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200 A-Z Cute Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend and Why to Use


There’s just something special about giving your boyfriend a unique nickname that’s used only for him. The trouble is, it’s just not very original or special if you use all the typical “pet names” for him. That’s why you’ll want to come up with a whole new nickname that’s specifically for him.

But that’s not always easy. Some people can think of one right away while others struggle. If you’re the latter, have no fear. We’re here to give you a TON of different nicknames to use on your man. Find one that he loves and stick with it.

Why to Use Cute Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

Some people don’t like pet names or nicknames. And that’s okay. However, there are many reasons you should use them on your boyfriend. If you don’t think his name is enough and you want to show your affection in a different way, nicknames are perfect. Here’s why you should definitely implement nicknames when talking to your boyfriend.

  1. It’ll make him feel special.

There’s nothing that makes a guy feel better than when his woman is using a special name for him. Not only does the specific name you use convey how you feel about him, but it’ll show him that you see him as special in comparison to everyone else. And since we all want to feel unique to our partner, he’ll love hearing a cute nickname coming from you. This can also help stop jealousy and insecurities in a relationship because you’re showing him that you’re all his.

  1. It will bring you closer together.

Because it’ll make him feel special, he’ll also be extra affectionate toward you. This will help bond you further and nurture your relationship. You’ll feel even closer to him when you’re referring to him by nicknames that are cute and meaningful to him. Not only that, but you can even use the nicknames as inside jokes that will only make you two feel closer and more intimate because nobody else will get it.

  1. He’ll start using them on you, too.

This is by far one of the best reasons to start using nicknames with your significant other. If you are brave enough to call him a number of different cute names, he’ll feel like he can start calling you them, too. Not only will you then feel really confident and meaningful to him, but it will strengthen your relationship and even announce to everyone else that you are his and his alone.

  1. It makes things more exciting and fun.

Let’s be real, some relationships fizzle out and end because there’s just nothing new and exciting about it anymore. You always have to be making an effort to spice things up in your relationship and using cute nicknames is a great way to do it. You’ll be able to surprise your man by calling him something really flattering out of the blue and it’ll help take things to the next level. If you feel like your relationship is boring, this could be what you need to save it. Make sure to use a nickname he’ll love and adore – or else it might have the opposite effect.

  1. You can use them as code words.

If you need certain code words to get out of a certain situation with your boyfriend, you can use cute nicknames as a way to do that. Instead of using a random word that would cause attention, you can just call him something simple and cute. You can assign the word a specific meaning so whenever he hears it, he’ll know just what you want him to do. For example, if you’re really boring at a party with friends, you can call him “honey,” and he’ll know you want to leave and go home.

The Cutest Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend

Here they are! You’re A-Z list of the best and cutest nicknames to call your boyfriend. Now, some of these may be a little extreme for certain couples depending on the strength and length of your relationship. Your best bet is to use them with caution and find out which he likes the most.



If you really want sweet nicknames that will make your man happy, these nicknames starting with A all do that. They’re much simpler and a great place to start out.

  1. Apple of my eye
  2. Angel
  3. Apple
  4. Angel Face
  5. Amore Mio
  6. Adorable
  7. Amigo
  8. Anchor
  9. Amante
  10. Alluring


If you want to kick things up a notch and be a little bolder, these pet names starting with the letter B will definitely help you get closer to your man.

  1. Babe
  2. Babers
  3. Baby Cakes
  4. Baby
  5. Baby Boo
  6. Boo Bear
  7. Bunches
  8. Bunny
  9. Big Guy
  10. Bad Boy
  11. Baby Boy
  12. Beloved
  13. Boo
  14. Beau
  15. Booboo
  16. Bug
  17. Book Worm
  18. Burly Man
  19. Buzzy
  20. Big Bear


If you’re already really close with your man and need some more creative nicknames, these are the ones you’ll want to use.

  1. Candy
  2. Coo
  3. Cookie
  4. Chief
  5. Captain
  6. Cowboy
  7. Cuddle Bear
  8. Cuddly Boo
  9. Cuddle Bunch
  10. Casanova
  11. Charming
  12. Chivalrous Chief
  13. Cake
  14. Cupcake
  15. Cutie
  16. Cutie Pants
  17. Cutie Patootie
  18. Cutie Pie


Now is the time to kick up the heat. These nicknames may be a little more daring, but if you use them correctly, your man will be smiling all day.

  1. Dear
  2. Darling
  3. Duck
  4. Dumpling
  5. Duckie
  6. Daredevil
  7. Devil
  8. Doodle Bug
  9. Doll
  10. Doll Face
  11. Dashing
  12. Dearie


These are lesser-known nicknames that still pack a powerful punch. In order to get your man to love you even more, give them a try.

  1. Eye Candy
  2. Emperor
  3. Everything
  4. Ecstasy
  5. Endearing


Are you ready to not only surprise your man, but make him realize just how attracted you are to him? Then these nicknames are perfect for you to use because they do just that.

  1. Fox
  2. Firecracker
  3. Flame
  4. Fruit Loop
  5. Fancy Pants
  6. Foxy
  7. Funny Hunny
  8. Favorite
  9. Fuzz
  10. Foxtrot


Gear up for some really unique and interesting nicknames to call your boyfriend with all of these starting with the letter G. Just remember to use them honestly.

  1. Genius
  2. Goofy
  3. Goofball
  4. Gumbo
  5. Gorgeous
  6. Gum Drop
  7. Gummy Bear
  8. Giggle Boo
  9. Good Looking
  10. Giggles


These are much sweeter nicknames to use when you’re feeling particularly affectionate. Don’t just go around calling anybody by these names. Make sure it’s only your boyfriend because they’re very special.

