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72 Cross Country Slogans


If you want to motivate your team, these cross country slogans are for you. You can put these on your T-shirt or just use them as your motto. These cross country slogans can also be used to inspire your own slogan or motto as well.

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1. When I started running cross country, I decided to start with a small country. That still sounds like a lot of running to me.

2. If you can read this, you should thank your cross country coach. It must take a lot of training for someone to keep up with you! This would be great for the back of your team’s T-shirt.

3. Cross Country: Because everything else is just a game. Cross country takes an endurance that no other sport can really compete with.

4. Our sport is your team’s punishment. In other sports, running laps is a way of punishing players.

5. Your sweat is just your fat crying. The more sweat, the better.

6. There is no bench in cross country. Can you keep up?

7. Champions train and losers just complain. This motto is a lot catchier because it rhymes.

8. New to the course? Just follow us, and we’ll show you the way!

9. Life is short, but running makes it seem longer. That is one way to feel like you have a long life!

10. Cross Country: Because golf courses need a good use. That is certainly the truth!

11. Cross Country: We train to run, not run to train. Which is why cross country runners are the best athletes.

12. They invented cross country to make water taste good. Nothing tastes better than a glass of water after a long run.

13. Cross country is one hill of a sport. That’s certainly true!

14. No time outs, no substitutions, no half times. Cross Country: The truest sport. If you need a time out to catch your breath, you aren’t really an athlete.

15. Champions endure pain, train and never complain. Because true champions are made in practice.

16. It isn’t how fast you can run, but how long you can run fast. True enough!

17. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Only exceptional athletes can run cross country.

18. Champions are created in practice. That is certainly true!

Motivational Cross Country Slogans

19. Cross country is all about where you’re headed and who you left behind. Hopefully, you will leave everyone behind.

20. May the course be with you. This sounds like one of the best cross country slogans for Star Wars fans.

21. My shoes have more miles than your car. Awesome!

22. All it takes is all you’ve got. This is a good inspirational motto.

23. There are two roads in life. Run both of them.

24. Will run for food. And water. Don’t forget about water.

25. Don’t pace them, pass them. This is an easy rule for winning races.

26. Obsession. The word used by the lazy to describe true competitors.

27. Kick grass. This is a simple cross country motto.

28. Why are all those people following me? Because you are in first!

29. There might not be any glory in practice, but without practice, there can be no glory. This cross country slogan would be a great motto for your team.

30. If you can read this, we are only warming up. This would be a great line to put on the front of your team’s shirt.

31. Roads? Where we are headed, we won’t need roads. True runners can run on any turf.

32. Skip the map. We’ll show you the way! Which is true, because everyone else will be running behind you.

33. The faster you can run, the quicker you’ll get it done. That is certainly true!

34. Run like you stole something. That would certainly be a good motivation.

35. Shut up and keep up. This is better than the other “keep calm and ___ on” mottoes.

36. Trample the weak and hurdle the dead. This is a good team motto.

37. There is no traffic on the extra mile. The person who practices the most is the one who becomes a champion.

38. Eat. Run. Sleep. Repeat. This is an easy formula for a well-lived life.

39. Go hard or go home. Keep it simple with cross country slogans like this one.

40. Intensity is not a perfume. That is certainly true.

Cross Country Sayings and Cross Country Quotes

41. Refuse to lose. That is definitely a good rule to live by.

42. Hustle and heart set us apart. Talent is never enough to win. Hard work is what it takes to be a champion.

43. Seven days without running makes one weak. You’ve got to train if you want to be successful.

44. Attitude is everything. This cross country slogan could work for any sport.

45. Our blood, our sweat, your tears. Hopefully, this slogan becomes true.

46. My super power is running. What’s yours? This is a cute cross country slogan.

47. Our warm up is your workout. That’s the way to look at it!

48. Winning is a habit. Success is a choice. You have to practice a lot to make something a habit.

49. We don’t yield to pedestrians. Just keep running.

50. Whatever it takes. This might be one of the most simple cross country slogans, but it still works well.

51. Respect all, fear none. This is an excellent slogan to go with.

52. It hurts a lot less when you win. All that pain will be worth it once you cross the finish line.

53. Why do I run? For the same reason why I breathe. Because running is just a part of your spirit.

54. Run like you are on fire. That would certainly make me run fast!

55. No speed limit. No time limit. No dream limit. Keep running and you will get all of your goals.

56. Practice winning every day. It is practice that makes a runner successful.

57. Never let good enough be enough. Never settle for second best.

cross country running speech

58. Slow down? No way! Never give up and never surrender.

59. All it takes is all you’ve got. Give it your all, and you will never have any regrets.

60. Some call it obsessive compulsive. We just call it cross country. That is an interesting point.

61. Run begins not with feet but with the mind. Running is as much a mental sport as it is a physical one.

62. Hard work beats talent if talent won’t work hard. Talent is great, but it is the effort that you put into something that makes you successful.

63. When the gun goes off, I am the bullet. This sounds very zen-like.

64. Finish lines are only a reminder to stop. Because, really, you could keep running forever.

65. Love hills and they will love you back. While I like the attitude, I highly doubt the truth of this cross country slogan.

66. I’m not an easy catch. People would have to run fast to catch you!

67. When your legs are tired, run with your heart. This is one of the better cross country slogans.

68. In a world of give and take, you have to give what it takes. That is certainly true!

69. A wishbone will never replace the backbone. You have to be dedicated and committed to get your dreams. Wishing for them will never be enough.

70. (Front) Slow and steady wins . . . (back) NOTHING!

71. Everyone finishes. Some just finish sooner than others.

72. Slow traffic, keep right. This would be a great cross country slogan for your T-shirt.


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