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Do Girls Like Shy Guys?


There is something playfully mysterious about shy guys. They are the ones who are reluctant in a cute adorable way. It will cause you a great deal of effort to make them talk and so you can trust that whatever’s coming out of their mouths are sincere. Shy guys usually appear as simple ones – no arrogant talks, no boasting around and no pretensions. What you see is what you get for shy guys.

When they feel quite embarrassed, you can count on them to blush. When they are nervous, you can feel their voices cracking up a little. True enough, they are so unlike the proud brazen guys who seem to know the sure way on things. A little inexperience is actually appealing when you come to think of it. As more experienced a guy gets, he becomes more prone to lying his way out of situations and so girls like to favor shy guys.

Shy guys are great listeners as well. Since they are usually hesitant to talk and give a piece of their minds, they just listen instead. They are like sponges that absorb everything that a girl shares. And girls just love it when someone listens to them intently! They talk less and act more, and they listen even more. When a girl is in the presence of a shy guy, she feels like the guy is very interested on her especially when the guy uses the signature move of the shy ones – staring adoringly while smiling.

There is also something challenging about dating a shy guy. When a girl manages to peel him off his shy layers, a talkative open guy will soon emerge and the girl he’s dating will be responsible for this. Truly satisfying! Every girl dreams of that – a man that they have transformed for the better. Girls feel special when a guy is shy towards other people but is confident and comfortable when he is with her. Every girl craves for that feeling!

So to answer the question whether girls like shy guys, they definitely do! But some girls have reluctances towards shy guys too. Being shy is attractive as hell but it should come with a fair warning not to be overdone. Other girls prefer confident guys over the mildly shy ones because of bad experiences in dating someone shy. There are instances when girls do NOT like shy guys and here are some of them so you can make the effort to consciously avoid them:

1. When shy guys have hesitations

Shy guys appear like they have a lot of hesitations and indecisions. They are shy so they can’t express their decisions boldly. To add to that, they don’t have initiatives. Girls hate it when they are forced in a situation to make the first move! So sometimes, they just abandon the thought of dating a shy guy if they are forced to be the aggressive one. Plus, she can’t even play hard to get in this case! It’s cute when you’re shy and all but make sure to be the type of shy who makes decisions too. And when you have decided to date a girl, overcome your shyness and never let her make the first move. Come on pal, you can do this!

In all honesty, girls like a bit of control coming from their guy. They actually want things planned out, not necessarily in the minute details but they would want some sort of outline. For instance, you managed to ask a girl out and you agreed to have dinner somewhere. Girls expect that you will have at least some venues in mind that you can suggest. But because you are too shy to even make a suggestion, you answered her with the classic “wherever you want” and the night turned out to be pretty boring. When you have something in mind, do not be afraid to suggest it. Do not let your indecisiveness and hesitations get the better of you.

2. When girls don’t know the true intentions of a shy guy

Girls are extra patient when it comes to shy guys because shy guys usually take a lot of time to open up and pursue someone. But be careful not to wean this patience up! When girls don’t know the true intentions of a shy guy, they just assume that the guy only wants friendship with her and so this is what she gives. Make your motives transparent or lose the battle by staying in the cemetery of relationships called The Friendzone. Let a girl know about your true intentions so she will not second-guess your actions. Remember that words without actions are false promises. Actions without words are confusing. And most importantly, motives with neither actions nor words are empty ones.

Just try putting yourself in the girl’s shoes. On your first meeting, you were shy. On the second, you were still shy. And on every single one after that, she still couldn’t figure out where this dating thing is going. It will just be natural for her to guard her heart and stay on the safe side. She will feel like you’re not interested if you continue doing this. Believe me, she wouldn’t cross that bridge for you when she sees that you’re not even taking the first step. You have to learn how to open up after a few conversations or she will be the one to permanently close her doors on you. Girls easily lose interest in vague undefined things. Moreso, uncertain relationships! They yearn for things to be labeled and identified. Do not be one of those confusing things in her life.

3. When a shy guy can’t stand up for her girl

Generally, girls do not need anyone’s protection but it surely is comforting when a girl is assured that her guy will be there in the event that her battles became too big to fight. It’s assuring when a girl knows that she has a guy she can depend on. The problem is that, it doesn’t feel like it for shy guys. Shy guys appear like they can’t even stand up for themselves. When they are being insulted or ridiculed, they just accept everything because they are too shy to defend themselves.

They are too afraid to make a stand! With this attitude, surely, they wouldn’t be able to stand up for their girls! And that trait is a deal-breaker. Grow some balls! And make a stand for her. Fight for her! When other guys are flirting with your girl, don’t be too shy to establish your position and remind him of his place. When other people are insulting your girl, don’t just accept this and let them do that. Fight for her, especially when she can’t fight for herself. Let the world know that though you may be shy, you are never the shy type that they can step on.

4. When a girl wishes to introduce her guy to the people close to her

Girls who are dating shy guys usually feel hesitant about introducing their guy to their friends and even to their families. There are just so many wrong impressions that a shy guy can make. He might appear unconcerned and uninterested. A shy guy’s silence can mean that he is not enjoying the conversation and the girl’s family and friends might take it against them. It’s not that he doesn’t have cool stories to share but he is not just the sharing type. He might literally just sit and listen the whole awkward time.

He might give one word answers to some good questions that may be asked of him.
“So shy guy, are you actually serious with my daughter?”
“Ahh, yes sir.”

Tension is not a far possibility! It’s difficult to unfreeze a shy guy and ask a simple yet nearly impossible thing of him – to be a bit confident even for just this once. Although in the end, it’s still about the girl and the guy, a girl usually cares about what her family and friends have to say with the man she’s dating. If her family and friends had a bad impression on the shy guy, she might think twice and reconsider the relationship. And this can be a BIG disadvantage for our resident shy guy.

5. When a shy guy belittles himself

He is a shy guy for some reasons and the strongest of those reasons might be a serious case of low self-esteem. A shy guy might belittle himself from time to time. So the duty of bringing him up each time he puts himself down lies on the shoulders of the girl. Problem is, it doesn’t feel good all the time. It might even feel like a chore. It seems like a daunting task to continuously convince an inconvincible guy about his good traits. Also, it may feel awkward for the girl especially when they are not yet too close with each other.

So yes, in conclusion, a shy guy will definitely earn some brownies in the initial stage, when the girl and guy are just summing up each other and are attempting to book a date. Shy guys are just irresistibly cute in this stage. But there’s an end to a girl’s tolerance towards her guy’s shyness. There is an end to a girl’s probing the shy guy’s mystery.

The blushing and stutters are all fun until the guy is required to do more substantial actions like standing up for her girl. We have enumerated things that may get you minus points because you’re too shy. Too is the keyword. Too much of everything is never healthy! What you need to do instead is to make work around’s on the items that we’ve listed for you and you’ll surely be the adorable shy guy who can be confident and bold when he needs to.


  1. From your article one can conclude girls don’t like shy guys which is actually true and in accordance with everyday experience. Women don’t value nor respect shy people and especially with men they are not interested in romantic relationship with them.
    There is no point in saying that shy people are good listeners when women expect men to be a conductor of a date not the other way around, so if one is shy he has little chance to really date a woman unless he does something with it.

    • Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences. It is certain that your supportive comments will influence members of our community. Please share more of your positive comments in the future. Have a great day, Neon!


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