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30 Cute Paragraphs to Send to Your Girlfriend


Most women are well aware that men aren’t prone to writing poems or delving into romantic getaways. Because of this, you have an amazing opportunity to surprise your girlfriend. The right paragraph can send her swooning and make her fall even more in love with you. The following 30 cute paragraphs to send your girlfriend are a great way to show that you care and to get her even more interested in you.

Cute Paragraphs for your girlfriend

1. Every day, I wake up and am so excited to see you lying there next to me. I cannot believe how lucky I am. I have to reach out my hand to you and touch your arm to see that you are really there. In that moment, I realize that I am the luckiest person in the world and that I am living my dreams.

If you want to show her how you feel, this is a good way to do it. This paragraph shows that you view her as your fantasy and are just as in love with her now as when you first met her.

2. I am completely dedicated to making your life as amazing as you are. I am amazed everyday by how sexy, passionate and hardworking you are. I still can’t imagine how you could possibly demean yourself to be with me. While I may not be worthy of your love now, I will do everything that I can to be the man that you deserve.

Whether you want to show your love or need to do something sweet to make up for an argument, this cute paragraph is perfect to send to your girlfriend.

3. You are an unbelievably rare person. As I sit here, I am thinking about all of the ways that you have changed my life. You are so intelligent, beautiful and insightful. I feel like I must have won the lottery. Because of you, I feel like I am the richest man in the world just because I have you in my arms.

Every woman likes compliments, and the more romantically mushy compliments are better.

4. I love your hair. I love the way you smell. I love that you do everything possible to make me feel like the luckiest and most amazing person in the world. I cannot possibly live up to your expectations of me, but I strive to be the man you need everyday. Your appreciation and love are not unnoticed. I want to show you how much you mean to me and how you make me feel like I am the most important person in the world. I only wish that I could make you feel just as special and valued.

Well put!

5. Ever since you went away, everything that I see has reminded me of you. From the scent of the breeze to your favorite style of coffee, each thing I see reminds me of you. It kills me inside every time I think of how long I will have to wait to have you in my arms again. Each night, I toss and turn as restless sleep eludes me. Until you are back, I will be counting the minutes.

If your girlfriend is far away for any time period, cute paragraphs like this will help her know that you are still thinking about her all of the time.

romantic messages for your girlfriend

6. There is nothing in the world that brightens my day like the sight of your smile. Even though we have been together for a while, seeing you still makes my heart beat faster. I think that you are the most attractive woman in the entire world, and I am so blessed that you chose me.

Your girlfriend needs to know that you care for her. Romantic paragraphs can be sent through a text or left as a physical love note on her pillow. Either way, these messages will help you show your girlfriend that you genuinely care for her.

7. If you look up “perfect” in the dictionary, you will find your picture next to it. I looked in my dictionary though, and they got it wrong. They forgot to put your picture next to perfect, intelligent, wonderful, amazing and beautiful. I think I have to message someone about this mistake because they are obviously misleading millions of dictionary users.

If you want to make this really cute and sentimental, you could glue pictures of her or write her name next to specific adjectives in the dictionary. Then, write this message on a piece of paper, leave it on top of the dictionary and let her discover your changes.

8. Even if we get in a million fights, nothing could ever replace you. You are more than just my lover. You are my best friend and my soul mate. The only thing that is worth fighting forever for is your love.

Each couple fights, and making up the right way can make a humongous difference in getting over the fight.

9. You are my guardian angel who always watches over me. Because of you, I think through each risk I take because I have to make it home to you each night. You are always on my thoughts, and I am a better person for knowing that you are there to guide me.

How adorable is this loving message?

10. I want to spend every second of every day with you. If I could, I would stop eating and sleeping just so that I could devote more time to being with you. You have changed my entire outlook on love. Even though I have been hurt many times, I believe in love again because I have found true love with you.

If you are falling fast for her, this is a good way to show it.

11. You are decidedly my entire reason for being alive. It’s safe to say that I have completely fallen for you. Despite all of the arguments and the demons we have fought off together, our love has endured. Everything that we go through only makes use stronger. Our love is unstoppable.

If you recently got into an argument, this is a good way to show that you still care for her.

12. I have been given the greatest gift in the world: You. No matter how bad my day was, coming home to you lifts my spirits immediately. You are my strength, happiness and destiny. The only time I am truly happy is when I am with you.

