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80 Creative Craft Business Names


You are about to start a craft business and are overwhelmed with excitement. You have all of your stock ready for opening day and the perfect space for your new shop. Now, you just have to decide on the right creative craft business names. You need a name that shows what your shop is all about to attract customers and make them remember you. To get you started on your search for creative craft business names, we have compiled a list of the following ideas. Some of these may already be taken, so make sure to look them up and see if they are available before you choose the name.

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80 Creative Craft Business Names

1. The Two of Us: Let’s just keep this shopping spree between the two of us.

2. Second Time Around: For a craft shop that always includes second-hand supplies.

3. Little House: This reminds me of all of the quilting, canning and crafting of the Little House on the Prairie series.

4. Rare Flair Crafty: Because your shop has a truly rare flair.

5. Craft Carry Design: This sounds cool, but I am not quite sure what it is trying to say.

6. All in One Apron: Perfect for a one-stop shop for crafting.

7. Art Quality Inc.: If you specialize in artistic supplies, this would be the name to go with.

8. Doodle Craft: This would be another creative craft business name for a shop that focuses on art supplies.

9. Fairy Craft: This is just an adorable option.

10. Pearls & Gemstones: This works well for any beading or jewelry craft store.

11. Crafterina: A ballerina in a quilted skirt would be an adorable emblem for your shop.

12. Time Travels: Nice one!

13. Harmony in Design: This sounds pretty, although it is a bit long to be memorable.

14. The Basket Cache: This is an absolutely adorable name. I also think that The Basketcase would be a perfect play on words for a craft shop.

15. Fired Up Pottery: If you specialize in pottery supplies, this name would work well.

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16. Soul Gems: Because your store sells the gems and nourishment of the soul.

17. Braided Art: This is a cute name for a craft business.

18. Sunset Candles: This works well for a shop that sells candle- or soap-making supplies.

19. Flights of Fancy: Because your clients can explore all of their flights of fancy at your shop.

20. Rose Wood Crafts: Perfect for a shop that specializes in wood crafts.

21. The Crafty Crafter: Try saying this creative craft business name five times fast.

22. The Puppet Farm: What is the size of the marketplace for puppetry supplies?

23. Art Smarts: They say that there are many different types of intelligence.

24. Happy Strings: Heartstrings would also be an adorable naming option.

25. Craft Sense: This is one of the best creative craft business names.

26. Crafty Clique: This name is even easier to remember because of the alliteration.

27. Uprising Thread Design: Nice!

28. Thread Quest: Because your clients are on a quest for thread and fabric.

29. Crazy Craft: This is a simple, easy option.

30. The Craft Safari: You could go with jungle or animal-themed decor for your shop.

Good Catchy Craft Business Names

31. A Crafty Affair: The best type of affair to have.

32. The Craftsmith: Inspired by jobs like blacksmith and wordsmith.

33. Better Crafting: An obvious choice.

34. The Hobbyist: This is a simple, memorable name.

35. Trifecta Crafty: You have all the craft supplies that anyone could ever need.

36. Craft Junkie: Perfect for clients who are starting to have a crafting problem.

37. The Craft Nexus: The place to go for all of the best crafts.

38. Crafts Bits: Nice.

39. Out of the Box Crafts: For a truly unusual shop.

40. Quirky Quilters: This one is easier to remember because of the alliteration.

41. Craftomainia: Awesome.

42. Craffiti: This is a cute choice.

43. Lovely Lady Crafts: This only works if you plan on having women as your primary clientele.

44. Crazy for Crafting: Yes, please!

45. The Crafter’s Corner: This is an adorable choice.

46. Craftmaster: Perfect.

47. The Kraft Lady: This is a fun option.

48. Happy Crafts: This is easy to remember.

49. Craft World: This sounds like a major crafting chain.

50. Craftropolis: Because your story is like a giant city of crafting supplies.

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51. The Craft Circus: Nice one.

52. The Craft Bin: This is an awesome choice.

53. Let’s Get Crafting: This is a cute choice.

54. Crafty Genes: Because, for some people, crafting is really in their genes.

55. A Flair Affair: This is an absolutely adorable, creative craft business name.

56. Crafting Like Crazy: Is there any other way to craft?

57. Curious Crafters: Another option that uses alliteration to be memorable.

58. The Craft Room: Cute!

59. The Craft Nook: This sounds cozy.

60. Crafty Night Out: The best kind of night out.

61. Crafts to Love: Because anyone who comes to your store will find crafts to fall in love with.

62. Fiddlesticks: This is one of the best creative craft business names.

63. Sew Awesome Crafts: You are definitely “sew” awesome!

64. Craft Foundry: This is a good, professional-sounding name.

65. Granny’s Calico Crafts: This sounds like the type of place where the cashier knows you by name.

Good Catchy Craft Business Names

66. Crafter’s Cottage: This is a cute option.

67. Treasure Crafts: Because you sell crafts that your clients will treasure.

68. Crafts-a-Plenty: This is a fun choice.

69. A Small Cleverness: This is an unusual option.

70. Knit-n-Purl: Perfect for a shop that sells mostly knitting supplies.

71. Creations From The Heart: Because your store sells products that are truly from the heart.

72. Needle Arts Studio: Cute!

73. Quilter’s Corner: The best type of corner, right?

74. Craft Attic: This sounds like Craft Addict if you say it quickly enough.

75. Scatters: This is an adorable choice.

76. Lucky Creations: Nice!

77. My Grandmother’s Attic: That is the place that I go for all of my favorite crafting supplies.

78. Lavender Heart: This is a cute option.

79. Cobwebs: Thankfully, you have more than just cobwebs in your shop.

80. Nova Crafty: This is certainly a new, hip-sounding name.


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