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Does A Guy Mean When He Says He Isn’t Looking For A Relationship, But He Isn’t Opposed To Being In One?


Guys certainly say a lot of confusing things, don’t they? Like, “I’m not really looking for a relationship right now, but I’m not opposed to being in one.”

Hold up.


So he’s saying he doesn’t want a relationship, but he wouldn’t mind one? What on earth could that even mean?

Yeah, we were confused at first, too. But that is exactly why we took the time to research this topic heavily for you. We deserve answers, right? So we got them!

Here are six different reasons that he might have said such an odd statement to you!

The Reasons

He’s Waiting For The Right Girl: We don’t tend to think that men are hopeless romantics, but they can be! Some of them are open to the idea of being in a relationship… However, they really only want to find themselves in a relationship with “the one”. He does not want to just date anybody, because he might be at a point in his life where he does not want to waste time dating someone that he might or might not work out with. He does not want to leave things up to chance. He is waiting for love at first sight or someone who makes his heart leap out his chest. Yes, even men have these type of emotions. Especially if they are older and sick of playing the casual dating game. They feel like they should spend their time keeping their options open in case the right person walks through the door one of these days.

He Has Closed Himself Off Emotionally: There is such a thing as being hurt too many times, right? This goes for both sexes, male and female. He may have just been hurt one too many times in the past. Now he is just done trying as hard as he once did. He built up walls around himself emotionally. So now it is up to the right girl to break those walls down. Tearing those barriers down would make him easier to coax into a relationship. Yet these things take time. So, he might not be looking for a relationship, but under the right circumstances he would consider being in one. Those circumstances are him being able to open himself up emotionally once again.

He Does Not Want To Rush Things: There is a chance that he is telling you this because he wants to date you… In the future. This is his way of letting you know that the door is always open. But he might not want to rush into things. Taking things too fast can lead to failure in relationships. He probably wants to make sure that the two of you actually compatible in every way that he can. He wants to make sure the two of you get to know each other. He might have dating you in the back of his mind, but right now he’s taking all the precautions that he can think of the ensure that the two of you will work. He might have learned his lesson the last time he took things too fast with a girl.

He Might Be Waiting For You To Make The Move: Or it could be that he is not as old fashion as you thought. He might be telling you this because he wants you to take the initiative to take things to the next level. This is his way of hinting that although he wasn’t out to find love, he found it with you, but he isn’t sure how to proceed. He might be a little too insecure. You may have to push him in the right direction. Or it could be that he is nervous you don’t feel the same way. So he is telling you this to ensure that he won’t scare you off. He wants to see how you feel before doing anything too quickly.

He Is Afraid Of Commitment: Unfortunately there are a lot of people in the world that are afraid of being tied down. Fear of commitment is definitely a real thing and it affects a lot of people. So that might mean he is never on the lookout for a serious relationship, but maybe if there isn’t a lot of commitment involved, he would not actually mind being in one. He may just not want to tell you outright that he is scared of being in a serious relationship. So he is trying to sound casual with this particular response.

He Just Isn’t Into You Personally: Yes, there is a very sad chance that he is saying this because he wants you to stop trying to date him. This is his way of letting you down, very gently, and hoping that you will move on when you hear it. He thinks that by telling you this it means that he hasn’t chosen you to date. He is still looking for his one, true love. Which is not you.


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