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100 Cute and Catchy Daycare Names


Finding cute and catchy daycare names is not always easy. Even when you find the right name, you have to make sure that no one else is already using it. You also have to find a name that is appealing to parents and children. It is even better if you pick a name that comes with a great mascot. Names like “Little Giraffe Daycare” might not be catchy, but they have a ready-made mascot that children will absolutely love. If you have been struggling to find cute and catchy daycare names, this list can help. We have compiled 100 different names that you can use to inspire your search for the perfect business moniker.

Cute and Creative Daycare Names

100 Cute and Catchy Daycare Names

1. Sweet Second Home: When you operate a wonderful daycare, it can feel like a second home to all of the families that attend it.

2. Pitter Patter Daycare Center: This is an adorable daycare name. You could use little footprints on your logo.

3. Lollipops: This is a simple, fun option to go with.

4. Little Harvard: Many parents want their children to attend the best schools and get a top education. If your daycare also offers lessons and learning options, then this might be a good name to go with.

5. Angel Academy: This daycare name wins bonus points for alliteration.

6. Homey Land: This is a cute and catchy daycare names.

7. Wee Watch: A perfect name for a daycare that caters to all the wee ones.

8. Kool Kidz: For some reason, spelling words with a “K” just sounds cooler.

9. Kid Space: This sounds like a daycare that caters to older children.

10. Mini Miracles: For a new parent, their child certainly seems like a miracle.

11. Helping Hands: This is definitely one of the top cute and catchy daycare names.

12. Kiddie College: This is another fun option.

13. Kidz Corner: This sounds like the fun place to be.

14. Children in Learning: If you have learning options at your daycare, this would be a fun name to choose.

15. The Growing Patch: This sounds adorable.

Catchy Daycare Names

16. Mini Me’s: This is a cute name that also happens to be extremely easy to remember.

17. Kids’ Castle: With a name like this, you could decorate the building and interior rooms like a castle.

18. Everyday Sunshine: This is a fun daycare name.

19. Wee Kids: Cute!

20. Sweet Hearts: This name is certainly a sweet choice1

21. The Fun House: This reminds me of a carnival, but it could still be a good option.

22. Country Kids: This is a cute and catchy daycare name.

23. Paradise Kiddie: Nice one!

24. Mother Land: This sounds like a name out of a fairy tale.

25. Learning Ladder: This name wins bonus points for the alliteration.

26. Rise and Shine: If your daycare is open early in the morning, a name like this can help you market that fact to busy parents.

27. Tot Spot: This is a cute naming option.

28. Sweetie Pie: This is another sweet option.

29. Educare: This helps show parents that you care and nurture the children, but you also educate them as well.

30. Little Hands: This name could have a number of excellent logo options that could go with it.

31. Center of Little Rascals: You could also just shorten this to the Little Rascals like the popular kids’ movie.

32. Bright Minds: This is a cute choice.

33. Kids Paradise: Fun!

34. Childtime Learning: Because your daycare center doesn’t just watch children. You teach them and help them to grow into little adults.

35. Little Steps: This is another sweet choice for a daycare center.

36. Future Scholars: If you have a strong learning component at your daycare, then a name like this will help you market that attribute.

37. The Big House: Technically, the Big House is another term for jail, so I am not sure how well this name will really work for a daycare.

38. Children’s Choice: This is a cute name option.

39. Kiddie Junction: Nice one!

40. Brighter Horizons: Through your daycare’s services, you will help all children get a brighter horizon in life.

41. The Playhouse: If your daycare is all about having fun, show that off with a name like this one.

42. Early Bird Daycare: Your name can help market your daycare and show parents what makes your daycare center unique. A name like this would be perfect for a daycare that tends to open earlier in the morning.

43. Kid Logic: This is a fun choice.

44. Peace of Mind Daycare: Parents are naturally worried about leaving their child with a stranger, so hopefully a name like this will help them to feel a little peace of mind.

