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100 Dance Team Names – for Your Dance Squad


It is time to get dancing and have some fun. Once you make a dance team, your next step is to find the perfect name for it. We can help you begin your name search with these 100 dance team names. You can use them as they are written or modify them for a more unique name for your group.


1. Electric Sliders: This is an obvious take on the dance, the Electric Slide. We think that it would be a cute name for a dance team.

2. Dance Varsity: You don’t have to make the varsity team to make this your name. Show off how awesome everyone in your group is with a name like this.

3. Rebel Force: It doesn’t sound necessarily like a dance team, but we all want to be rebels, right?

4. Boogie Bouncers: It is time to boogie down when you choose a name like this.

5. Wookierockers: While it sounds rather cute, I am really not sure what this name actually means.

6. Keep Calm & Dance: This is a a fun name to choose for your group.

7. Sun Dolls: This is an adorable name.

8. Toxic Twist Crew: The first part of the name gets points for alliteration. Perhaps it should be “team’ instead of “crew” to make the alliteration continue.

9. The Dazzlers: Obvious,y you have this name because your dance team dazzles everyone that sees it.

10. Dancers’ Dynasty: You can create your own legacy with your dynasty of dancers.

11. Dance N’ Beats: This is a fairly straightforward name to choose.

12. Dancing Dolls: This dance team name wins extra points for alliteration.

13. Hoodratrompers: I am not quite sure what this means, but it sounds cool.

14. Tapping Kings: I feel like this should be the dance team name of a group of guys who like tap dancing. I also think that tap dancing is really underrated as a type of dance. I still remember how much I wanted to try tap dancing after I watched the film, “Chicago,” for the first time.

15. Hip Hop Hooligans: This name really says it all.

16. Spirit Dancers: Forget spirit fingers—your group has spirit dancers.

17. Black Illusion: This sounds like a fun name.

18. Doomsday Panthers: You better watch out for the team that has a name like this.

19. Rhythmic Eagles: This is always a fun name.

20. Lady Rebels: Obviously, this makes sense for a bunch of ladies in a dance team.

21. Jack Attack: It rhymes. Other than that, I am really not sure what this dance team means.

22. Destructive Divas: If you decide to name your team this, then everyone else is certainly going to watch out for you team.

23. The Homies: While this name works it seems like you could really do better. At least modify this name with an adjective or something to make it more interesting.

24. Bunny Dancers: Your team must be pretty cute if you use the word “bunny” in your moniker.

25. Dance & Drill: If your dance team is also a drill team, then this is a name that you can choose.

26. We Bring It: If you are on a dance team, then you have probably watched the film, “Bring It On,” at some point. If so, this is a great modification of that film name.

27. The Spiritual Dancers: Interestingly, there are actually a number of religious groups that use dance to express themselves. Whirling dervishes are just one example. There are also meditation styles that use dance to commune with your deeper self. If you want to inspire your team to be more spiritual and in touch with the universe, use a name like this.

28. The Rangerettes: This is a cute name.

29. Bone Crushin’ Ballerinas: Everyone thinks that ballerinas are so dainty and delicate. Show that you are made of tougher stuff with dance team names like this.

30. Silver Steppers: I like the alliteration in this name.

31. Shake It Up: Shake things up with a name like this.

32. The Hot Devils Synergy: This sounds like a fairly hip option.

33. Tomcats: Since tomcats are male, this really only makes sense as the name of a dance team that consists of all or mostly guys.

34. Sweet Disasters: People better hide their valuables and fragile items when you start dancing.

35. Fly Girls: Obviously, your team must have a bunch of fly girls with a name like this.

36. Black Illuminators: I think Dark Illuminators would work as well.

37. Top Gun All Stars: Whoever chooses this name probably has a bit of a fixation on the movie, “Top Gun.”

38. Rockin’ Rabbits: This certainly sounds cute and gets points for alliteration. The last time I checked though, rabbits could not dance though.

39. Liquid Smoke: This name is impossible, although it has a cool ring to it.

40. The Hip Hoppers: This is a cute name.

41. Statik Moves: Your moves are decidedly not static if you are a part of a dance team.

42. Diversity: This sounds like a fun name.

43. The Ladybirds: I think that this is an adorable team name for a dancing group.

44. Gold Dusters: Obviously, your team is as beautiful and valuable as gold dust with a name like this.

45. Kaba Modern: This is a cute name.

46. Jalapeño Hotties: Since the “j” is pronounced like an “h,” this team name is actually an example of alliteration.

47. Sizzle and Stomp: Your team sizzles and stomps, so just show that fact in your team name.

48. Diamond Dolls: This is such a cute name to choose.

49. Groovy Boyz: Obviously, this needs to be a team name for a group of guy dancers.

50. Klassy Kats: For some reason, switching “C’s” to “K’s” seems to make any name sound more awesome.

51. Crystal Queens: This is a fun name.

52. Grindin’ Grizzlies: While I like the alliteration, I am not quite sure what to think of this name. While bears sound cute, I cannot imagine a grizzly spending a lot of time dancing.

