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100 Cute Names for Female Pets


Unsure about what to call your female pet? We can help! Find the perfect, cute pet name is never easy. You need a name that encompasses your pet’s personality, and finding the right one is not easy. If you need help finding the right name, we have compiled a list of 100 cute names for female pets that you can use.

good dog names for girls

1. Cottontail: This would be adorable for a female rabbit.

2. Leia: If you love Star Wars, use this name.

3. Midnight: This name is perfect for darker colored animals.

4. Mochi: This is a cute, simple name.

5. Olive: This would work well for a female cat.

6. Pixie: For tiny pets, go with this name.

7. Skyler: This could work for dogs of all sizes.

8. Toffee: Toffee is a cute, sweet name.

9. Charlotte: If you have a pet tarantula, name her after the spider, Charlotte, in Charlotte’s Web.

10. Vegas: You took your chance on your rescue dog, so name her after the city of big chances.

11. Sushi: Cats love eating fish, so name your kitty Sushi!

12. Scully: If you love the X-Files, this is an excellent name to choose.

13. Persia: Persia would be perfect for Persian cats.

14. Paris: This romantic name works for male and female pets.

15. Nellie: This name comes from the journalistic legend, Nellie Bly.

16. Mira: We think this would be a good cat name.

17. Diva: Cats are divas. Just accept it and give your cat this name.

18. Buffy: Use this for your cat in honor of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

19. Bagel: We love this name for little pets.

20. Birdie: A good name for a bird, but it would also be ironic for a cat.

21. Brandy: This is a lovely name for a female dog.

22. Coco: Coco is a good name for brown-colored pets.

23. Iris: We love this flower-inspired name for pets.

24. Lexi: We think this is a good name for a female rabbit.

25. Marshmallow: This is a lovely name for white-colored animals.

26. Mischa: This Russian-inspired name would be perfect for puppies.

27. Pipsie: This is a cute name for a female dog.

28. Tink: This is a shortened form of the name Tinkerbell.

29. Zelda: If you love video games or want your cat to feel lie a princess, choose this option.

30. Tonks: Tonks was the name of a chameleon-like witch in the Harry Potter series, which would make this the perfect name for an actual chameleon

dog names for girls

31. Spice: We like this name for naughty cats.

32. Nanda: This is an exotic sounding name.

33. Merry: Merry has such a happy ring to it.

34. Mabel: This old-fashioned name would be a classy choice.

35. Kalua: Use this name for cream-colored cats.

36. Faye: This is perfect for shyer pets.

37. Callie: This is an adorable name for female dogs.

38. Biscuit: This is a good unisex name for a male or female pet.

39. Bubbles: Bubbles is always a good name for goldfish.

40. Joy: If you have a happy dog that brings you joy, use this name.

41. Lucy: Doesn’t everyone love Lucy?

42. Mitzi: This is an adorable, sweet name.

43. Parker: This is another unisex pet name.

44. Sunny: If your pet is always happy, go with this name.

45. Portia: This would be classy and cute for a female cat.

46. Noodle: Tiny dogs will be even cuter with this name.

47. Mercedes: This would be a lovely cat name.

48. Delilah: We think this would be good for a dog.

49. Lassie: You can’t go wrong with this name for a sheltie or collie.

50. Nina: Nina is a simple, sweet name.

51. Margot: We think this would be a great cat name.

52. Ivory: This is a good name for a white-colored pet . . . or an elephant.

53. Coda: We think this is a good name for dogs or cats.

54. Midori: This would be a good name for a cat.

55. Booboo: We think this would be a great name for a small female dog.

56. Sheba: Sheba is an excellent name for your more regal cats.

57. Cupcake: Cupcake would be a sweet name for a small dog.

58. Foxy: Use this name for clever and cunning pets.

59. Lil’Bit: Lil’Bit is such a cute name for gerbils and hamsters.

60. Milan: This is a strong, inspired pet name.

cute female puppy names

61. Paisley: We love this sweet name for large dogs.

62. Willow: This is a classic name for a cat.

63. Roxie: Roxie is an adorable dog name.

64. Onyx: Onyx is a pretty name for black cats and dogs.

65. Mia: Mia is a simple, sweet name.

66. Lola: Lola is always a cute name choice.

67. Hershey: This sweet name could work for boys or girls.

68. Cuddles: If you have a cuddly pet, choose this name.

69. Cleopatra: Cats were once worshiped in Egypt, so use this name for your female

70. Bella: This is a name that means beautiful, so it is the perfect name for a female dog, cat or fish.

71. Buttons: Buttons is such a cute name for male or female pets.

72. Faith: Dogs are known for being faithful, so give your dog this name.

73. Kassie: Kassie is always a good dog’s name.

74. Maya: This would be an unusual, cute name choice for a female cat.

75. Mooshie: This would work for a small dog.

76. Pepper: Pepper is a great name for male or female black dogs.

77. Tango: We think this would work well for red-colored cats.

78. Minnie: If you have a pet mouse, naming her after Minnie Mouse would be a
great idea.

79. Ramona: Ramona is always a cute pet name.

80. Peanut: This would be a cute name for a little hamster.

81. Mika: We think this would be a cute name for a dog or a raccoon. The raccoon in Pocahontas had this name, after all.

82. Meadow: Meadow is such a pretty name for a dog.

83. Madonna: If your cat is a true diva, name her after the queen of pop.

84. Lottie: You could use this name for a female dog or cat.

85. Laguna: Laguna calls to mind water, so it would be a good fish name. Or, it
could be an ironic cat name.

86. Jazz: We think this is an adorable name for female pets.

87. Daphne: This name works for just about any pet species.

88. Bordeaux: This is such a classic name, and the sophisticated name comes from French. Perhaps you could use it for your pet poodle.

89. Bellatrix: This was one of the Dark Lord’s top lieutenant’s in the Harry Potter series, and it would be a good name for a dark-colored, troublesome cat.

90. Candy: Candy sounds like a very sweet pet name.

cute puppy names for girls

91. Hedwig: Hedwig was the name of an owl in the Harry Potter series, so give your bird this name.

92. Larissa: This is a great cat name.

93. Lily: Lily is a pretty name for female cats.

94. Malibu: For exotic pets, Malibu is a good name choice.

95. Nola: This would be a lovely name for a large dog.

96. Pearl: This is such a sweet name for a white-colored pet.

97. Riley: You could use this for male or female dogs.

98. Summer: Summer is a perfect name for female cats.

99. Trix: We think this would be a good name for a rabbit because of the cereal rabbit cartoon, Trix.

100. Sugar: Sugar is a good name choice if you have a second cat named Spice.


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