This is a message that your girlfriend is sure to love.

13. Thank you for accepting me for who I am. Whenever I am with you, I feel like I can finally just be myself and relax. This is just one of the many reasons why I fall for you more and more every day.

Your girlfriend wants to know that she is seeing the “real” you. This is the perfect way to show her that.

14. Roses are red, violets are blue, but no one on earth could ever be worthy of you.

This cute spin on a classic Valentine’s Day poem is short, sweet and easy to send in a text message.

romantic messages

15. I promise that I will always be there to support you whenever you need me to. When everyone else ignores you or lets you down, I will be your rock. I will be there for you through sickness, health, good times and bad times. I will never let you go.

If your girlfriend has been going through a difficult time, this is a good way to show her how much you care for her.

16. There may be thousands of ways to say I love you, but I would rather show you. Thank you for letting me show you every day just how much I care for you.

This is a simple way to show her that you still care and the romance is still alive in your relationship.

17. I get lost when I look into your eyes. I think fate determined that we were the perfect pair for each other, and I feel like your eyes were just created for me to gaze into. You cast a spell over me with your beautiful eyes.

Eyes are decidedly one of the safer physical attributes to compliment on a girlfriend that you just started dating. Later on, you can always expand your repertoire of compliments.

18. Never in my life have I felt such as strong desire to commit to anything. I was scared of deciding permanently on something, but you have changed my mind. I may still have problems with committing, but I have finally found someone who is worthy of committing to.

This is an excellent way to hedge your bets. You show that you are committed to the relationship and want the relationship to keep developing. At the same time, you gently warn that you need a little time to get used to the idea of spending forever with someone.

19. Without you, my life would be empty. The sun would stop shining and my inner spark would flame out. I would be only a part of a whole if you were gone. Keep me whole.

This is a sweet way of saying that your girlfriend completes you.

20. You have brought more love and laughter to my life than anyone before you. You are the perfect blend of charm, mischief and silliness. I am so lucky that I have found someone to share my life with.


 cute paragraphs

21. Everyone goes through tough times. Even my hardest days are made easier by knowing that you will be there at the end of them. I love you.

If you have been going through a rough time, paragraphs like this will show your girlfriend that you appreciate her.

22. You are my dear::Desire, Enchanting, Adorable, Radiant. I hope to be with my dear for always.

If mushier paragraphs do not feel right, try this cute, corny acronym.

23. I still cannot believe that you chose to be with me. I thought you would turn me down when I asked you out, but to my surprise, you said yes. I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

If you just started dating, this is a good option to choose.

24. I wish that I could spend every day with you. I hate having to say good-bye and wait to see you again. If it was up to me, I would shrink you to the size of an action figure, put you in my pocket and carry you with me always.

This is so unbelievably adorable—your girlfriend is sure to love it.

25. Remember that I am always with you in spirit, even when we are apart. My heart will go with you wherever you go. At night, gaze up at the moon and know that I am looking at it. Together, we will look at the same moon and be a little closer together.

While you could use Skype to stay in touch across a long distance relationship, it is not nearly as romantic to tell her that as it is to tell her to gaze at the moon and stars.

26. I found it hard to focus before I met you. I had no reasons to have goals for the future or reasons to take responsibilities seriously. You have given me a reason to dream and follow through on my goals. You are my muse and my inspiration.

This will be incredibly flattering for your girlfriend to hear.

27. While I try to focus on something else, I keep thinking of what our life will be like together. Even when I sleep, I dream of you. There is so much that I have to look forward to.

Only use this message if you already have a fairly committed, serious relationship, or it could end up sounding weird.

Cute Paragraphs to Send to Your Girlfriend

28. I remember the first time I saw you. You seemed completely oblivious to me, but all I could think of was you. How you talked ,laughed and gestured are emblazoned in my mind. Something about you intrigued me, and I did my best to get your attention. Now, I am so happy that you have finally paid attention to me as well.

This is bound to make her feel super loved and appreciated!

29. Your striking features, intelligence and charisma were just a few of the things that I was attracted to. I still cannot believe that I am so lucky to have such an amazing woman love me back.

If you only have time for a short text, this is a good message to choose.

30. I hate going to sleep at night because I can no longer look at your beautiful face. Luckily, it’s not the end of the world. My one solace is that I will be able to open my eyes again the next day to see your face lying next to mine.

This is both incredibly sweet and incredibly poetic.


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