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60 Cute Relationship Quotes and Sayings


Love is such a magnificent feeling. Sometimes you may even think that words can’t even describe how you feel about someone. The truth is, maybe they can’t do the true feelings of love justice, but you can probably get pretty close to expressing how you feel about someone.

When someone hears a cute relationship quote or saying, it has the power to make their entire day. No matter how they’re feeling, getting a little text or even a love note with a quote on it can make them feel like they’re the most important person in your life.

If you have trouble knowing just what to say to explain how you feel about someone, using a quote and saying can help get your message across. Here are some of the cutest relationship quotes and sayings for you to send to your loved one.

  1. If we were no longer humans, but you were a bird, I would want to be the branch you rest on when you need a break.

This is a powerful way of telling your love that you support them.

  1. The way you make me feel like I’m the only other person on this planet is what makes me the happiest I’ve ever been.

Tell them exactly how happy you are when they treat you like this with this quote.

  1. Love may be one of the most complicated things in the world, but when I look into your eyes, it is made to be the most clear.

This is a perfect way of telling them that you only understand love because of them.

  1. Finding a perfect relationship is a pointless endeavor. If you’re looking for a perfect love, however, it is found with us.

Telling them that you believe your love to be perfect, even if your relationship is not can be done with this saying.

  1. Even in the darkest of darks and the lightest of lights, our love will shine more bright.

No matter what, telling them this will show them just how strong your love is.

  1. Each time I look into your eyes, there is no question that we were meant to be.

By using this saying, you’re assuring them that you know – with certainty – that you should be together.

  1. We’re such an important duo; we’re like copy and paste. You can’t have one without the other.

This is telling them that the pair of you just cannot work without each other.

  1. If there’s one thing we’re most like in this world, it’s a deck of cards. We may look different and have a different purpose, but without the complete set, we’re useless.

Here is another great way of telling them that you just can’t be without them.

  1. It may have only taken but a minute to fall in love, but a lifetime of this love will never be enough for me.

If you really want to tell them just how much you love them and always will, use this quote.

  1. I will admit that although people have many weaknesses, I only have two: everything that you say and everything that you do.

This is the perfect way of telling them that they’re your weakness and have the power to destroy you simply because you love them so much.

  1. No matter what, having anything with you will mean having everything to me.

Even if you can only have them for a short time, it will be more to you than nothing at all.

  1. I realized that for the first time ever, I don’t actually have to try to find happiness. With you, I already have all of it I need.

This is the best way to tell someone that even if they’re just with you, you’re the happiest person there is.

  1. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that every girl needs a guy who can make her laugh when she feels that she’ll never smile again. That guy is me.

Ladies, you can also use this quote and just switch up the words just to show someone what you want to be to them.

  1. You can’t always describe just what you see in another person. It’s more about the way they can take you somewhere no one else can.

This is perfect for explaining to them how much you love them, even when you can’t find the words.

  1. I never used to believe soul mates existed until I laid eyes on you and I just knew you were mine.

If you had that “love at first sight” moment, let them know just how you felt by saying this.

  1. I have to say, I can only describe us together as this: sugar and salt – oddly good together.

We all know this delicious combo just works together even though they’re so different. Tell them how you feel with this.

  1. I could never say a relationship with me and you is perfect. However, a relationship with US is.

Relationships can’t be considered as two separate people. Let them know that together, you are more than you are apart.

  1. Falling in love with someone means giving them your whole heart. But it’s okay because you get it back…along with theirs, too.

Loving your significant other is all about sharing you hearts. Let them know this by sending them this saying.

  1. Somewhere between all of our late nights, inside jokes, and odd fights, I fell in love with you.

Using this quote will be a really meaningful way to tell them that you fell in love with them despite all of the “imperfect” moments.

  1. You have a way of completing me the way bread completes a sandwich; without you, I am not whole.

We all know that without bread, there is no sandwich.

  1. The saying says that home is where your heart is, but I disagree. Home, to me, is wherever you are.

No matter what you’re going through, telling them this will explain more than other words can.

  1. Finding love is less about finding someone who loves all of your faults, but more about finding someone who brings out your strengths.

If you feel that your love does this for you, then send them this saying and they’ll melt.

  1. I believe that your true love is connected to your heart. No matter where you go, you will always find your way back to them.

After a big fight, sending them this one will be sure to smooth things over by showing them just how much you’re connected.

  1. There is no controlling when or who you fall in love with. It’s something that just happens.

Using this during a time when someone says it’s just “bad timing” will be sure to make them realize that love isn’t’ on a timer.

  1. The very best thing I’ve ever felt in life is having someone who knows your flaws, accepts your weaknesses, and still thinks you’re the most amazing person there is.

This may be the most important thing in love and is perfect for telling your love just how you feel about them.

  1. You should never just look for someone who changes your relationship status but rather, someone who changes your life.

Finding someone who can make your life better is more important than finding someone to just be your significant other.

  1. You can’t make a relationship last just because you think they’re destined to. It takes hard work and two people devoted to making it work.

