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40 Dirty Pickup Lines to Use on Girls


When it comes to girls, pickup lines get a bad rep. People think we can’t stand them when in reality, we do like them if they’re done correctly. However, that doesn’t mean you can run around blurting out pickup line after pickup line in the hopes of making a girl want you. The truth is, you have to pick the right one and say it in just the right way.

If you’re not very creative and have a hard time coming up with pickup lines to you, don’t worry. We’re here to help you out. These 40 dirty pickup lines will be sure to leave her intrigued, excited, and wanting more.

  1. Did you get those pants 50% off? Because if you come to my place, they’ll be 100% off.
  2. You can call me leaves because soon, you’ll be blowing me.
  3. I hope you know your ABCs because I’m going to give you the fourth letter.
  4. Is there a cell phone in your pocket? Because that ass is calling me.
  5. Do you happen to work at the post office? Because I swear I saw you checking out my package.
  6. Do you believe in karma? Because I know some good karma-sutra positions.
  7. I’m no Fred Flinstone, but I can definitely make your bedrock.
  8. I may not be a weatherman, but you can be expecting more than a few inches tonight.
  9. Why don’t you come sit on my lap and we can talk about the first thing that pops up?
  10. You should remember my name. You’ll be screaming it later.
  11. Do you want to be my girlfrien? I’ll give you the D later.
  12. Are you my new boss? Because I believe you just gave me a raise.
  13. What has 132 teeth and can hold back the Incredible Hulk? My pants zipper.
  14. Do you live on a chicken farm? (No.) Oh, I only ask because you sure know how to raise a cock.
  15. You remind me of yogurt because I want to spoon you.
  16. The word of the day is “legs.” Now lets go back to my place and spread the word.
  17. I’m not that great at algebra, but doesn’t U+I= 69?
  18. Really nice legs! What time do they open?
  19. How do you prefer your eggs? Poached, scrambled, or fertilized?
  20. Are you a Jedi? Because I swear my lightsaber felt a disturbance in the force.
  21. I want to melt in your mouth – not your hand.
  22. Do you sleep on your stomach? (No.) Then can I?
  23. If you’re starting to feel down, I can feel you up.
  24. I have a job for you! But it blows.
  25. What are you doing tonight, besides me, of course?
  26. As long as I have a face, you’ll always have a place to sit.
  27. My face is leaving this place in fifteen minutes. Be on it.
  28. Your dress looks amazing. It would look better on my floor.
  29. Your clothes are making me very uncomfortable. Please take them off.
  30. Let’s go back to my place and do some math. We can add a bed, subtract the clothes, divide your legs, and get to multiplying.
  31. Oh, you like sleeping? I do, too! Let’s do it together sometime.
  32. Are you a waitress? Because I’m going to give you more than just the tip.
  33. Is there a mirror in your pants? Because I can see myself in them.
  34. Let’s play Titanic. When I say “iceberg”, you go down.
  35. If there was a party in your mouth, I would definitely be the first to come.
  36. If I were a zombie, I would definitely eat you first.
  37. I’m going to save sex later. You should come.
  38. Is that a keg in your pants? Because I’d sure like to tap it.
  39. I would tell you a joke about my penis, but it’s too long.
  40. We should play strip poker. You strip and I’ll be the poker.

Tips for Being Successful With Your Pickup Line

If you want to pick up a girl during your night out, you’ll need more than just a simple pickup line. While these lines are definitely effective and dirty, you’ll need some of these tips to make the most of it.

  1. Don’t use the same one on a bunch of girls.

Have a lot of different lines ready to go. Don’t walk around a bar using all the same ones on different girls. First of all, girls talk. They’ll tell each other that you used the same line. And secondly, it’s not nearly as fun to use the same one.

  1. Don’t let her see you chatting up other girls.

If a girl sees you using lines on many different girls and working your way around the bar, she’ll be turned off. No pickup line will work on a girl who thinks you’re sleezy.

  1. Introduce yourself first.

If there’s one thing that will make you fall flat on your ass when dropping a pickup line on a girl, it’s being creepy. One way to alleviate that is to first introduce yourself and start a small conversation. That way, she’ll feel more comfortable around you and it’ll be a little less abrupt when you tell her one of these.

  1. Be confident.

Confidence is pretty much everything. If you’re awkward and uncomfortable, your pickup lines will just NOT work, no matter how great of a line it is. Therefore, you have to practice having confidence no matter what you do.

  1. Make sure she doesn’t have a boyfriend first.

If you go up to a girl with a boyfriend and start dropping these lines, it will not go well for you. Make sure to scope the area out beforehand and if there’s a guy hanging around her quite a bit, avoid hitting on her.

Pickup lines are not going to work on every single girl, but you’ll find the girls who love them. Try out one of these lines and see if you can get lucky.


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