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Quiz: Does He Like You or Not?


Got a crush on a guy and can’t quite tell if he’s into you too? Here’s a quick quiz to help you figure it out! does he like me quiz adults

How does he act when you’re around? Guys often have different tells for when they like someone. Some become really shy, others become more outgoing, and a few even start to blush. Which of these things does the guy do when he’s around you?

  • He acts like he normally does. (0 points)
  • He often looks my way when I’m around. (1 point)
  • He is usually really nice to me and would talk to me often. (2 points)
  • He makes it a point to sit near me whenever we’re out in a group. (3 points)

What does he do when you approach him? Many guys can be caught off guard when it’s the girl who approaches them, so it’s a great way to gauge what’s really on his mind when you’re around.

  • He’s responsive enough, as if he was approached by one of his buddies. (0 points)
  • He’s polite and asks me how he can help me. (1 point)
  • He gets a little caught off-guard. (2 points)
  • He gets a little caught off-guard, maybe blushes or stutters a bit, but he tries to maintain a conversation. (3 points)

How do your conversations go? One of the best ways to determine if a guy likes you is based on how you talk with each other. The content of your conversation combined with how you converse can tell you a lot about a guy’s feelings for you.

  • It’s the usual “hi” and “hello” and not much else. (0 points)
  • We have engaged in some small talk, but that’s about it. (1 point)
  • We have some quick conversations about mutual interest, but it’s usually either only online or offline. (2 points)
  • We can talk for a long time without losing interest. This is true both in person and online. (3 points)

does he like me back quiz

Do you have a lot in common? For many budding relationships, establishing common ground is the most important thing. When you know that you have a lot in common, it can lead to more reasons to talk, and thus more ways to develop feelings for each other.

  • I don’t really know. We haven’t spoken enough to know if we have anything in common. (0 points)
  • Maybe a few things, based on what I know about him. (1 point)
  • Yes, and we’ve talked about them before. (2 points)
  • He usually finds out that I like something he also like and we end up talking about it a lot. (3 points)

What is he like online? In this day and age, his online behavior can tell you a lot about him. So admit it, you know you’ve checked out his profile and the things he does online.

  • We don’t follow each other online yet. (0 points)
  • He has followed me, but that’s about it. (1 point)
  • He likes some of my posts, and I like some of his. (2 points)
  • He sometimes leaves comments on my posts and tags me in things I might find interesting, (3 points)

Has he tried to get closer to you? When a guy likes a girl, he’ll often do anything to be closer to her. So when a guy likes being near you, it gives him more ways to get to know you while also giving him ample opportunities to impress you.

  • Not really, but he doesn’t look like he wants to complete avoid me either. (0 points)
  • Not really, but he sat next to me one time. (1 point)
  • Yes, sometimes he sits next to me, but he seems a little shy. (2 points)
  • Yes, he usually gets the seat next to me. (3 points)

What do his friends say? Guys talk about as much as girls do. When a guy likes someone, there’s bound to be some way his pals will find out. So when he has mentioned you to them, you know that he’s been thinking about you.

  • Nothing. I don’t think his friends even know who I am. (0 points)
  • Nothing. Though I have met his friends. (1 point)
  • They tease him about me sometimes, but he just laughs it off. (2 points)
  • I’m friends with his friends now. (3 points)

What do your friends say? Like with his buddies, your gal pals also see your interactions with him from a different point of view. They can give you valuable insight into how he acts around you as well as how he acts when you’re not looking.

  • They think he’s not particularly interested in me. He might actually be into someone else. (0 points)
  • They think he’s nice enough, but he seems nice to everyone. (1 point)
  • They think it’s too early to tell, but they’ve caught him looking my way a couple of times. (2 points)
  • They think we go together so well that we might as well be a couple. (3 points)

does he like me more than a friend quiz

Has he ever done anything nice for you? One of the easiest ways to get you to like him is by being nice to you – that’s just a fact. However, when the guy is a generally nice person, how can you tell if he’s just being nice in general or nice to you in particular? Here are some giveaways:

  • Not really. He hasn’t actually interacted with me all that much. (0 points)
  • Yes. He did me a favor once, which was nice. (1 point)
  • Yes. I’ve asked him for a couple of favors, and he was nice enough to do them for me. (2 points)
  • Yes. He usually finds out what I need before I even ask and he goes out of his way to help me out. (3 points)

Does he treat you differently from other girls? Ah yes, the final question would be about how he acts around you as opposed to how he acts around other girls. It’s often easy for a girl to think that a guy likes her when he’s being super nice and charming. But when he acts the same way around other girls, that’s just him being his same old self or he’s collecting options!

  • I don’t think he treats me any differently from other girls or guys. (0 points)
  • He treats girls the same way he treats me. (1 point)
  • He’s a little bit nicer and more attentive towards me than other girls. (2 points)
  • What other girls? It’s like they don’t exist when we’re together. (3 points)

how to tell if a guy likes you over text quiz

What’s your score?

0 – 6 Points: It seems like you’re completely out of luck with this guy. Not only does he not show even the tiniest bit of interest, but he seems to have categorized you firmly in the friendzone.

7 – 12 Points: He seems like a good friend to you. It’s not like he outright rejects you, but he doesn’t see you as anything more than a friend. Perhaps you don’t know each other well enough for him to be attracted to you just yet.

13 – 18 Points: This dangerous zone is rife with mixed signals and potential heartbreak. He seems to be really nice to you, and there might be more to your friendship. However, it may be too soon to tell. Right now, you’re stuck in the limbo of being good friends who have fun together, but with a hint of potential attraction thrown into the mix.

19 – 24 Points: He sees you as someone who’s a little more than a friend. You’re well away from the friendzone and you have your foot in his realm of “girls I might like.” Maybe he’s not quite sure about his attraction to yet. Maybe he just hasn’t mustered up the courage to ask you out. Or maybe hes’s the type of shy guy who just hope you’ll be the one to ask him out.

25 – 30 Points: Without a sliver of doubt, this guy likes you. Whenever you’re around, he can’t help but be as close to you as possible. It’s only a matter of time before he expresses his attraction to you and asks you out. Or maybe, now that you know he’s into you, you could be the one to ask him out!


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