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Does He See You As A Potential Girlfriend?


Hookup culture has most definitely taken over our generation, don’t you think? And because of that it can be difficult to figure out what is really going on between a guy and yourself. Are you heading towards dating, hooking up or are you just going to remain friends? How on Earth are you supposed to know what it means when he makes a small gesture and surely you are dying to know what it means when he makes a big one? Itt can be, to say the least, utterly confusing. But try to stay calm, because luckily for you there are things that give away what he’s feeling inside. Even if you can’t see it. Why can’t you see it? Because it’s subtle. Men are more subtle with their feelings (usually, not all the time) and that can make it harder for us women to decipher what the heck is going on!

Today you are here because you want to know one thing: Does he see you as a potential girlfriend?

We understand why you are asking.

Girl, we’ve definitely been there… Maybe once or twice even. And we know that the question can eat away at you. It can make you nervous. You do not want to be wasting your time with this man if he does not have any intentions of cuffing you up anytime soon.

Right? Right.

So sit tight and we will let you know exactly what the signs are that will tell you whether he thinks you are a suitable future girlfriend or not.

Signs He's Going To Make You His Girlfriend

Signs He Does See You As A Potential Girlfriend


Sign #1: He Consistently Communicates

One thing we know about men is that they are generally not the best at communication. So when they do start consistently communicating with you, it does mean something. This means that when you text him or snap him (or whatever platform you prefer) he usually gets back to you when he can.

Sign #2: He Wants To Really Get To Know You

And not just what you do for a living or what your name is. He will want to get know about your childhood, your favorite things or your personal preferences. He will never stop trying to learn more things about you.

Does He See You As A Potential Girlfriend

Sign #3: And Your Close Friends And Family

And he will want to get to know your friends and family. He won’t mind if you start dragging him along to weddings and graduations. He will thoroughly enjoy getting a sneak peek into the life he is about to enter.

Signs You're His Girlfriend Or He Wants You To Be Soon

Sign #4: He Gives You Gifts

He might remember you saying how much you needed something and then proceed to show up at your door with that something. He might bring you to a movie that you have been dying to see or grab your favorite candy bar on his way over. These might seem like small gestures, but they usually have meaning behind them.

Sign #5: He Prefers To Hang Out One On One

He started ditching the hangouts with your mutual friends and started asking you to hang out solo. This is a huge sign that he is trying to go down a more intimate path with you.

Sign #6: He Gets Intimate

And speaking of intimate paths… Another major sign that says he might see you as a potential girlfriend is how close he gets to you physically. Does he not shy away from holding your hand or giving you hugs? Has he tried to kiss you?! Hello! This is definitely a good thing. But, be careful with this one, because you don’t want to assume that hooking up means that he wants you to be his future girlfriend.

He will get intimate with you, but he will be respectful about it.

Sex doesn’t always mean the type of intimacy you want.

Sign #7- He Remembers Things

And specific things at that. He remembers your birthday or the story you told him about that time at camp! He remembers everything, because he feels it’s important to get to really know you if you are going to be in his life for an extended period of time. And not only will he remember things about you, but he will expect you to remember things about him as well. He will want you to listen to his stories and be involved in his life, too. This is definitely his way of preparing you for a relationship.

Does He See You As A Potential Girlfriend

Sign #8- You Go On “Dates”

He will take the initiative to try and get you out of the house with him. He might invite you to parties, events or out on formal dates. He may ask you to the movies or to go out to eat with him. And if he does it all the time, then it is safe to assume he’s on the path to dating you. He definitely sees you as a potential girlfriend if he is opting to spend time with you and spending money on you.

Sign #9: He Doesn’t See Other Girls

You might want to start gearing up for the relationship life if you notice that this man does not spend time with any other girls besides you. This means that he is focusing all of his attention on you and nobody else.  However, if he is spending time with other girls besides you, you can safely assume that he is still playing the field and he is not trying to be serious with anybody.

Sign #10: His Friends Know Of You

Did his friends already know about you before you met him? That means that he has been talking about you to them. That is a positive sign that he sees you as a potential girlfriend. Guys don’t usually chat too much about their love lives to each other otherwise.

And there you have it! 10 super strong signs that give away whether a guy is going to girlfriend you up or not! We hope this helps put your mind at ease!


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