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Crow, Raven: Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning


When you see a crow or raven, it often feels like some type of sign. You may have dreamed about one of these birds, or you may have actually seen them in real life. When you keep seeing or dreaming about an animal over and over again, it is often a sign. Spirit animals know that humans do not always pay attention, so they return over and over again until you start to notice them. To find out more about the symbolism and meaning of the crow and raven, read on.

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When you see a raven as a spiritual guide, it shows that you should pay attention to its message. This bird is considered a connection to the underworld and death. Because of this association, many people think of it as ominous, but the death interpretation is not actually literal. Instead, it generally means that one stage of your life is ending while another is beginning. It shows a transformation that is about to happen that could be positive or negative. If you listen to your spirit animal, you will be guided through this transition safely.

Another interpretation for this bird is that it is cleansing. It may be a reminder that you have to remove the unhealthy habits and old things from your life. The raven is a powerful teacher and guide that is calling you to create your future by putting your good attentions to work.

A raven is also considered a representation of time. If the raven appears to guide you, he may be trying to nudge you into using your time more wisely. Life is constantly changing, and you have to be ready at the right moment to take advantage of new opportunities that come your way. Because of its association with death and time, the raven is often a sign of some type of renewal or rebirth.

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Raven Symbolism and Meaning

In ancient Greece, the raven was thought to bring messages from the gods like Apollo. Over the years, various cultures have believed that the raven could boost your powers of observation and help you see things in a fresh light.

Ravens are also known for behaving a chatty voice, a natural intelligence and a large vocabulary. Because of this, the raven may be an indication of working on your communication skills or listening to your inner voice. In some religious beliefs, the raven was said to be a sacred protector for Morrigan and the totem of the queen of the fairies.

As a spirit animal, the Native Americans believed that the raven was a secret keeper. If you see the raven, it is a reminder not to make promises or give away secrets lightly. If someone tells you something in confidence, you must keep their trust. The raven is not a spirit animal that allows for two-faced behavior or dishonesty. Instead, the raven wants you to be honorable and honest. Many times, the raven spirit animal will help people who are following the path of the Mysteries. It wants to share knowledge and wisdom with people who understand the Adept and walk the path.

When someone chooses the raven as their totem, it is typically because they identify with the mischievous, inventive air of the raven. You can remain quiet as you connect to your higher self and understand the deep thoughts of others. The raven is said to provide information about others and walk the fine line between the material world and the spiritual world. It also serves as a reminder to bring your negativity to the surface and get rid of it.

When you see a raven as a spirit animal, respect it. You never have to fear this being. It is there to awaken the shaman and karmic memories within yourself. Your memories and intuition can help you further your spiritual development. The raven will bring along new perspectives and a chance to interact with your true being.

In Celtic beliefs, the raven was connected to Bran the Blessed, Morrigan and the sun god, Lugh. It was also said to represent prophesy, war, death and magical mysteries. The raven also appears in many Native American traditions as a trickster. In the Far East, many cultures have stories of ravens moving the son, guiding others on a sacred journey and cleansing the earth after bloody battles.

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The Crow: Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

At first glance, the crow looks fairly similar to the raven. While it may look the same, it carries different insights. This bird is connected to magic and the mysteries of life. As a spirit animal, it is a signal that your intentions are supported. In many traditions, it is considered a sign of luck, but some spiritual traditions also view the crow as a trickster. Because of this, it is wise to be cautious when working with the crow. If you have been chosen by the crow, it is a sign of transformation, the power of sight and life’s magic.

Over the years, the crow has been a representation of many different things. It has been considered a sign of adaptability, intelligence, flexibility and a higher perspective. On the negative side, it has been viewed as a manipulative, mischievous trickster. It has also been considered a sign of alchemy, destiny, magic, personal transformation and the mystery of creation. This bird is considered to be quite audacious and fearless.

In some traditions, the crow is thought to be a bad omen. It has been linked to dark witchcraft and death. At the same time, this bird is thought to represent the core of creation or the void. It is said to carry the magnificent power of prophetic insight.

As a spirit animal, the crow is typically connected to magic. It is said to be able to transform and manipulate its physical appearance at will. Found throughout the world,this bird is said to be a reminder that magic is everywhere. When you see a crow in your dreams or in real life, make sure to pay attention to it. It carries a magic power and may mean different things, so you have to figure out what the spirit animal is trying to convey.

This powerful spirit animal is often used in shamanic traditions. Shamans believe that it has the power to manipulate the physical universe and bring magic to life. Anyone who does shape shifting or witchcraft may find that this is the best spirit animal for them.

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Crow Symbolism and Meaning

Normally, the crow is mostly black with a little blue when the light is shining directly on them. This bird is said to carry the colors of creation with it. These unique creatures bring along deep transformations and the energy of life’s mysteries. When the crow is your spirit guide, it is said to help you perceive the subtle changes within your energy and within your environment. The crow can help you see beyond the illusions of normal life.

In life, the crow builds its nest on a tall tree so that it can gain a better perspective. Because of this trait, crows are connected to vision and a higher perspective. In addition, the crow is very attentive to predators and any unusual intruders. Their loud cawing noise can be heard by crows from long distances. If you hear a crow, watch out because something may be amiss.

This bird is also said to be a sign of determination and total fearlessness. Seeing a crow as your spirit animal may be a sign that you need to boost your willpower and courage. You need to speak your truth and have courage to follow your heart.

Dreams About Crows and Ravens

When you see a crow in your dreams, you may feel worried at first. Often, people believe that seeing a crow in their dreams shows a future sadness or a bad omen. While this is one interpretation, there are other reasons for these dreams. The crow is believed to fly between life and death. When it appears in your dream, it may represent your personal ideas about death, transformation and life.

A crow is known for being exceptionally intelligent. When you see a crow, it shows wisdom, knowledge and intuition. You may be hesitant about taking a certain step in your life or may just be uncertain about what the future will bring. Seeing the crow is a reminder that you should listen to your inner intuition.

In other cases, the crow in your dreams is a sign of a new transformation. Some old part of your life is being removed to make way for something new. This could be a new relationship, a promotion or a major step in your life. When you see a crow, it is often a sign that you should trust yourself because you are truly ready to make that change.

When you see a raven in your dreams, it is typically a sign of a transformation as well. The raven is letting you know that a change is approaching. The change may only be in your perspective about life, but the raven is reminding you to be ready. While many people think of the raven as a symbol of death, the reality is that it is really a sign of transformation. In life, everything is a cycle. The death of one tree provides nutrients for a new plant to form. Everything is a cycle. When one habit, job or relationship in your life “dies,” it is replaced by something new. The raven may be trying to prepare you for a busy time in your life in the near future as you take on new things and bring your magic to the next level.


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