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150 Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend


At some point in a relationship (usually the beginning, but can be anytime) you’ll probably start trying out different nicknames on each other. That’s just what couples do, right? It shows a great deal of affection and gives you two something that only you can bond over with each other. However, it can be super tough to pick the perfect cute name to call your girlfriend when there are so many different ones to choose from! Besides, you’re going to want to find one that fits her personality. Otherwise you just won’t be comfortable calling her that in the long run. Try out any of the 150 cute names to call your girlfriend that we’ve listed below and we guarantee you’ll find the perfect nickname!


The name of the cute little monkey from the Disney movie Aladdin. A perfect pet cute name for you to call your girlfriend.


Ace is the highest ranking in a deck of cards or it’s someone who is extremely talented in a specific area of something. Either way it’s the ultimate complimentary nickname.


Meaning you believe she’s angelic in every single way.

Angel eyes

You could also use Angel eyes if you think she has the most gentle looking set of peepers. It’s a brilliant cute name for your girlfriend!

Apple of my eye

The light of your life, the peanut butter to your jelly or just simply the apple of your eye sums all of that up quite perfectly.

Apple pie

Sweet, gooey and warm, just like your wonderful girlfriend may be.


Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love, beauty and pleasure.


The simple yet adorable original term for people to use on each other when they’re dating.

Baby doll

Ideal to use on a porcelain – like gal. Someone with exquisite beauty and angelic features… like a baby doll would have.

Baby girl

Another simplistic pet name that’s used by thousands of people in relationships.


The modern day term for baby is bae and is widely used, especially by younger generations. However, some people get annoyed by the term so check with your girlfriend before throwing this one at her.


Affectionate way to address someone with childlike qualities. Makes an utterly cute name for your girlfriend.

Baby face

Baby face is a loving nickname given usually to those with more robust features or if they look younger than they are.

Baby cakes

Someone who you cherish dearly.


Pronounced bah bet. A spunky name that originated in France.


As in the barbie doll figurines. Used on those classic barbie type girls.


Someone you find smokin’ hot.


A Spanish word that means beautiful.

Bee’s knees

A phrase that was originated in the early 1920s. It means the height of excellence.


A shortened term for best friend. Perfect if you are dating you are dating someone you were friends with long before you became a couple.


For someone extremely pleasing to look at. Usually with stunning features.

Beauty queen

The best nickname for a girl who is very vain, loves hair and makeup or is very girly in general.


A booger is someone who likes to cause or get into trouble.


Someone called bunny may have a quiet personality like a rabbit.

Bon bon

A piece of sweet chocolate covered candy. Bon bon is one of the cutest names to call your girlfriend!


Derived from the French word Beau. Originally Beau meant a male suitor but over time has conformed to fit both genders.


Bubbles will fit anyone who has an extremely outgoing personality or seems “bubbly” in their mannerisms.


A term that originated from the Yiddish word bubele that went on to be frequently used as a pet name in Hollywood.


For the girls with the junk in the trunk, if you catch the drift!


A beautiful flowery name to adorn on a flowery girl.


Perfect for someone who has got you buzzing with joy at all times.


Ever heard the phrase, “cute as a button”?


For a girl overflowing with free-spirit and happiness.


If you’re not into cheesy, mushy names then this simple one works or if your relationship is just starting out.


As in a blossoming beautiful flower. Worn by those who grow in different aspects.

Blue eyed baby

A charming name to identify someone with bright baby blues.

Brown eyes

For a women with dark brown eyes.


A term used for those who have strong passionate qualities about them.


Fits personalities that love to take charge or are consider strong leaders.


Cuddlebug is no doubt a cute name to call your girlfriend. It fits someone who absolutely adores cuddle time.

Cuddle cakes

Another fitting name for a lover of cuddling.


A delicious sweet person that everyone loves.


Someone who loves to care for others and has a gentle, endearing personality to match.


Like the delicious and loved dessert.


A girl who loves everything wild west.

Cutie patootie

Used on those who are busting at the seams with total cuteness.


Chica literally means a girl or young woman. So it’s a great cute nickname for your girlfriend no matter what she’s like.


A Chickadee is beautiful, elegant songbird.


A French word that means darling.


An ideal name for someone who likes to goof around and is corny, but cute in the things they do.


For someone has sweet and full of color as a cherry.

Cherry pie

If you’re not a fan of apple pie or cherry for a cute name for your girlfriend, try cherry pie. It gives the classic name a twist.


Someone clever witted and sassy could be known as cheeky. For girls not afraid to speak their mind, even if it gets them in trouble.


The princess in the Disney tale Cinderella. Cinderella is an upbeat character with a sparkling heart.


A gentle term of endearment.


Someone who acts like a prima donna.


Someone who has delicate features is usually called doll face.


Someone with a slight air of arrogance about them or a big ego may wear this name.


Someone you value dearly.

Dearest one

If she is the closest, as well as the most important person to you.

Dew drop

Given to shy, fragile personalities.


The beautiful sought after gem.


As long as this is never said in a demeaning manner, it can be a quirky pet name for your girlfriend. Usually goes to someone s little geeky and maybe even a tad clumsy.


Like the cute baby birds.

Divine one

Someone who is excellent and delightful in all ways. Someone you idolize could be called Divine one as a cute nickname.


Those who are powerful and slightly intense can be called fierce.


A lady that absolutely cannot be tamed! Full of sass and passion through every feat!


Great name for someone covered in little ‘angel kisses’ a.k.a freckles.

Fruit cake

Fitting for those with crazy attributes. It’s a holiday treat.

Fruit loop

Definitely meant for someone who is a little on the loopier side. Don’t use this one unless she agrees that she’s a tiny bit wacky.