  1. Handsome –
  2. Hans Solo –
  3. Happy Heart –
  4. Heart –
  5. Hero –
  6. Hon –
  7. Hercules –
  8. Honey –
  9. Honey Bear –
  10. Honey Bunch –
  11. Honey Bunny –
  12. Honey Bee –
  13. Hot Stuff –
  14. Hubby –


There aren’t too many nicknames that start with I, but these two are perfect to use on him if he gets the reference and love them.

  1. Iron Man
  2. Ice Man


If you want nicknames that other people don’t use on their boyfriends, then these are the ones to try. Just be sure he knows they’re meant in a good way!

  1. Jellybean
  2. Jock
  3. Jelly
  4. Jocky
  5. Jazzy


Are you ready for some adorable nicknames? Then these are the ones you should use. They’re simple, but really cute and interesting.

  1. King
  2. Kissy Boo
  3. Kissy Face
  4. Krabby Patty
  5. Kookie
  6. Knight
  7. Knock Out
  8. Kiddo


If your man doesn’t love these nicknames starting with L, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. All of these can be used in unique situations that will make him really happy.

  1. Lover
  2. Loon
  3. Loco
  4. Ladies Man
  5. Love Muffin
  6. Lovey Kins
  7. Looker
  8. Lamb
  9. Life
  10. Life line
  11. Lord
  12. Love Bug
  13. Lover Boo
  14. Loverboy
  15. Lucky
  16. Love Pup


With this mix of sweet and hot nicknames to call your man, there’s no reason he shouldn’t love them. Give each of these a try and ask which one he prefers.

  1. My Man
  2. Mi Amor
  3. Macgyver
  4. Marshmallow
  5. Mister
  6. Muffin
  7. Right
  8. My Angel
  9. My Everything
  10. Muscleman


The nicknames starting with N may be a little out of the ordinary, but if you use them the right way, they’ll be perfect for your man.

  1. Naughty
  2. Nemo
  3. Nature Boy
  4. Ninny
  5. Naughty Man


These are some more nicknames that may seem odd at first, but once you’ve used them in the right context, they’ll be very effective. Your man will love them!

  1. Oreo
  2. One and Only
  3. Other Half
  4. Old Man
  5. Omega


If you can’t find a cute nickname to use on your boyfriend that he’ll love from this long list starting with P, there’s no hope for you. With this mix of cute, sexy, and adorable nicknames, there has to be one he likes.

  1. Pookie
  2. Panda
  3. Peach
  4. Poo Bear
  5. Playboy
  6. Popeye
  7. Pancake
  8. Puppy
  9. Pumpkin
  10. Pie
  11. Prince Charming
  12. Peanut
  13. Picasso
  14. Pickle
  15. Perfect
  16. Pookie Bear
  17. Punk
  18. Poppy
  19. Professor
  20. Papa


There aren’t too many Q nicknames to use, but these ones are definitely unique and interesting when used correctly.

  1. Quack
  2. Quirky


Another short list starting with R, but they’re definitely different than any other nickname his past girlfriends have called him.

  1. Robin Hood
  2. Rocky
  3. Romeo
  4. Rockstar


There are so many nicknames you could use that start with the letter S. Instead of giving you the “typical” ones you hear all the time, we wanted to give you new ones that you may not have ever thought to use before. He’ll love this mix of interesting nicknames to call him.

  1. Squirt
  2. Sailor
  3. Sexy
  4. Scooby
  5. Shortcake
  6. Shortie
  7. Smarty Pants
  8. Snookums
  9. Sugar Bear
  10. Sweetie


This is another group of nicknames that he may have never heard before. In order to make these ones work in your advantage, make sure you use them in the right situation.

  1. Tough Guy
  2. Tiger
  3. Toots
  4. Teddy Bear
  5. Tater Tot


Obviously this list isn’t long, but this is a powerful name to use for him, nonetheless.

  1. Ultimate Man


Another single nickname list, but if your man is into Vikings, using this may make him the happiest he’s ever been.

  1. Vikinig


If you’re looking for flattering and unique nicknames, using these ones starting with W is definitely the way to go.

  1. Wolverine
  2. Wonder Boy
  3. Woo Bear
  4. Winkie


He may be surprised to hear these nicknames, but he’ll definitely smile when you do use them.

  1. Yummy
  2. Yum Bear


Last but not least, this nickname will make him realize just how much you really appreciate him always standing by you. Bonus points if he loves Zorro!

  1. Zorro


Tips for Using Cute Nicknames on Your Boyfriend

Not everyone is a fan of nicknames – especially cute ones. So you have to know just how to use them so he’ll actually love them and want you to call him by them.

  1. Use one he relates to.

You can’t just use a random nickname he won’t understand. In order to make them work the best, you should use one he relates to and can form a connection with. There’s no point in calling him “Hans Solo” if he’s never even seen Star Wars. But if he is a fan of the franchise, then it could be a huge compliment!

  1. Don’t use them too often.

One mistake many girlfriends make is using pet names too much. Sure, they’re really cute and meaningful – but only if you use them at the right times. If you constantly call him by cute nicknames every time you address him, it’ll get annoying and it will lose its meaning. So be sure to only use them during the times when they mean the most to you and when you’re feeling especially affectionate toward him.

  1. Don’t use them around his guy friends.

The most important tip I have for you when using nicknames like these is to NEVER use them in excess – or even at all – around his guy friends. Why? Because even though he may like them coming from you, they may be embarrassing for his friends to hear. A lot of these nicknames are also very personal and they should be reserved for moments when you have time alone with your man. He may not like them at all if you use them a lot whenever his friends are around.

There you have it. These are the best 200 cute nicknames you can use on your boyfriend. Just remember to find one that suits him and only use it if you know he really likes it.


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