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Are Bald Men Attractive To Women?


When you start to lose your hair, one of the first questions you may ask yourself is if you will still be attractive to women. Interestingly, some studies show that you could even be more attractive to women in certain ways. Don’t lose hope! As long as you are still confident and look your best, losing hair is the only thing that you will lose.

There are a number of social assumptions people make about your appearance. In research studies, people perceive individuals who squint and have thin lips as being more dominant. Someone with full lips or wide eyes is viewed as being submissive. Meanwhile, attractive people tend to be viewed as more confident, competent and better at their jobs.

Hearing these studies, you may despair initially because many people are uncomfortable about losing their flowing manes. In popular culture, baldness is connected to impotence, age or weakness. While this may be the popular perception, it is not what the subconscious mind perceives .

In one research study, high testosterone was linked to baldness and it is also connected to working out more at the gym. According to the research, bald men are viewed as being more agreeable and dominant. While they are also viewed as being slightly older than a non-bald man (about a year), this is the only real negative.

If baldness is linked to testosterone, then you can’t judge based solely on responses to photos of bald men and photos of non-bald men because the interpretations could be based on something else like testosterone levels. To remedy for this potential problem, researchers digitally altered photos of non-bald men so that they would appear bald. Then, they did the same test. It held true. People viewed the photos of bald men as taller (which wasn’t even visible in the photos), more confident, more dominant, more masculine and a bit older.

The takeaway from this research? If you go bald, embrace it. You can’t control your hair loss, but you can control your reaction to it. Interestingly, it seems like no one else cares as much as you do. Statistically, everyone else will think that you have more of the positive qualities that you wanted to have.

How Balding Works

When it comes to dating an individual woman, there is no exact recipe about how to look. While research studies deal in statistics, each individual woman is different. There are some women who find bald men extremely attractive, while other women will not date someone who is bald. Everyone is different, so you have to find the woman that is right for you.

An estimated 95 percent of guys are pattern balding. A quarter of men start going bald before they reach the age of 30. Out of the men who become bald, most end up developing a bald spot on their crown first. An estimated four out of seven guys will develop baldness genes.

It seems like the majority of guys will have to deal with some level of baldness, but not everyone navigates this experience well. Studies show that being bald will make you look more dominant and manly. It helps you to appear more powerful, stronger and more powerful. In a University of Pennsylvania study, they looked at guys who had long hair, partially baldness and complete baldness. In a series of three different studies, bald guys continued to come out on top. Unfortunately, partially bald guys did not fare so well if they were young. Older guys with partial baldness did fine though. If you are young and going bald, shaving your scalp may help you reach that perfect level of attractiveness and masculinity.

What to Do If You Are Going Bald

If you are starting to go bald, you have several options available to you. The option that requires the least work is to do nothing. Keep in mind that partially bald guys who are young did not rate very well in research studies. With that said, doing nothing is easy and you aren’t trying to attract a statistic: you just want to find one woman.

The second option is to do the dreaded comb-over. This requires a bit of extra work, and it honestly is not your best option. Having to do a comb-over shows women that you could be insecure about how you look or lack confidence. Even if it does not portray these qualities, it is still probably not going to look that great. There is a reason that people joke about comb-overs in the comic strips and on television. They rarely look okay and almost never look great.

The last option is to shave your head. Research studies showed that guys with hair who had it digitally shaved off enjoyed the same benefits of being fully bald like looking more manly and more dominant. If you want to avoid the slight drop to your attractiveness that comes with partial baldness, shave it all off. You will get the benefits of being completely bald. Even better, you show a potential mate that you are confident in how you look already and don’t care if you are bald. Another side benefit? Shaving your hair is an easy style to maintain, which leaves you plenty of time to play the field or focus on anything other than your hair.

There are so many variables in how people perceive you. Someone of a different culture or age may view your style differently. Women who are older are also more likely to be open to baldness because they know that age changes how you look since they have experienced it. Plus, it isn’t realistic to expect someone to stay in their 20s forever. Individual tastes vary, and there are certainly women who find baldness attractive. Just about every woman out there finds confidence attractive, so wear your baldness with pride. You can determine how confident and charismatic you are, but not your genetics. Forget about what your genes do to your hair, find the right person and enjoy your life fully.


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