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Cute Knock Knock Jokes for Her 


Knock, knock jokes are generally terrible. So terrible that they are, in fact, cute sometimes. Romance is, after all, about being silly together as much as it is about being sexy together. Having fun together with someone is part of what makes us long to be with them. And remember: being silly implies you know you’re being silly. Trying to impress someone with a knock, knock joke isn’t going to happen. Chances are they’ll laugh at you instead of with you if you do. The whole point here is being ridiculously silly and knowing you are so. There can be an irresistible charm in that.

Kiss by the Door

A classic one if you’re standing outside, waiting for someone and text them to let them know (that you want a kiss…).

“Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Al who?”

“All give you a kiss if you open this door!”

When You’re Waiting to Be Let Inside 

When waiting to be let inside, texting them to come open the door, this is a funny one if it’s actually cold outside!

“Who’s there?”


“Police who?”

“Police, it’s cold out here.”

The Wrong Keys

This is another one for waiting outside, or when having forgotten your keys.

“Who’s there?”


“Mikey who?”

“Mikey doesn’t fit in the keyhole.”

A Cute Forget-Me-Not 

This is a fun one when fooling around.

“Will you remember me in a week?”


“Will you remember me in a month?”


“Will you remember me in a year.”

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“See! You forgot already!”

I’ll Go Anywhere…

This is a really sweet one. Especially if you’ve been talking about traveling together.

“Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Algo who?”

“Algo anywhere with you.”

Kiss Me

If there is no mistletoe in the room, you might have to find another tactic to get a kiss…

“Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Ben who?”

“Ben over and kiss me!”

Put Your Arms Around Me

If you want your sweetheart to put her arms around you, this is the perfect knock, knock joke for you!

“Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Butch who?”

“Butch your arms around me.”

Cute Knock Knock Jokes for Her

Compliments for the Cute Girl

If you find your girl to be particularly sweet one night and want a goofy knock, knock joke to play with, then this is the one.

“Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Cheese who?”

“Cheese a cute girl!”

De Niro 

If you, or your woman like De Niro, then here’s a fun way to tease her about it.

“Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“De Niro.”

“De Niro who?”

“De Niro I am to you, the more I like you.”

Excited to Meet You

Feeling a bit excited to see your girlfriend?

“Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Egg who?”

“Eggcited to meet you.”

Cute Knock Knock Jokes for Her

A Beautiful Smile

If she has a beautiful smile and you’d like to compliment it in a goofy manner, then this knock, knock joke is simply perfect!

“Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Johann who?”

“Johann a beautiful smile!”

If You Want to Make Her Smile

A genuine feel-good sensation comes from sweet comments and compliments. This is one of those.

“Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“Who’s there?”


“Mayer who?”

“Mayer days be filled with laughter and love.”

Just a Lad in the Street

You’re standing in the street and looking for a cute way to get her attention instead of, well, actually knocking on her door…so you can send her this text.

“Knock, Knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Aladdin who?”

“Aladdin the street wants a word with you!”

How About a Drink? 

You want to ask her out for a drink for later? Then this is a knock, knock joke to make her smile as you’re teasing her with the silliness of your sense of humor.

“Knock, Knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Hobbits who?”

“Hobbits going out for a drink later?”

sweet knock knock for her

Valentine’s Day

If Valentine’s Day is approaching and you’re looking for a cute and silly way to ask her out then this knock, knock joke is the answer you’ve been looking for. Of course, you could change the last part to read: “Value be my date?” if it’s not Valentine’s…

“Knock, Knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Value who?”

“Value be my Valentine?”

Your Boyfriend

This is just plain silly, but it’s a cute way of making her remember that you’re her boyfriend, when the two of you are just fooling around. Naturally, saying that you are her boyfriend should be followed by a kiss…

“Knock, Knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Disguise who?”

“This guy is your boyfriend!”

A Hundred Miles for Smiles

Now if this isn’t a cute knock, knock joke, then what is?!

“Knock, Knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Aadrvark who?”

“Aadrvark a hundred miles for one of your smiles!”

An Excuse for Kissing

Should you ever need an excuse for kissing, this is it!

“Knock, Knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Howard who?”

“Howard you like a big kiss?”

Begging for Kisses

This isn’t an excuse for kissing, this is more of a demand for a kiss… Or maybe you’re even begging or pleading for one…or just demanding one?

“Knock, Knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Kiss who?”


Let’s Go!

…but not before you get that kiss… Such an adorable way to set out for the day/night together!

“Knock, Knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“Butch, Jimmy and Joe.”

“Butch, Jimmy, and Joe who?”

“Butch your arms around me, Jimmy a kiss, and let’s Joe.”

A Compliment 

If she’s looking good, then she wants to hear it. So say it. Even if it’s with a knock, knock joke…

“Knock, Knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Honeydew who?”

“Honeydew you know how fine you look right now?”

I Love You

If you ever get tired of saying just “I love you,” you could say it with a knock, knock joke!

“Knock, Knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“I love you!”

“I love you who?”

“Don’t ask who, because it’s you.”


This knock, knock joke is a cute take on a fairytale. And an adorably silly way of telling someone she looks great.

“Knock, Knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Mirra who?”

“Mirra Mirra on the wall and you’re the prettiest girl of all.”


Who can ever have get of cuddles? No one, right?!

“Knock, Knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“Honey bee!”

“Honey bee who?”

“Honey bee a doll and give me a cuddle.”

Getting Some Loving

If you want a hug, a cuddle, or just simply some love, this is a cute way of asking for it.

“Knock, Knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Needle who?”

“Needle a little love right now.”


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