothy: This is a fun option.

98. Sugar: Because she is as sweet as sugar.

99. MooMoo: An easy option.

100. Moo-se: You can use this to mean moose or muse.


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