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10 Creepy Guy Types You Need to Avoid Forever


It’s unfortunate, but it’s reality. Not all guys are going to be genuinely nice people, but it can be really hard to tell who’s good and who is just creepy. You have to be prepared to deal with the creepy guys when you run into them. But first, you’ll have to figure out which guys are the ones you need to avoid talking to.

That’s why we’re here. There are definitely certain types of guys that should be avoided at all costs. You never wanted to get involved with the wrong type and risk getting in trouble. Specifically, you never want to get in deep with these 10 types of creepy guys you need to avoid. Don’t even talk to them!

  1. The touchy-feely type

I understand that there are some guys who are more physical than others and it’s not always creepy. However, if they continue to be touchy-feely when they don’t even know you or you’ve already told them to stop, it’s really creepy. Nobody wants to be touched by someone they don’t know or like, so if he keeps doing it, it’s really creepy and will make you feel uncomfortable. Avoid this type of guy because chances are, he’s a huge creep.

  1. The ogler

We all know that guy who just can’t help but stare at EVERY girl that walks by. And I’m not talking about just acknowledging that she’s good-looking. I’m talking about those guys who stare at women in all the offensive places. Their breasts, their butts, and any exposed flesh. Those are the creepers you should stay away from because they all only have one thing on their mind.

  1. Dirty talker

There are just some guys out there who genuinely don’t know that they can’t go around talking in a crude way. Sometimes they just make sexual, dirty comments that are rude and disrespectful. But they just don’t care. These creepers have no regard for your feelings and they have no problem disrespecting you. That’s why you should avoid talking to them.

  1. The rich bragger.

Some people have money. Others don’t have as much. And some guys have money and make sure every single person within a 100 foot radius knows it. Those are the creepy guys you need to watch out for. Anyone who boasts about their money is not someone of quality. They feel their money needs to speak for them in order to attract a person and that means 1) they don’t have any other good qualities to offer and 2) they think money is a quality someone should find attractive. Avoid them.

  1. The stalker.

I think seeing that word is enough to make you realize that it’s creepy. Any guy who follows you around against your wishes is downright creepy. Stalking isn’t just done in person anymore, either. They can do it online just as easily and that is sometimes even worse.

  1. Personal space invader

You know exactly the type I’m talking about. They stand way too close to you and just make you feel uncomfortable. Again, not all guys even realize they do this. Some people are just less concerned about their own personal space and therefore, they don’t think about yours. But other creepy guys invade your personal space because they want to be closer to you. And that alone is really uncomfortable and enough to make you want to avoid them. And you should.

  1. The fetish guy

Some guys have fetishes that are completely normal. Other guys have fetishes that are absolutely creepy and make you feel weird. Those are the guys you want to avoid. These are the types that make comments about certain features of yours – like how amazing or delicious your feet look. They’ll linger on that topic and almost refuse to switch to another one. Those are the guys you need to avoid if you want to feel comfortable.

  1. The over sexual guy

There are just certain people who over sexualize everything. They make everything into a sexual innuendo and you can’t escape it. Those guys only ever have one thing on their mind and let me tell you, you’ll definitely want to avoid them. You’ll be able to recognize this type easily. They’ll be the ones turning every conversation into a sexual “joke” that nobody but them thinks is funny. Do yourself a favor and keep away from them. They’re no good.

  1. The obsesser

Seeing the word “obsessed” is enough to make you realize this is a creepy type of person. To be honest, they’re often the most dangerous creeps, too. They’ll fixate on you and won’t be able to get off the topic. They’ll become many different types of creepy, as well. They’ll become a stalker, an ogler, and they’ll even begin to invade your personal space. Keep clear of this type specifically.

  1. The older guy

Not all older guys are creepy depending on how they act around you. If there’s a significantly older man being really sexual and hitting on a woman much, much younger than him, it’s creepy. These are the old men who divorced their wives because they grew old and are out looking for “fresh meat”. They’re like animals, praying on young, innocent girls. You definitely need to avoid this type of creepy guy and never talk to him at all.

What Characteristics Make a Guy “Creepy?”

Sometimes it’s hard to decipher what specifically about a person makes them creepy. Truth be told, it’s different for everyone. What’s creepy to one person may not be at all to another. That being said, these are the main things that make a guy seem creepy.

  1. Persistence when they’re denied

This is such a creepy trait and yet guys do it all the time. When a girl tell you no or says she’s not interested and a guy just keeps trying and trying, it’s creepy. It’s borderline obsessive and stalker-ish. No girl wants to deal with a guy who does this.

  1. Not accepting disinterest

That being said, guys who just won’t take no for an answer are very creepy. They have no respect for women and they refuse to listen. This is not attractive or alluring, it’s creepy. When guys have this quality, it also often means they’re insecure and need to get that “yes” just to feel valid. It also means they’re not going to respect you or your wishes in the future, either.

  1. Obsessive behavior

The biggest thing that makes men creepy is when they act in an obsessive way. A guy who is being obsessive is someone who never leaves you alone, idolizes you in an unhealthy and uncomfortable way, and someone who feels the need to know every single thing about you – no matter how private. Those are definitely concerning qualities that you have to look out for. They’ll make any guy seem really creepy and will drive women away.

Some guys have no idea they’re being creepy – it’s just how they are. But you should be aware of the creepy guys so you know who to avoid. Steering clear of the wrong people can help you find the right ones.


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