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100 Crew Names


Your crew name shows who you hang out with, what you love and what you do together. Whether you are out painting graffiti or reading the entire Harry Potter series, you can use your crew name to strut your stuff. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of 100 crew names to help you out.

One of the ways to create your crew name is to think about the people in your crew. You can use adjectives to describe your crew or use a name that references how you all know each other. You can also brainstorm some of the things that your crew does together or what they like. Spend some time brainstorming different names until you come up with the right one. While you are brainstorming, you can use the list of 100 crew names as inspiration for your name search.

1. The Dopaminers: Dopamine is the chemical that causes you to feel pleasure. While it can come from drug abuse, it is also produced from happy moments like seeing your crush or having fun dancing. If your crew likes to have constant fun together, this is a good name to go with.

2. The Expecto Patronumers: Obviously, this is a crew name that is perfect for fans of Harry Potter.

3. Drunken Monks: You might have a drinking problem if you go with this crew name.

4. The Destiny Kings: As the kings of destiny, you get to determine your own fate in life.

5. Trend Nymphos: This name sounds edgy and means you love to follow the latest trends.

6. The Majestic Killers: Hopefully, this name is not true.

7. Killer Barbies: This is an interesting crew name for a bunch of girls.

8. The Fuh Kings: If you want a badass name that still seems to be PG at first glance, this is the crew name to choose.

9. The Mad Artists: Obviously, the members of your crew must love to make art together.

10. Disciples of Funk: This just sounds cool.

11. The Squad: Honestly, this is a bottom of the barrel option. At least modify it with an adjective or something else to make it more unique.

12. Shadow Warriors: This sounds cool.

13. McLovins: It sounds cute, but there is a chance that you might have a fast food problem if you choose this name.

14. The Copper Pennies: Copper pennies have not been produced for decades, so they are growing increasingly rare. Perhaps this is a good way to describe the people in your crew.

15. Devils of Graffiti: If you love graffiti, go with this name.

16. The Bone Crushers: This is an intimidating sounding name.

17. Empty Heads: If you choose this name, I do not want to see what your grades in school are like.

18. Flying Hippies: This is just a fun name to choose.

19. The Loco Partners: Go crazy with this loco name.

20. The Longbottoms: Neville Longbottom really deserves more fans. Harry Potter gets all of the attention, but what about Neville?

21. Rhythmic Routes: This sounds like the name of a crew that loves to listen to, play or dance to music.

22. Masters of Graffiti: Another name for graffiti fans.

23. The Fabulous 5: Obviously, you probably need five people in this crew.

24. Set for Life: I feel like this crew is made up of trust fund babies.

25. Anonymouses: I love this take on anonymous. It sounds like the name of a group of shy, quiet friends.

26. Death Whisperers: Watch out for this crew!

27. Blackouts: Hopefully, this is not a word that describes what happens at every party.

28. Mad Writers: If your crew is made up of writers, go with this name.

29. Little Rascals: Does anyone even remember this children’s movie?

30. The Nation’s Top: “Top what?” is the question that everyone will ask.

31. The Graffiti Underground: This is a cool name for a group of graffiti artists.

32. The Supreme Team: This is a rhyming take on the more common name, the Dream Team.

33. Rolling Sticks: Rolling stones gather no moss, but I don’t know what happens to sticks. I guess there might be a lot of moss in your future.

34. The Bucking Fastards: This is not my favorite name, but it works.

35. Bandits: Keep it simple with this name.

36. Trojans: Surely, someone who names your crew will actually remember that the Trojans actually lost the war.

37. The Super Squad: Super, indeed.

38. Galactic Girls: This can be used for a group of awesome girls or for space lovers.

39. Can’t Be Stopped: This is one way to name yourself.

40. The Sly Salamanders: It rhymes, but I have no clue what it means.

41. Writer’s Revenge: I do not want to know what your plans are if you choose this name for a group of writers.

42. Diamond Queens: This is an easy name.

43. Hot Women: This is something to aspire to. Either that, or someone to aspire for.

44. Beyond Your Imagination: This certainly has a strong infusion of self-confidence in it.

45. The Jelly Beaners: This is a cute name. Perhaps you love candy a lot?

46. Voiceless Melody: This is a pretty name, but it would actually be impossible to do.

47. Words of Wisdom: This sounds like wishful thinking to me.

48. Lord of the Pins: I feel like this is the name of a group of sewers or crafters.

49. Dumbbell Doors: Get it? If you love Harry Potter, you will probably get the reference to Professor Dumbledore.

50. Brothers at Arms: I feel like this is a crew name for a group of former military guys who hang out together.

51. Movers and Shakers: With any luck, this name will actually come true.

52. Soul Stoned Brothers: If this is one of the crew names you like, I hope that you live in a state where recreational weed is legal.

