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Does He Have a Crush on Me?


You may be curious as to whether or not someone has a crush on you. There are many signs that may be easy to notice, and some that are more difficult, that can help you determine if he has a crush on you. Chances are, if you think he has an interested in developing a relationship with you, then he probably does. Read on to learn the answer to your question, “Does he have a crush on me?”

Does He Have a Crush on Me?

1. Eye Contact

If he constantly tries to look into your eyes, then he probably is interested in you. If he looks at you across the room when he should be paying attention to something else or hanging out with his friend, then give him a smile so he knows that you are happy. When the two of you are speaking to each other, then he may try to maintain eye contact throughout the conversation. In group discussions, he may have his attention locked onto you and may even look at you when other people are speaking.

He may also avoid eye contact or look into your eyes and then look away. This may be a sign that he is nervous and is uncertain about your feelings toward him. He may also specifically avoid looking at you during group conversations because he may not want to reveal his feelings. If he seems to look at you differently that he looks at other people, then you can probably assume that you are in his thoughts.

2. Proximity

When someone tries to spend excessive time with you, then it is certainly possible that he is interested in you. He may try to move his seat closer to you or he may try to run into you in the hallways after class or meetings. If he looks toward you and smiles, then he may want to become closer to you. If he looks awkward and uncertain of himself, then he may be uncertain about your feelings.

On the other hand, emotional desires may cause people to behave strangely. If someone who normally spent time with you begins to avoid you, then he may be interested in you. It is possible that he his nervous about his feelings and doesn’t wait to reveal his desires to you. Try to reach out to him if you want to develop a relationship with him, as he may appreciate the gesture.

3. Physical Contact

The gentle touch of a nervous hand may be a sign that he wants to become closer to you. He may put his foot against your under the table. He may also place his knee against yours. More assertive men may try to place the palm of his hand on your body. A hand on the lower back or shoulder is a more obvious sign that he is interested in you.

Of course, he may also become nervous around you. He may start keeping is hands to himself and hold himself in a way that makes him seem smaller. If this is happening, then you may want to lightly touch his forearm or hand. If he seems to become happy at your touch, then he probably is interested in you, but he is uncertain about your feelings toward him.

4. Social Media

He may ask you about your social media accounts. If he adds or follows you, then he likely wants to learn more about you. It is likely that he will begin to like or share your comments and pictures. If you share something and he reacts to it, then send him a message. He may be uncertain about your feelings toward him, so the invitation to speak will help him open up to you.

Uncertainty may cause him to be more shy. He may add you and then never let you know that he is interested in you. He may post pictures or comments that hint that he is interested in someone. His words may be confusing. You always have the option to send him a message or tag him in a comment. If he is interested in you, then he will likely reply quickly. Reach out to him if he adds you on social media.

5. Smiles

He will smile around you. This may be connected with extended eye contact or physical interactions. It is possible that he will simply smile when he is near you. If you believe that you are bringing out this positive energy, then reach out to him at this time. His smile may broaden when you smile at him. You will be able to test his feelings for you by returning his smiling and seeing how he reacts.

He may also seem to be infused with energy when he is around you. He may be smiling, laughing and playful. He may also start dressing in a more attractive manner on days that he is around you. Smiles fade if they are not returned, so you may want to take action when you notice that he is in a positive mood.

6. Personal Questions

Questions about your feelings and relationships may come up. If he asks you if you are dating someone else, then it is a sure sign that he is interested in developing a relationship with you. He wants to make sure that he is not doing something unacceptable. If you tell him that you are not dating anyone else and you continue speaking with him, then watch his reaction. Anytime that you reveal that you are available for him and he acts in a positive manner, then you can be more assured that he wants to be with you.

If he asks about your family and shows intense interest in your life outside of school or work, then be aware of his questions. This means that he is interested in becoming more ingrained in your life. If you are interested in him, then return the questions. He may not want to speak about himself and may turn the conversation back toward you. This is perfectly acceptable and an obvious sign that he has a crush on you.

