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Does She Like Me? 15 Signs She’s Interested in You


In this day and age, finding a partner can be challenging. With all of the new contact methods like social media in play, people can seem one way in person and completely opposite online which can send you some serious mixed signals.

And since no one wants to put themselves out there anymore and get embarrassed, most of you guys are looking for some clues before asking her out. So, how do you now when a girl is actually into you and not just a super friendly girl?

Unfortunately, the answer to that can be pretty complicated because women are not all the same. They all think and act in different ways and that is part of what makes finding the right one so important.

Since finding the right girl to date is complicated, I have decided to help you out by taking some of the guesswork out of figuring out if she is interested in you. By the time you have read this article, you will be a master in the art of noticing affection. Well, not really, but you’ll be better at it anyway. I’m pretty sure you could never be a master in the art of knowing what a girl is thinking.

With that being said, I have compiled a list of behaviors for you to check out that are pretty big signs that she is interested. Keep in mind though that some women are just more adventurous and flirtatious by nature, so if she is flirting with every guy, those signs don’t apply to her.

Try to stick to the more concrete signs with that kind of girl. Here the signs are for you to go over.

1. She is hanging around you

If a girl doesn’t like you, she won’t want to be around you. Simple as that. Girls do not want to waste their time hanging around someone that annoys them or that they find abrasive. Especially if she is gracing your presence on dates. If you have made it past the first one, she is definitely interested. Otherwise, she would have told you to hit the road by now.

2. She carries on the conversation

This doesn’t mean that she is over there rattling nonstop, just that you don’t have to ask her a direct question to get an answer out of her. If she answers you and then adds value to the conversation herself, or asks you a question, then she’s interested. If she gives you one word answers and forces you to come up with another question, then she’s not interested so don’t waste your time trying.

3. If she’s laughing at your lame jokes, then that means something

Girls save their laughs for people that they like. Otherwise, it makes them feel exposed. If you’re throwing out your worst dad jokes and she’s still giggling, then she’s into you. If she’s not, then those terrible jokes would get a pity smile from her and that’s about it.

4. Focus more

If you would focus your attention at her eyes instead of her breasts for two seconds, you might be able to see the affection there. He eyes will literally sparkle when she’s crushing on you. You will be able to see the interest there. If her eyes look flat with no sparkle, then move along cause you aren’t going to get anywhere here.

5. She acknowledges your presence

If a girl doesn’t like you, you’ll be lucky to get anything more than a “hi”, if that, from her. If she greets you and gives you attention, then she’s interested in you. If she asks about your day or what you’re doing, then she’s definitely into you. Again, girls don’t see the point in wasting time on people they don’t like.

6. Smiley faces

When a girl likes a guy, she’s all smiles around him. It something that she can’t even help. If she’s always smiling when she’s talking to you, or even around you, then she’s into you. Especially if those smiles are always directed your way and they linger on her face. Pay attention to whether or not she smiles at everyone she talks to or just you.

7. Her friends know about you

There is no point in talking to her friends about guys she doesn’t like, so she won’t. If her friends are already familiar with your name, then she likes you. You’ll know this by the quick eye darts in her direction when she introduces you. They are non verbally asking her if you are the (insert your name here).

8. She is relaxed around you

If you can tell that she’s comfortable in your presence, then she’s interested. A girl will not relax around people she doesn’t like, especially guys. If you’ve given her any kind of hint about your affections and she’s still relaxed, then she’s giving you clues back. If she didn’t like you, your hints would have sent her running and made her visibly uncomfortable.

9. She fishes

No, not the rod and reel kind. The “do you have a girlfriend” kind. It’s generally a little bit subtler, but asking about your personal life means she’s interested. The fishing is usually followed up by hints of hanging out sometime. It’s normally something left open like that she’s dying to see a movie that just came out, or that she’s been feeling like a visit to the beach. She’s giving you the opportunity to ask her to go with you.