53. The Creators: I would love to see what you create with a name like this.

54. The Ballerinas: This would be a great name for a group that loves to dance.

55. Water Dragons: This just sounds cool, but I think it would also be a great name for a crew of swimmers or divers.

56. Adventurers: I like this name.

57. The Nasty Squad: If this is your crew name, I probably won’t be your friend.

58. Dancing Demons: This is a great name if your entire crew loves to dance.

59. Sons of Pitches: Clever, really clever. I feel like this would be even better for a group of musicians or singers.

60. The Rattlers: This is a fun name to choose.

61. The Six Boys: Obviously, you will probably want your group to consist of six guys. Otherwise, you will have to change the name.

62. Moon Dancers: I want to dance on the moon.

63. The Roadkills: This is a rather negative sounding name to choose.

64. Balls of Fury: This would be an awesome name for a group of guys.

65. Dead Batteries: If you are constantly exhausted or always push yourself to the limit, this name might be fairly descriptive.

66. Charming Chicks: This is a cute name to go with.

67. Experienced Vandals: The “experienced” aspect is what makes this crew name interesting.

68. The Avada Kedavras: You might be a Harry Potter nerd, but that does not mean that you are not deadly as well.

69. Rhythms: This sounds like an easy name option for a band or a group of musicians.

70. Guardians of Graveyard: This sounds like a nefarious group.

71. The Killer Crew: I would watch out for this crew!

72. The Cereal Killers: If you are on a diet and want some motivation, get your friends together and make the cereal killers. Your cereal and pastry addiction won’t be a problem for much longer!

73. The Fallen Angels: This is one of my favorite names.

74. Floaters: I guess you could choose this name, but there are certainly better crew names on this list.

75. Falcons: This is just a cool sounding name.

76. The Prisoners: I feel like this is not a very fortuitous name to choose.

77. The Wild Boys: This is a fun name option.

78. The Rascals: Watch out for this crew!

79. Mad Society Kings: I feel like this crew consists of a bunch of guys who are a little crazy and love to party.

80. Bravehearts: If you loved this movie or just think that your friends are all super courageous, go with this name.


81. America’s Most Wanted: This name is technically taken already, and I really hope that you are not on the list.

82. Mavericks: This is a fun, simple name option.

83. Huskies: Huskies could be a group of husky and big-boned friends. My personal take that it is a group of husky lovers and dog fans.

84. Non-Stop Action: If the action never stops with your group, go with this name.

85. The Destroyers: This is probably not a particularly positive name to have.

86. Crazy Writers: If you want to have a name for a group of writing buddies, this is an excellent option to go with.

87. Big Cats: If you are a cat lover or just think that you are the king of the jungle, go with this name.

88. Killer Sharks: Watch out for this team!

89. Flash Gordons: This is a fun crew name.

90. Partners at Large: I am still wondering what you are partners in.

91. Voodoo Dolls: This sounds like the type of crew that you need to be really wary about.

92. Spelunkers: This is another term for caving. If you love adventures like caving or rock climbing, this would be a wonderful name for your crew.

93. The Magnificent Seven: Obviously, you will probably need to have seven people on your crew or you will have to change this name. If you want to confuse people or be ironic, I guess you could keep it as it is.

94. The Crazy Artists: This is a great name for a group of artists.

95. Writers Already Respected: Writers deserve respect.

96. Bear Brothers: I feel like this is a group of guys who have hairy chests like bears.

97. Children of Destruction: You better watch out for this group.

98. The Manhandlers: Are you women who handle men? Or men who manhandle women? Either way, I rather hope not.

99. Marginal Prophets: You can’t foresee everything, right?

100. Silver Bullets: This could be for Twilight lovers or people who like werewolves. It could also just mean that your crew is the solution to any problem like the silver bullet.

With the right name, you can describe your crew perfectly. It helps to give you a sense of identity and creates a group bond. You can choose names that describe your favorite hobbies together, parties or where you all meant. Once you have the right crew name, get ready to have some fun. If we missed any of your favorite crew name options, make sure to let us know in the comments.


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