7. Similarities

He will begin to notice and point out the things that the two of you are interested in. When he explains that the two of you share the same hobbies and goals, he is showing you that he would be a good partner for you. He may begin to research and enjoy hobbies of yours that you have shared with him. If this is the case, then you have someone who truly wants to develop a relationship with you.

If you share a hobby with him and he asks you more about it, then explain it to him. He may ask you to let him join you the next time to do something. If you want to develop a relationship with him, then invite him to come with you. This will give the two of you a chance to develop your relationship around shared hobbies. Be sure to speak with him about your life goals as well, as you may find that the two of you want the same things later in life.

8. Teasing

He will likely tease you. Some people are not as good at teasing as other people. If he says things that you think are rude or offensive, then be certain to let him know. He likely is not trying to make you feel bad. If he is making a joke, then he wants you to smile and pay attention to him.

If you style your hair or wear a cute outfit and he says that it looks bad, then he is probably teasing you. You should be able to tell his true meaning by the look on his face. If he is smiling or laughing, then he probably wants you to realize that he is teasing you. Try not to be offended and be quick to clear up any concerns that you may have about his actions.

9. Compliments

If he compliments you to tells you nice things, then he wants you to associate him with happiness. If you feel as though you are don’t look good and he tells you that you are pretty, then he is likely letting you know that he is interested in you. Accept these kind words and let him know that you appreciate him.

Return his compliments if you are interested in him. This will let him know that you want him to continue to speak with you. Compliments breed more compliments, and you will find that a healthy relationship will develop in this way.

10. Jealousy

This is one of the most obvious signs that he is interested in you. If he seems as though he is jealous when you are speaking to someone else, then you are deeply rooted in his mind. Do not try to make him jealous, but be sure to let him know that you have other friends. Keep in mind that you have your own life and should not give up on your friends for someone new.

Jealously may cause him to try to be around you more often. If he seems as though he is trying to impress you or catch your attention, then give him your time. If you are interested in him and he is practically begging for you to speak with him, then let him know that you care and speak with him.


  1. I think he has a crush on me well I think he Acutally cut Off my conversation with my friend and like start rambling on about his life and he laughed at my hair and was like REALLY close when I tried to show him something

    • It is likely that he has feelings for you. His behaviors may be indications of his desire to maintain a relationship with you. You are interested in developing a relationship with him. Determine what you want for your future. Speak with him about your thoughts and feelings. Give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, Wolfie!

  2. There’s this guy that I have a crush on and he usually stands pretty close to me or when he walks past me walks pretty close and says hey and he added me first on social media, teases me but also teases other girls, he maintains eye contact during our conversations, and he also sometimes tries to join in on my conversations especially with other guys or at least tries to get my attention lol what does this mean

    • It sounds possible that he likes you, but there is no way to know for sure yet. He teases other girls as well, so he might just be an extremely friendly, outgoing person. If you like him, keep talking to him and see where things go from there. Good luck, Gracie!

  3. I have this guy that I started to like when I found out that he will work at another place. I never realized that I like him until he I know about the news. We talked about him working other place that he make tge right choice then suddenly he talk about wanting to get marry during the conversation and at some point he did mention when I ask who he like and he pointed at me and that time I was freezing and thing he joked around and we never talked about it. I think he make me start to like him when he first make long eye contact with me that makes me uncomfortable. I did mention to him and he kept doing it until now. He like to teased me a lot and sometimes he compliment me and something say bad comments that still funny to me. I think he did get jealous whenever I talk to other men by knowing his mood swing. But the thing is I can never truely say that he likes me or what cause I dont want to be seen desperate. He did do things to get closed to me but then I can never tell his true feeling. I wanted to tell him how much I liked him but I dont want to ruin the friendship that we had.

    • It seems that you have developed feelings for him, but your relationship may not be viable. Determine what you feel is appropriate, and speak with him about your thoughts and feelings.


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