Someone who has a bright character and loves to continuously grow in all aspects of life.


What they call royalty alongside of your majesty and your highness.


A woman people love mainly due to her insane beauty.


For someone who is extremely attractive.

Gum drop

A delicious candy nickname.

Gummy bear

Another adorable candy themed pet name you can use.


A precious, valued stone. Best used for someone you find just as precious.


Typically used by those with gold/blonde hair.


Someone with above average looks.

Hot stuff

When you can’t keep your eyes off her, she should probably be called hot stuff, don’t you think?

Hot mama

Used on someone who is smoldering in looks, but is also a mother.


A traditional cute nickname.

Honey bear

For a sweet, caring woman with a strong attitude.

Heavenly one

Someone who does good deeds and possesses the personality of an angel.

Honey bunch

Kind of like the sweet and tasty honey bunches cereal.


For if she brings you all the joy in the world.

Jolly rancher

Delicious and eccentric would describe a girl with this cute nickname.


A jewel is a beautiful gem and is a fantastic cute name for your girlfriend if she has a sparkling personality.


Like the snuggly, soft baby animal.

Love bug

Perfect for a love that burrowed its way into your soul. If your girlfriend makes you feel like that, then call her love bug.


Someone you share passion with.


Usually given to those who have a certain grace and are very charismatic.

Lucky charm

Maybe good things always happen when she is around, if so then she can be dubbed your lucky charm.

Little lamb

Perfect for a soft-spoken, yet adorable personality.


A lady is someone who acts gracefully and poised at almost all time.


What an awesome term to use for someone you find deeply irresistible.

Lemon drop

Lemon drop is a great cute nickname for a girl who can have a sour attitude sometimes, but you still love her anyways.


The queen in a pride of lions. Usually dubbed queen for her enormous strength and beauty.

Lush lips

For a girl with luscious, kissable lips.

Lily pad

Lily pad would be amazing on a lady who loves nature or water more than anything else.


Someone who likes to act young and in charge could be known as missy.

Miss dreamy

Like McDreamy but for a girl from the show Grey’s Anatomy.

Miss steamy

Also a take on the hit drama Grey’s Anatomy from their nickname McSteamy but for a woman.

My Juliet

As in the Juliet to your romeo in one of the greatest love stories that ever was.

My everything

Meaning she is your first and greatest priority in life.


Like the delicious, filling morning pastry.


Yours and only yours. A cute way to claim her.

My girl

Another darling way to announce she is yours.

Mi amor

How you say ‘my love’ but in Spanish. It just sounds more beautiful this way.


A mademoiselle is a French governess but it can be applied as a cute nickname for your girlfriend. It definitely makes her sound elegant!


Another spicy nickname to use.

Mi corazón

‘My heart’ in Spanish.

Only one

If she’s the only one for you then let her know with this self explanatory term of endearment.


Peaches are such a pleasant fruit, but they make for an even more term of endearment! Especially fits someone with a “peachy” demeanor.

Pooh bear

Pooh is a light hearted and loving character.


Someone with characteristics that remind you of beautiful fall.


Anyone nicknamed precious is usually done so because they are the most valuable person in the namer’s life.


A largely used term of endearment, especially in the U.K.

Pretty girl

Just a simple name for a pretty lady.


Someone who likes to be treated like a princess usually takes on this name. They may also be astonishingly beautiful like a princess.

Queen B

For a girl full of confidence and pride like a royal. And who also knows how to take the reigns in any given situation.


Like the dazzling red jewel.


Probably the best for a redhead.


Someone with a shimmering, bubbly and bright attitude could be labeled with the cute nickname Sapphire.

Sexy mama

Someone with smokin’ hot looks, but also has a motherly instinct.

Shooting star

When someone is called a shooting star it means they excel in a certain talent or many talents.

Sugar bear

Someone who has kind characteristics but who also has some strength to them.

Sugar plum

Describes someone as sweet as the candy.

Sugar lips

Finding her lips irresistible? Then sugar lips is the perfect name.


People with pleasant and upbeat attitudes usually take on this name.


A Sunflower is a gorgeous and tall bright flower.


A girlfriend with a sugary persona could be called sweets.


Besides being a lovable Muppet, sweetums is a just a charming pet name.


A different variation of sweets if you’re looking for something a little different, but still in the same genre.

Silly Sally

Given to someone with goofy, eccentric qualities.


If she reminds you of the vast, beautiful galaxies out there, she may be just right for the name supernova.

Sweet cream

Can be used on those who have pleasant a very demeanor, but a pale complexion.

Soul mate

This one kind of explains itself, if the two of you are soul mates, let her know with this endearing name.


For the girl who sprinkles happiness in your life.


Someone with a sweet aura that hangs around them. Also a typical name used when you’re in love with someone.


If she has a radiant personality you may call her Sunshine.


For girl you think is a fantastic snuggler.

The Mrs.

Obviously only give this one a go if she is your wife or you are planning on marrying her. Definitely okay to use when you’re engaged! It’s a cute way of showing your commitment to her.


Tigress is a sultry and seductive type name for those with personalities to match. They seem to be commanding of their environments and are good at standing their ground.


If she is short or petite or even both then Tiny would be a great cute nickname for your girlfriend!

Tiny dancer

The name of a mystical girl from the Elton John song Tiny Dancer.


Fits to girls who having calming qualities about them like a cup of tea would.


Given to those with all around outgoing and positive personas.

Wonder woman

Good for someone who is extremely good at multitasking and accomplishes a lot with minimal effort.


Willow is a fitting name for someone tall and sturdy in life, just as a willow tree is.


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