If you want to make sure your partner knows just how much you will work for your relationship, send them this.

  1. Trust may just be the single most important thing in a relationship and I can say, with complete certainty, that I trust you.

Trust will mean a lot to your partner and you should always tell them just how much you trust them.

  1. You can’t base a relationship on the amount of time you spend with your love, but you can base it on the foundation you build with them.

If you don’t have a lot of time with your significant other and they’re stressing about it, send them this quote.

  1. A successful relationship is found when you know you’re with someone who knows and accepts your past, will support your present, and they’ll encourage your future.

Sending them this will ensure that they know you’re in it for the long haul.

  1. You know, some say that the best relationships begin with nothing more than friendship.

If you started out as friends, this will be perfect.

  1. No matter what you’re going through in life, someone who really loves you will stick around even in the darkest of times.

All relationships have downs. Sending this during a time like that will mean a lot.

  1. The best relationships are all about giving and giving, not giving and taking.

Make sure you send this to them so you both know how important it is to match in your giving.

  1. Falling in love with someone can happen at the most unexpected times with the most unexpected person.

This is perfect to send to someone you never thought you’d fall for.

  1. There was once a time when I cried harder, laughed less, and frowned more. Then I met you and it all changed.

Telling them that they had this effect on your life will mean the most to them.

  1. When I wake up in the morning, you’re the first person I want to see and when I go to bed at night, you’re the last person I want to see.

This is just simply telling them that they’re all you think about in the morning and at night.

  1. A healthy relationship is between those who laugh like best friends, play like kids, fight like a married couple, and protect each other like siblings.

Sending this quote to your love will let them know just what you want in a relationship.

  1. If you think a relationship with no arguments is healthy, you’re wrong. A relationship with no fighting is a relationship with a lot of secrets.

Fighting is healthy. Say this to your love if you’re arguing and they’re unhappy abou tit.

  1. When you find the perfect person for you, they make the downs almost as good as the ups.

This is so true and vital in a loving relationship.

  1. When you find someone who wonders where you are when you don’t come home at night, you’ve found all you need.

This feeling is one of the most human things there is and it’s important in any relationship.

  1. Relationship is a lot like art; the picture that two people have is a lot more difficult to create than just one.

This means that the two of you have to work together to make sure each is getting what they want out of a relationship.

  1. You may not always hear how someone feels about you, but you will see it.

Actions speak louder than words. You can say this quote, but make sure to show it, too.

  1. Your relationship never has to make sense to anyone else. It only has to make sense to you.

Don’t let anyone else influence your relationship.

  1. If you know you love someone, go and get them. Otherwise, someone else will.

This is a powerful quote that holds so much meaning to anyone who reads it.

  1. You know you’ve found “the one” when you look forward to each new day with them.

When someone makes you excited to just be alive, you’ve found the one.

  1. Always find the person who brings out the best in you, not someone who brings out the stress in you.

A relationship should be fun, not stressful.

  1. If you always do what you did in the beginning of the relationship, you’ll never see an end.

Sending this to someone who has seemed to change in their relationship will shed some light on their problems.

  1. A successful relationship doesn’t live off the love you have in the beginning, but on the love you build going forward.

Letting your lover know that you need to keep on working toward love will help your relationship be stronger.

  1. There are many different kids of love in this world, but you’ll never find the same love twice.

Each relationship is unique and your significant other should know this.

  1. If you want your relationship to succeed, you can never make the person you love feel like they’re all alone – especially if you’re right there with them.

This happens more than you think and everyone should know just what it means.

  1. True love isn’t like rain – which comes and goes. It’s more like air. Sometimes silent and unmoving, but always there.

Sending this to someone will show them just how much your love is there even when you aren’t.

  1. When you look into my eyes, I love them a little more. When you say my name, it sounds a little better. When you’re in my life, it is perfect.

This just tells them how much better they make your life as a whole.

  1. Whenever I open Facebook it always asks, “What’s on your mind?” and I always want to say it’s you.

Let them know you’re always thinking about them with this quote.

  1. I will always say Iloveyou without spaces, because there just isn’t room for anyone or anything else.

Use this quote when you want to put a smile on their face.

  1. I’m addicted to something intoxicating and dangerous. It’s you.

This is a cute way of telling them you’re hooked.

  1. If I could hold a star for every reason I love you, I would hold a galaxy in both hands.

We all know how big galaxies are so this is a very meaningful saying.

  1. I will always want to be your very favorite hello and your hardest goodbye.

Tell them just how much you want to mean to them is very important.

  1. We should go and commit the perfect crime. You steal my heart…and I’ll steal yours.

This is a really cute thing to say and put a smile on their face.

  1. I don’t just love you because I feel like I need you. I feel like I need you because I’m in love with you.

This is so cute and meaningful for someone you love.

  1. Whenever I catch myself smiling for no reason, I quickly realize that you are my reason.

We all know this feeling and telling them that you feel this will mean a lot to them.

It’s important for your significant other to know just how you feel and using these cute relationship quotes and sayings will do just that.


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