10. She makes physical contact

If she touches your arm while talking or your leg while joking around, then she’s into you. You couldn’t make a girl touch a guy she doesn’t like, so it’s a pretty big sign. Don’t touch her back just yet though, just smile at her first. If she continues encouraging you, then try to touch her arm and see how she reacts.

11. She has revealed some personal information to you

Girls don’t share with people they don’t like. In fact, they stay pretty guarded most of the time. If she’s sharing personal details, she’s hoping to draw you into her circle. If she wants you in her circle, then you are someone she’s definitely interested in a relationship with.

12. Her attention is on you

When you talk to her, she if fully present. Her eyes aren’t darting around, she isn’t looking at something in her hands, she’s looking right at you and hearing every word you say. She engaged in the conversation and seems like she has nowhere to be, even if it’s only for a minute.

13. She texts you and you are active friends on social media

If she’s liking the majority of your posts and texting you, then she’s interested. If you’re the one doing all of the liking and texting, stop and see if she does is back. If she doesn’t, she’s not that into you and you need to move along. If she does, then know that she’s at least somewhat interested and enjoys you being in her life.

14. She teases you

Shocker, this is called flirting. If she’s flirting, it’s not for nothing. She’s attracted to you and is working let you know that. Flirting is work too, so appreciate that she likes you enough to think you’re worth the effort. Give her a smile and flirt back if you’re interested. If she responds with more smiles and flirts, then you’re golden! She’s definitely interested in more!

15. She wants to be closer

If your arms are touching while you’re walking side by side, or if her leg is against yours while you’re sitting down, then she’s into you. When a girl likes a guy, she wants to be near him. She also won’t reject any contact you initiate (within reason of course). If you try to hold her hand, she’ll accept it easily. If you lean in for a kiss, she’ll be willing.

Now you should have a better idea of whether or not that girl is fishing for a date, or just being nice. Also, if she’s only hitting one or two of these bullet points, then she’s likely not interested and is just being friendly.

If she’s hitting a majority of the bullet points, then feel relatively comfortable in making your move because she’s doing everything she possible can to tell you to make it. Man up and do it!

Girls typically won’t make the first move, beyond giving you hints, so it’s really up to you to get that date scheduled. That means it’s time to put on your big boy pants and put yourself out there just a little bit.

Hopefully, after reading this article, it will be a very small step of faith because you’ll know what you’re getting into. If she’s given you all of these signs, then grow a pair and ask her to dinner. Remember that she won’t wait forever, so get a move on it before she’s remembered as the one that got away.


  1. Guys, don’t take any of this stuff too seriously.

    Case in point: I recently went on a date with a woman I’ve been acquainted with for a long time who checked off so many boxes on the “she likes you” checklist that I was certain she was into me. When we chatted via text, our conversations were fun and a little flirty but also substantive; we met for a date, and she greeted me with a close, warm embrace; we spent two-hours walking around a park talking and getting to know one another better; she laughed at my stupid jokes — the kind of light, melodic laugh that guys love to hear; she made an effort to end “awkward silences”; we made eye contact when we talked; she walked close to me; at the end of the date, she gave me another hug and readily agreed to a second date and even named a time when she was available; when I texted her later and told her what a great time I had, she agreed and thanked me for meeting her…

    I was golden, right? Well, no. When I contacted her again a day or two later, she confessed that she wasn’t interested in dating anybody because of other priorities in her life. Bit of a “whammy”, to say the least, especially after all the supposed signals she sent out.

    So, yeah, just because some website tells you that a woman likes you, be careful you’re not setting yourself up for disappointment.

    • The two of you had a pleasant date. When you reached out to her, she informed you of her feelings regarding relationship at this time. There are many aspects of interactions that matter in regards to a successful relationship. You should never prioritize a static words to understand a living, breathing relationship. Ensure that you are mindful and respect of your partners needs. Have a great day, Broken!


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