45. Caring and Sharing Daycare: This is a cute and catchy daycare name.

46. Happy Hearts: This ones sounds cute, and the alliteration makes it easier to remember.

47. Reading Rainbows: This is another daycare name with excellent alliteration.

48. The Kid Zone: This is a cute, fun option.

49. Wonderland: This reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

50. Bright Beginnings: This is happy-sounding name for a daycare.

51. Happy Faces: Because the children in your daycare always have a smile on their aces.

52. Caterpillar Clubhouse: You could use a caterpillar as the mascot and logo for your daycare.

53. Small Miracles: This is a sweet-sounding option.

54. The Cradle: This sounds like a daycare that caters to a number of younger children, toddlers and babies.

55. Kids’ Home: This sounds cute.

56. Just Like Home: If parents are worried about leaving their children with someone else, a name like this will help to reassure them.

57. Tender Moments: This is a cute, catchy daycare name.

58. The Learning Center: If your daycare offers classes and learning options, then this would be a good name to showcase that fact.

59. The Gingerbread House: Some of the best names for a daycare come from nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

60. Kids’ Ark: This is a fun choice.  Daycare Names

61. Kinder Kollege: This name is even more memorable because of the changed spelling in the world college.

62. Tutor Time: This sounds like a daycare that primarily offers after-school tutoring to older children.

63. Kids’ Clubhouse: Because who wouldn’t want to hang out in a clubhouse?

64. Wonder Kinds: This is a cute and catchy daycare names.

65. Precious Moments: There is also a series of figurines that have this name as well.

66. Angel Keepers: Because your daycare keeps and cares for angels.

67. Little Angels: This is another option that uses the word “angel” in the name.

68. Cutie Pies: This is a sweet, cute option.

69. Busy Bees: If you choose this name, you should definitely use a bee in the logo or mascot.

70. Babies ‘N’ Tots: This name shows parents that your daycare primarily focuses on babies and toddlers.

71. Lamb Tails: This is such a sweet option. I think Lamb Tales would also work well.

72. Teddy Bear Daycare: You could use a teddy bear as your daycare’s emblem or logo.

73. Kiddie City: This is a fun choice.

74. Happy Kidz Daycare: Because your daycare only has happy kids.

75. Kiddie Cove: This one is a cute option.

Unique Daycare Names

76. Toddler Town: The alliteration makes this daycare name easier to remember.

77. Play Safe Playhouse: This name will help to allay any of the parents’ worries about how safe their child will be.

78. Little Ducklings Daycare: This is by far one of the most adorable names for a daycare.

79. Itty Bitties Daycare: This is another cute option.

80. Grandma’s House: If you happen to be a grandmother, then this would be a cute, easy name for your daycare.

81. Alphabet Kids: A number of the cute and catchy daycare names play on the ABCs.

82. Story Time Daycare: Who’s ready for story time?

83. Rainbow Children: This is a cute option that sounds like a hippie daycare.

84. Laugh ‘N’ Learn Daycare: Because all of the children at your daycare get to laugh and learn together.

85. The Stepping Stone Preschool: This is such a sweet-sounding option.

86. Building Blocks Preschool: Use this name if your daycare gives children the building blocks they need to succeed in life.

87. Mother Goose’s Daycare: Nursery rhymes and fairy tales are always fun for daycares.

88. All Growed Up: Years ago, there was a Little Rugrats movie with this name.

89. All Children Great & Small: This is a cute option.

90. The Children’s Den: This sounds like a fun choice for a daycare.

Creatively Brilliant Ideas for Daycare Names

91. The Littles School: Because your daycare is for all of the little children.

92. We Care Childcare: This is a cute option.

93. Le Petit Bebe Day Care: If you want to make your daycare sound elite, French names are the way to go.

94. Stop ‘N’ Play: This sounds fun.

95. The Children’s Cloud: This is certainly a cute and catchy daycare name.

96. ABC Kids: Cute!

97. Over the Rainbow: This sounds like a fun choice.

98. Just Kidding Around: Get it? “Kidding”?

99. Learn ‘N’ Play: Because all of the children at your daycare have fun learning and playing together.

100. Lots of Tots: This cute daycare name is even easier to remember because of the rhyming aspect of it.


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