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Dream About Floods


Having a dream about water is extremely common. Most dream researchers believe that a dream about floods or water represents your emotions. It shows the changes that are about to happen in your life. This type of dream can have a positive or negative meaning depending on exactly what happens in it. dream about flood and heavy rain

Dream About Floods

While a dream about floods can be a bad omen, it is not always a negative thing. Sometimes, your subconscious mind sends you a dream about a flood to warn you about something that is about to happen in your own life. It may be trying to tell you that you are overwhelmed by your emotions and need to take a break.

When you have a dream about floods, it may mean that there is a new phase starting in your life. This could be a positive or negative change depending on your perspective. To find out more about what this type of dream means, read on.

Dreams About a Flood of Clear Water

If you have a dream that the flood has entirely clear water, it is aid to mean that you may have to change your plans in the future. It may mean that there is some type of obstacle or issue that is going to cause your plans to be delayed. Be patient because you can still accomplish your goals, but you will have to overcome this delay first.

If the clear water in your dream is blue, then it shows that you are already starting to overcome your problems. Your issues are going to disappear soon, so you will be able to start enjoying success and happiness. Whatever difficult situation you are currently in will be resolved and you will achieve your reward.

Flooded Land

When you dream that the land is flooded, it shows that you have been going through a lot of problems. Dealing with ongoing problems in your life is extremely stressful, so there is nothing wrong with taking a break. You need some peace and quiet to recharge your mind and focus on the future. This dream is trying to tell you that you need to achieve a state of calmness so that you can begin to move forward.

What does it mean when you have a dream about a flood

A Flood Sweeping Through a Town

This kind of dream typically shows a disturbed state of mind. You may have received bad news, or you may be about to go through a period of misfortune. Do not despair completely because bad times will eventually go away. This type of dream shows problems and despair in your near future that could take place at work, in your relationships or with your health.

Getting Swept Away in a Flood

Sometimes, you are the person who is swept away by the flood. If the flood is carrying you away, it tends to show problems with your health or at work. You may be about to have health issues, so prepare for a trip to the doctor. It could also mean that you will soon encounter problems with work. Try to stay positive during this time.

Witnessing a Flood

If you just witness the flood in your dreams, it shows that there are things in your life out of your control. You may feel powerless to change things. All you can do right now is stay positive and keep working toward your goals.

Being Surrounded by a Flood

When you are surrounded by flood waters in your dream, it is actually a positive sign. Dream researchers believe that this means that you are enjoying a comfortable, prosperous life. Your life is filled with good people and positive influences. It shows hope for a prosperous, financially sound future.

Flood Debris

When you dream that there are flood debris or the flood is carrying debris, it shows rumors and gossip in your life. There may be someone talking behind your back or someone close to you may be trying to destroy your reputation.

Dirty Flood Water

When the water in your flood dream is dirty, it shows that there are negative changes swirling around you in life. You may feel uncomfortable in some unusual situation, or you may dislike a change that is approaching in your future.

The Flood Destroys Your House

If your dream about floods causes your house to be destroyed, it represents problems in your family life. Your home or family may be having issues. Right now, it may be impossible to enjoy peace and harmony in your home. All you can do for the moment is try to stay calm and work things out. If you argue back, it will only make the situation worse.

dream of flood outside house

Being a Victim

When you are a victim of your flood dream, it shows that you should be wary about your instincts. Sometimes, your instinct and intuition are not actually right. By going with your guy instead of relying on facts and advice, you may be causing the people around you to suffer.

Washing Machine Floods

If the flood is caused by a washing machine in your house, it shows that there are negative people around you. Even if you think that someone is a friend, they may be working to cause evil or difficulties in your life. Be careful because it will be hard to get yourself out of this dangerous situation.

A Flood Carries Other People Away

If the flood in your dream is carrying other people away, it is considered a bad omen. This dream may show that there will be difficulties in your near future. You may suffer from these troubles, but you should stay strong. It is only through your inner strength that you will be able to safely navigate to the other side of these problems.

Dream Meaning of Flood

You Get Carried Away by the Flood

Sometimes, you dream that the flood carries you away at a terrifying speed. Unfortunately, this dream is often a negative omen. It tends to show a bad omen for your future. This type of dream typically relates to your health. You may suffer from an injury or another type of health problem, so be careful and keep your doctor’s number handy.

Trying to Escape the Flood

When you dream about struggling to escape a flood, it can actually have a positive interpretation. In many cases, this means that you will soon find a new hobby that you really enjoy. This hobby could eventually become your true passion in life, so keep your mind open. If you were unable to escape the flood in your dream, it is aid to mean that you are having issues adapting to the changes in your life. You are uncomfortable with these changes and unwilling to accept that life has to change for you to grow.

Spring Floods

When you have a spring flood dream, it is an auspicious sign. It is said to mean that there are changes that are happening in your life that will be good for you and the people around you.


If you have a dream about floods and you are drowning, it is actually a good thing. This type of dream is said to mean that your money situation is about to improve. Even if things are difficult now, keep your eyes open, continue to budget wisely and your financial situation will improve.


  1. Please I see someone close to me sleeping inside the water in a room ,like when flood water entered a room size or level …..what does that mean ?

    • Floods in dreams can be specifically explained in this article. However, sleeping may be a sign that you are unaware of these changes. Allow this dream to influence you to be aware of the influences in your life. This will bring you many benefits in the future. Have a great day, Wale!


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