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Dating Submissive Men


We can all probably agree that dating is a hard task, right? Getting to know someone and figuring out what they are all about is difficult as it is. So when you throw in a specific type of personality, you may not be sure how to navigate the relationship. Unless you’re well versed in that type of persona. But if that was true, you probably wouldn’t be here reading this article right now, would you?

You’re here because you are trying to figure out what dating a certain type of man is like. What type of man would that be? A submissive one.

Submissive men are much different than your average type of male, so it’s totally understandable that you’d reach out for help. You’re probably baffled because you are not sure what to expect when it comes to being in a relationship with this kind of person.

First let’s go over a few things and then we can dive right into what submissive men are like when they are in a relationship with someone and what you should know about them!

What Are Submissive Men?

A submissive man is someone who doesn’t like to take charge in the relationship. That doesn’t mean he isn’t happy with you or that he has given up by any means. Quite the contrary, he loves this structure in the relationship and would not want it to be any other way!

Submissive men like to date women who can be responsible for most of the decisions and can guide them in them. Not only do they want to be told what to do when it comes to finances and every day choices, but they also really enjoy being told what to do when it comes to physical intimacy. This doesn’t mean that they want to be demeaned constantly or have you demanding things out of them on a daily basis. Being submissive makes them more sensitive, but it doesn’t make them weak at all. They still like to have some respect in the relationship.

What Does It Take To Date A Submissive Man?

Just like you expect certain things when it comes to dating a submissive male, they are also going to expect certain things out of you. There’s definitely a different type of dynamic when it comes to this relationship. A submissive male will only want to be in a relationship where their counterpart meets all of their needs. Some of these needs might include their partner to be dominant, confident and reliable. They want to feel like they are in good hands with the women they date. You might not be right for a submissive man if you cannot be all of those things for him.

Like if you, yourself, are submissive and sensitive, the relationship definitely won’t work out. There cannot be two submissive people in the relationship or the dynamic will blow up entirely.

What To Expect

Like we said, we are going to go over some of the things that you should expect when you are in a committed relationship with a submissive man.

Take a look below to find out some of the most important details when it comes to this relationship!

  • Equality Comes First

Although you may think that there is no chance that your partner gives a flying crud about being treated equally in the relationship, you’d absolutely be wrong. In most aspects, yes, there is going to be a dynamic where you are the sole provider, decision maker and partner in charge. However, that does not mean that your partner will not want to be treated with decency. They are still a human being with real emotions.  They are going to want to be treated as an equal before they are treated as submissive. It’s a good idea for the two of you to set up boundaries before getting too deep into your relationship with each other. That way you know where your limits in the dominant/submissive areas stand.

  • You’ll Have To Take The Reigns

If you can’t be large and in charge a majority of the time, it might not be a great idea for you to date someone who is known as a submissive male. Why? Because they are not going to expect you to fall back when it comes to things that require you to make decisions. They will always want to be with someone who is confident in taking the reigns in any situation. This is especially true when it comes to being in the bedroom! There is very few times when the submissive man will want to be dominant, if there is any time all, when you two are being physically intimate. The place that you will find a submissive man being his most submissive is in private, when you two are getting freaky!

  • They Might Be More Sensitive Than You Expect

This isn’t entirely true for every submissive man, but it holds true when it comes to most of them. Submissive and sensitive are two words that go hand in hand with one another. Submissive men can be more emotional beings, which is nice when it comes down to it. It means they will be able to connect with you on a deeper level much easier than a dominant male. However, being emotionally aware can also make it so that they are rocked a little easier when it comes to certain situations. You might have to be more careful of how you treat them, because although they want you to be the dominant person in the relationship, they will be more affected if you are not kind about it. Be cautious of how you fight with a submissive male. They tend to take things a little more personally and straight to heart.

  • They’ll Worship You

Now, this isn’t always the case, but a majority of the time it holds up! Submissive men will cater to you in more ways than a dominant male might. They will not only be there for you emotionally in any way that you need, but they will be there to fullfill all of your physical needs as well. This is nice, but it can be a little overwhelming if you are not used to being treated in such a way.

  • They Expect Stability

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to dating this type of man is that they will expect roles to stay the same throughout most, if not the entire, relationship. This means that you cannot just up and change roles. There is slight to no chance that he will be cool with you suddenly wanting to be the submissive partner. They will definitely expect stability in your relationship.

  • He Might Be Quick To Bail

A submissive male will be very quick to end things between the two of you if they feel like the structure in the relationship has been compromised. They have a specific ideas for how they want their relationship to be. So if they feel like their needs aren’t being met, they’ll be fast to head out the door!


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