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100 Cute Names for Male Pets


After adopting a new pet, your next goal is to find the right name for it. Choosing the perfect name is difficult. If you pick the wrong name, you will never use it. Plus, dogs,cats and other animals quickly learn their name. If you decide to change the name later, you can end up having problems switching the name. To get started on your naming search, we have compiled a list of 100 cute names for male pets.

best boy pet names

1. Domino: This is perfect if your dog has spots or if you love pizza.

2. Marshmallow: A great name for a white-colored dog or cat.

3. Midnight: Perfect for black dogs.

4. Noodle: An adorable name for a tiny dog.

5. Paulie: We think this would be a good name for a parrot.

6. Pinot: This is perfect for wine lovers out there.

7. Rufus: A Latin name that means “red.”

8. Sparky: A classic dog’s name.

9. Theo: This name comes from a root word that means god, so don’t be surprised if your male pet develops a huge ego.

10. Zeppelin: This could be from old flying devices or Led Zeppelin.

11. Taco: The perfect name for a chihuahua.

12. Scout: We love this name for small dogs.

13. Reece: A great name for peanut butter-colored animals.

14. Phoenix: Perfect for red or golden animals.

15. Paris: Paris was the guy in Greek myths who stole the lovely Helen away with him to Troy.

16. Mylo: A simple name for a male pet.

17. Mozart: If you love classical music, choose this male pet name.

18. Luka: This is such an adorable name.

19. Koby: Perfect for puppies!

20. Atticus: This is a strong name based on the character of Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird.

21. Buttons: This is a cute name for a male cat.

22. Fang: This is the name of Hargrid’s dog in the Harry Potter series, and it works for a large dog that looks tough, but has a soft heart.

23. Jasper: A perfect name for medium and large dogs.

24. Mr. Biggles: Excellent name for small pets.

25. Mulligan: This Irish name is perfect for Irish setters.

26. Peanut: If you need a small dog or hamster name, use this one.

27. Saul: We love this name for cats.

28. Sprite: Sprites are mischievous fairies, which makes it a perfect name for a troublesome tomcat.

29. Tanner: A cute name for a male dog.

30. Wilbur: This would be the perfect pet name for a pig!

top male dog names

31. Tibbs: We love this adorable name for tabby cats.

32. Rocky: This is the name of the underdog in the Rocky movies, so it would be great for a small dog.

33. Quattro: A stylish name for a male cat.

34. Padfoot: This comes from the name of Sirius Black’s animagus animal in the Harry Potter series. Because of this, it is the perfect name for a large, black dog.

35. Olive: This is such a cute pet name.

36. Lupin: This is a Harry Potter name, but it means wolf in Latin. It is a great name for a dog.

37. Fuse: Fuse is such a good name for energetic pets.

38. Clooney: Name your salt-and-pepper pet after the handsome George Clooney.

39. Barney: A cute dog name.

40. Doc: This would be a good name for a rabbit, after Bugs Bunny’s famous phrase.

41. Chaucer: This is a good name for literature lovers.

42. Merlin: This is a magical name for a dog.

43. Parker: We love this strong dog name.

44. Snoopy: This cartoon-inspired name is perfect for black and white dogs.

45. Tatertot: This is a cute name for smaller animals.

46. Sammy: This is a classic name for a dog.

47. Picasso: Art lovers will love this name!

48. Nugget: Nugget is a cute name for small pets.

49. Landon: This is a strong name for large dogs.

50. Gibson: This is a classy pet name.

51. Barclay: It means bark, which makes it perfect for dogs.

52. Luke: Luke is a strong name for a dog and Star Wars lovers.

53. Bono: If you like U2’s Bono, use this name.

54. Spike: This is a strong name for a big dog. It would be an ironic choice for a little dog.

55. Redford: This name comes from the actor, Robert Redford.

56. Paddington: We love this name for bear-like, big dogs.

57. Monkey: This name is for your mischievous pets.

58. Fritz: Fritz is a good name for animals from German breeds.

59. Murphy: Murphy is a classic Irish name that is perfect for cats.

60. Pazzo: We love this quirky name.

good names for boy dogs

61. Scabbers: This is the name of Ron Weasley’s rat in the Harry Potter series.

62. Tank: This is a good name for strong, muscular dogs.

63. Hershey: Few names are sweeter than this one!

64. Toast: This is a good name if you have a white dog with toasted brown colors.

65. Silas: This would be a cute name for a cat.

66. Riley: We love this modern male pet name.

67. Nate: Nate is a classic, simple pet name.

68. Moby: Moby would be a good name for a male fish.

69. Kingston: Kingston would make a great pet name.

70. Felix: Felix is a perfect cat name.

71. Biscuit: This is an adorable name for small pets.

72. Bagel: Bagel is a cute name for dogs. You could also name your beagle, Bagel.

73. Cosmo: Cosmo is a good cat or dog name.

74. Gray: Gray is a perfect name for gray-colored pets.

75. Logan: This is such a cute name for medium-sized dogs.

76. Muggle: If your pet is non-magical, then choose this name.

77. Nico: This name comes to us from the Velvet Underground.

78. Peter: Peter is the name of a rabbit in a children’s story and the classic character, Peter Pan.

79. Stitch: The Stitch in Lilo & Stitch was always in trouble, so be careful with this name!

80. Wolfie: Give your small dog a big ego with this male pet name.

81. Zeke: We love how cool this name sounds.

82. Skip: Skip is a cute, classic name for pets.

83. Raddish: Raddish would be a cute name for guinea pigs and gerbils.

84. Otis: This is a cute, quirky name for male dogs.

85. Nell: Nell is a sweet name.

86. Monet: Money is perfect for art lovers.

87. Max: The Grinch had a much-abused dog named Max who was quite adorable.

88. Guinness: For beer lovers and brown-colored dogs.

89. Fido: This is a typical name for dogs.

90. Chandler: This unisex name comes from a character in Friends.

91. Alvin: If you happen to have a chipmunk or a pet that looks like a chipmunk, choose this name.

92. Bodie: Bodie is such a cute pet name. Since it sounds like a surfer name, it would be a good option for a fish.

93. Crookshanks: This was the name of Hermione’s cat in the Harry Potter series.

94. Gills: Gills would be a cute fish name.

95. Linus: Linus would be a great name for a tomcat.

96. Mulder: Your dog would seem like an X-Files creation with this name!

97. Ozzie: Ozzie is a cool name for male cats.

98. Pepper: Pepper is a cute name for black pets. If you get a white or gray pet, you could call it Salt.

99. Whiskers: Whiskers is a popular pet name.

100. Champ: If you want to raise a champion dog, this is a good name to choose.


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