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Dream About Being Shot in the Head


Few dreams are more terrifying than getting shot or killed in a dream. When you have a dream about being shot in the head, it can cause you to wake up in a cold sweat and shaking. Many people are afraid that having this type of dream means that they will actually get shot in real life. Luckily, this dream rarely, if ever, predicts the future. Instead, it shows what is going on within your own subconscious mind.

dream of being shot in the head and dying

Dream About Being Shot in the Head

Dreams are the reflection of what is going on in your subconscious mind. They show your thoughts, ears and desires in your waking life. When you have a dream about being shot in the head, it only shows what is going on in your waking life and your subconscious feelings. Because of this, it is important to look at each aspect of the dream to interpret the overall meaning. The people, situation, feelings and location in your dream can help you figure out exactly what your dream actually means.

The Shooting Aspect of the Dream

No matter where you are shot in the dream, this kind of action has a general interpretation. When you dream about getting shot, it shows that you do not have a good opinion of yourself or your abilities. You may feel ashamed of actions you have taken in the past or doubtful about your own abilities in the future.

If you get shot in the dream and return as someone else, it shows that you need a new outlook on life. You changed to someone else in the dream because you need to have a new approach in life if you want to get what you want out of life.

I had weird dream where I got shot in the head

The Head Aspect of the Dream

Meanwhile, the head represents your feelings, thoughts and actions in life. Your head is a representation of how you view yourself, your identity, your abilities and the world at large. If someone is injuring your head in the dream, it may mean that you are not thinking clearly about your waking life. You may be in denial about what is going on, so the root of your thoughts is being attacked in the dream. You have to face your fears and be willing to take chances in your waking life, or this dream will keep returning to you.


In dreams, a gun is a representation of strength and dominance. If only the gunman in your dream has a weapon, it may mean that you feel like other people hold the power in your waking life. If you cannot see who the gunman is in your dream, it may show that you are hurt by things that people do behind the scenes. You may not know who is harming you in your waking life because they gossip behind your back or invisibly pull the strings. Even if you try to run away in the dream, your safety is still at risk because of the gun. In real life, you may feel like it is impossible to defend yourself. All of your attempts to keep yourself safe only put you at risk like you are in the dream.

A Sense of Rejection

Sometimes, dreams about being shot also symbolize a sense of rejection. You may feel like a certain part of your personality or past is not serving you anymore. You are shot in the dream because you want to reject that aspect of yourself. Because you are shot in the head, your rejection will typically have something to do with your beliefs, goals or personality.

dream about being shot in the head but not dying

Other Dream Interpretations

Guns also indicate a fight for survival. If you are shot by a group of gunmen, it may mean that you are overwhelmed in your day-to-day life. You may feel like many people are united and working against you, and you feel powerless to stop them. You may be frustrated as you try to work toward your goals because it seems like everyone is against you.

According to some dream interpreters, dreams about being shot in the head shows that you are struggling to make your own decisions in life. You may feel unable to take control of your future because other people hold the power. They make decisions for you, and you are only able to go along for the ride. You may know what you want out of life, but you do not have the authority or ability to choose your own course in life.

If you are unharmed in the dream, it shows that these attackers and negative influences cannot actually harm you in your waking life. If you are actually harmed or killed in the dream, then it shows that you feel harmed and unable to fight back in your waking life.


  1. I had a dream I was at a party. With people I knew and didn’t know. Then everyone left, and I was getting ready to leave. While walking towards the front door, a woman starts running/stumbling towards me. She is covered in blood. And is obviously hurt. I scream for help and run to one of the rooms and see a man killing another woman. I turn and run with the first girl and we run to the living room area and are cornered. We hunch over by a small table and the man comes closer to me and shoots me in the head. But I don’t die. I don’t feel any pain, but I am aware I’ve been shot. And I can only see out of one eye. He shoots the girl next to me in the head and she dies. He then notices I am alive and says “if she blinks she dies”, while laughing. I can’t keep my eye open any longer and I blink. He shoots and I immediately wake up in a panic. Hard to breathe, my heart racing and terrified beyond words . It all felt so real.

    • Your dream is a reflection of various influences in your life. You will find great benefit in abstaining from consuming violent and dramatic media. It is clear that you want to support the people who are in your life. You will find great benefit in sharing your kindness and compassion at all times. This will draw positive people and energy toward you. Have a great day, Marisella!


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