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30 Dirty Would You Rather Questions for Couples


Who doesn’t love a good game of Would You Rather? It’s the best game to play if you want to have a good laugh with your partner or if you’re with another couple, hanging out.

What is the “would you rather game”?

The Would You Rather game is where you ask two hypothetical questions, where they have to choose one or the other. There are less naughtier versions, however, through these questions, you’ll be able to find out each other’s kinks and fetishes in a fun way. Why ask these questions directly when you can play a game instead.

Relationships are not supposed to be serious. Okay, of course, your relationship with your partner is serious, but what goes on between you two doesn’t have to be. Why not enjoy the time you share together and do something fun. You don’t have to spend money in order to have a good time, you know that. Would You Rather is a great way to have a good time, play it anywhere you want and see your partners answers to some of these wild questions. So, you can play this game while you’re in the car, when you’re camping, at the grocery store – literally, this game is playable at any time, anywhere. You can even make it more interesting with drinking or having to take your clothes off if you don’t answer in time. The options are endless.

But let’s not waste anymore time. It’s time to show you some of the best Would You Rather questions for couples.

  1. Would you rather only have sex in the missionary position or only have sex in the doggy-style position? Now, I know you like both of those positions, but really, doing it from behind for the rest of your life doesn’t sound like fun.
  2. Would you rather have sex with someone who never showers or someone who never brushes their teeth? This possibly the most terrifying of questions. Hygiene is huge for all of us, so either way, it sucks.
  3. Would you rather have your boyfriend/girlfriend laugh uncontrollably every time they saw you naked or cry uncontrollably? I guess after a while you’d get used to them laughing or crying…right?
  4. Would you rather catch your parents having sex or your parents catching you having sex? Literally everyone’s biggest fear is this – no matter how old you are, married or single. This. Is. Terrifying.
  5. Would you rather vomit while making out or fart while you’re getting eaten out?
  6. Would you rather have sex in complete silence or listen to dirty talk in an accent you can’t stand while having sex? The accent can really kill the mood but silence? That’s not much better.
  7. Would you have sex only with the first person you had sex with or have sex only with the last person you had sex with? We all remember who we lost our virginity to, but we also all remember who we last had sex with…
  8. Would you rather not be able to touch during sex or not to be able to see during sex? You can’t remove the senses! That’s what sex is all about!
  9. Would you rather never have sex or only be able to have threesomes? Well… not all heroes wear capes.
  10. Would you rather only be able to do foreplay with your hands or only be allowed to do foreplay with your mouth? Think about this one, you know how tired you can get when they’re taking their sweet time. Whatever you choose, you’d have to hit the gym up.
  11. Would you rather find out that the guy you last had sex with was an infamous murderer or that the last person you had sex with is your cousin? This took a dark and unexpected turn. Is it bad that I’m thinking that sleeping with your cousin isn’t that bad?
  12.  Would you rather have sex in the same position with the same person for the rest of your life or have sex in different positions with a different person every single time you have sex? We all know how boring it can be having sex with someone new, so imagine doing it every time you have, but come on, the same position with the same position until the end of time? What a nightmare.
  13. Would you rather make a sex tape only for your grandparents to see or put your nudes online for everyone to see? No, no, no, no, no, no, anything but grandma and grandpa!
  14. Would you rather be turned on every time you see a man wearing crocs or when you see a man wear a fedora? Both repulse me, yet, they both fascinate me as well. Well played, well played.
  15. Would you rather cry every time you had sex or burp every time someone kissed you?
  16. Would you rather fuck your best friend’s dad or your father’s best friend? Which one is hotter…
  17. Would you rather cheat on your partner or have your partner think you cheated, even though you didn’t. This question is actually a really good one to see your partner’s moral ground. Even though you think they cheated on you, do they have to do it? Listen to this answer carefully.
  18. Would you rather be told that you suck at giving blowjobs or that you suck at kissing? Well, neither are god, but I mean, you it depends which is more important for you.
  19. Would you rather only get kissed on your lips or get kissed on every part of your body but your lips? I couldn’t imagine not being kissed on the lips. The lips are everything!
  20. Would you rather have your partner piss on you or swallow cum that tastes like piss? What’s with the whole piss thing? Isn’t peeing in a toilet enough? Isn’t that pleasurable? Why we gotta take it to the next level?
  21. Would you rather have sex on a bed filled with stains or in a smelly bathroom stall? My question is, do the stains smell? Right, I mean, gross, both options are just gross.
  22. Would you rather date someone who takes five seconds to cum or someone who takes at least five hours to cum? Why must they torture us with this question? But, if your a woman, then you know how long and painful five hours can be. Fellas, this question may be easier for you.
  23. Would you rather sleep with the first person that you see at the bar or the first person that hits on you at the bar? This one is a slippery slope, my friend.
  24. Would you rather bite your boyfriend on the dick during a blowjob or sack him in the balls during sex? I’d rather sack him, but I don’t know about you.
  25.  Would you rather have sex in a restaurant that’s full of people or have to masturbate on a bus that’s full of people? If I have sex in a restaurant with my meal be free since I’m providing entertainment? This is the real question I need answers to!
  26. Would you rather date someone who doesn’t cuddle or someone who refuses to go down on you? Oh god, not this question, anything but this question. Can you imagine a life without cuddling? A life without getting eaten out?
  27. Would you rather sleep with someone whose hands were always scorching hot or freezing cold? Well, I guess cold hands wouldn’t be so bad… wait, or maybe hot is better, wait, I don’t know!
  28. Would you rather be offered a job in the porn industry or get a job at a strip club? Either way, people are going to watch you get naked.
  29. Would you rather hit your head while having shower sex or fall off the bed while having morning sex?
    Both sound horribly painful, however, maybe the water will soothe the pain?
  30. Would you rather have an intense make-out session with your teddy bear or with your hand? Because really, which one would it be.

These are some pretty intense Would You Rather questions, if you ask me. For sure, you’ll be able to get a good laugh from them and see how your partner’s mind works. Though these questions are all fun and good, remember that through these questions you’ll be able to find out what kind of person they are and what secret/hidden fetishes and desires they have. This is a much better way to get to know someone rather than asking them directly what they’re into. So, whether you’re stuck in traffic, waiting for the movie to start and sitting on the couch together on a Friday night, jazz up the conversation with some of these questions. Your partner will have to come up with some questions as well, you can’t be the only one asking them!