53. Golden Sparklers: Sparklers are my favorite fireworks, and they certainly attract attention.

54. Kickin’ Crew: This is a fun name to choose.

55. Royal Heat Squad: You will bring the heat with a name like this.

56. Jesterz: This gets an added boost with the “z” instead of an “s” at the end of the world.

57. Purple Sky Dancers: I have no clue what this actually means, but it sounds great.

58. Justice Crew: This is an extremely fun dance team name to choose.

59. Jumping Jacks: Hopefully, your dancing consists of more than just jumping jacks.

60. Rhythmic Thunder: Watch out for this team!

61. Spirit in Motion: This sounds like a fun, modern name.

62. Classical Mermaids: Honestly, there are a few problems with this name. I love mermaids, but they don’t exactly have legs, do they? How could they possibly dance? A mythical name is always fun, but this one just doesn’t make any logical sense.

63. The Lionettes: For some reason, this just sounds way cooler than lioness.

64. Gangsta’ Groove: I like the alliteration in this dance team name.

65. Salsa Swings: If you love salsa dancing or swing dancing, this is a great name to go with.

66. Dangerous Divas: They might be divas, but you better watch out for the dancers on this team.

67. Lady Movers: Get ready to start moving with this name!

68. Super Sparklers: From the point you walk into the room, your sparkle lights up the entire area.

69. Pirouette Champs: This sounds like a fun name.

70. Tribal Attackers: My bet is that this is not the dance team name that you will find for a classical dance team or ballet.

71. Dizzy Dancers: Hopefully, this will not end up becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy.

72. Ultimate Athletic: Some people dance for fun or for the way it looks. Other people like to dance to get in shape. This is one way to show that your dance team is focused on physical fitness.

73. Dancers Divine: This is a fun name to choose.

74. Crazy Cats: I like this name.

75. Dancing Queens: To make it even more awesome, your dance team should dance to the popular song, “Dancing Queens.”

76. Royal Heat Dance: This is a fun name to choose.

77. Dancers of the Ring: You have heard of the Lord of the Rings. Now, you have the Dancers of the Ring.

78. Steppin’ Times: Get stepping with this name.

79. Kickin’ Kidz: This is always a fun dance team name.

80. Hunger Hoppers: As long as you are not the hungover hoppers, this name will be fine.

81. Gizmos: It sounds cool, but it also does not sound like it has anything to do with dancing.

82. Thundering Kidz: If you can’t find another name on this list, at least this one could work for you.

83. Bouncers: If other people cannot dance as well as your team can, you will bounce them right out of the club.

84. The Pursuit of Tappyness: Out of all of the dance team names on this list, this is by far my favorite. Obviously, it only really works for tap dancing, but who cares? I love the pun on the film, “the Pursuit of Happiness.”

85. We Are Heroes: This name works.

86. Crewzincrew: Are you the Cruisin’ Crew or the Crewzincrew? You decide.

87. The Cougarettes: This is a clever name for a group of older ladies who are still as hot as the younger ladies at the club.

88. Lost Dynasty: Once you give your team this name, the dynasty won’t really be lost for much longer.

89. Starstruck: Everyone else will be eventually be starstruck because of how amazing your dance moves are.

90. Rebel Angels: I don’t think the rebel angels in the Bible were actually angels.

91. High Steppers: Have some fun with dance team names like this.

92. Mystic Movers: This is always a fun team name option.

93. Ghetto Groovers: This wins points for alliteration.

94. Twisters Elite: You could also be Elite Dancers or something similar. It makes your dance team sound more exclusive.

95. Project Street Dance: This is a fun dance team name to choose.

96. Orange Crush: This name sounds cute.

97. Silver Steppin’ : Either this name means you want to take second place, or it is the name of a group of silver-haired dancers? You choose.

98. Dolls and Divas: This is a fun option to go with.

99. Roller Rockers: Get ready to have some fun with this rock and roll inspired dancing name.

100. Funks & Monks: Are you one of the funks or the solitary monks? With a name like this, your group can include all options.


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