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Do Guys Like Curly Or Straight Hair?


We guarantee that if you were to take ten men and ask them the question, “Do you like curly hair or do you like straight hair?” There would be an array of different answers. Not all of them would have the same outcome. Why is that? Because every single person has a different preference as to what they like when it comes to women. Some men really dig it when a woman sports curly locks. Whereas others can’t stand curly hair. We know that isn’t necessarily fair, but unfortunately that is just simply the way it is. Everyone likes something different. Some men could care less what type of hair a woman has. Some really only care about personality vs looks. However, it can be important to some what type of hair a girl wears. The same goes for women. Some women truly love long hair on guys, while others cannot stand a guy who doesn’t have a nice hair cut.

So, instead of telling you which haircut a man likes the best, we instead will let you in on a few reasons as the why guys like one or the other.

Why Some Guys Like Curly Hair

He Likes It Because It’s Natural: He might love curly hair over straight hair because it is the natural hair of the woman that he is seeing at the time. He loves the natural look. He feels as if you were to straighten it you would be going against nature. This is especially true if he is dating a woman of color. He might not like the fact that a woman chemically alters her hair to a straighter fashion, because he feels like she should be her true self in all her glory. That means leaving those bouncy locks the way they are. To him it is just much more attractive.

It Turns Him On: Yes, this is true for some men. They may have just grown up with this preference and always found women with curly hair much more attractive than a woman with straighter hair. This is just a preference that is programmed into him biologically.

He Thinks It Suits You Well: Although some woman might go back and forth between curly and straight, he might think you should stay at one style. The curly one. He just likes that it suits you better. He might feel as if it just goes better with the way you are personality wise. He might think you are too plain when it comes to you having straight hair. He also might think it frames your face in an odd fashion. All in all he might prefer curly hair because it just seems more like you.

He Loves The Way It Feels: Or he could love the way that those luscious, springy tendrils feel in his hands. He might just love to play with it or tug at it. Whereas straight hair does not give him the same amount of pleasure to touch. He could just love the way it bounces when he pulls at it or the way it bounces when the two of you are being intimate with one another.

He Thinks Of You As More Wild: Men tend to think that women with curly hair have a wild side to them. We aren’t sure why. Maybe it’s just because the hair itself looks a little wild, but this is definitely a reason that men prefer curly hair over straight hair.

You Are Your True Self: He might like that you haven’t given into the trend of chemically straightening your hair. He likes that you are defying the norm and doing your own thing. It gives him confidence that you are an original person.

Why Some Guys Like Straight Hair

He Likes The Way It Looks: Straight hair definitely has a sleek, chic fashion to it. It may make him think that you are a much more organized person. He likes how smooth it looks and maybe even how shiny it is, because of how straight it can get. He might also love the way it looks when it is wet. It could also be that he likes the way it looks on you as a person. It might fit you better than curly hair does.  Again, this is just a preference.

He Likes The Way It Feels: Or he could love the way it feels when he runs his fingers through it. He likes that his fingers don’t get caught because everything is so smooth. Unless of course you forgot to brush it out.

He’s Never Been A Fan Of Curly Hair: There’s a good chance that if he likes straight hair, he has liked straight hair on women since he can remember. His first few celebrities crushes might have had this type of hair. And therefore it conditioned him to truly appreciate straighter locks on a beautiful woman.

He Likes That It’s Trendy: Some guys like a girl who chemically alters or straightens her hair. They like that it is trendy. He might think that you look absolutely stylish and up to date on fashion when you straighten your hair. He likes that you look like everybody else right now!


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