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Dream Moods Interpretation: 12 Dreams And What They Mean

Dreams mean a lot of things, but they somehow they don’t actually mean what they seem to. Find out what your dream means by reading the follow 12 dreams and what they mean below!

Being Lost

Dreaming about being lost is never a fun thing, but it may signify something important. So it’s important that when you have this dream you think really hard about what else is going on in your life. Being lost in a dream, such as being in a maze with no end or in an infinite forest, can signal to you that you are feeling a lot of anxiety about something. You might feel very stuck in a situation that you don’t feel like you have any control over. This will lead you to feel disorganized when it comes to figuring out a solution and that’s what leads you to feel lost in your dreams. When you have this dream several times, it means that the anxiety over the situation is growing.

Your Naked In Public

No one likes to imagine baring it all in front of others, but it is one of the most common dreams to be had. That’s because most people share the same insecurities that come along with this type of dream. When you dream that you are naked in public it means that you are feeling scared of letting others see something about you. Whether it’s that you are hiding a secret or you are hiding something physical. Clothes not only shield things about us, but they metaphorically shield us psychologically as well. Often we are feeling ashamed when we have this kind of dream. In this dream our insecurities become unhidden by showing our all.

You Or Others Are Dying Or Dead

Dreaming about dying is undoubtedly terrifying. However, there is really no need to worry. It is not a premonition of any sort. Instead it actually signifies the ending of something important in your life. It could be that you are moving to a different place, graduating, ending a relationship or even leaving a job or career behind. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean anything negative, it does let you know that whatever is coming to an end is stressing you out a little bit. Starting a new chapter can be overwhelming and therefore you may start having dreams about your own death or that you are somehow dying.

Dreaming about death could also mean that you are scared of losing something in your life. You might reiterate that worry into a morbid dream like someone else dying in a horrible way. You may have just had a very emotional fight with this person and now you are concerned that your relationship with them is over.

Falling Or Tripping

Everyone has had the scary moment where they are jerked awake because they felt like they were falling. Fortunately this is absolutely normal and happens all the time. Sometimes it has no meaning behind it whatsoever.

When you dream about falling right as you go to sleep, it’s mostly your body going through a reaction because your muscles have not fully fallen asleep. When you drift off your brain signals to your body that it’s time to shut down. This way you don’t end up acting out your dreams in real time. However, when you start dreaming before you have fully shut down your muscles, you will suddenly be jerked awake and therefore it gives the feeling that you were falling.

When you have a dream about tripping or falling awhile after you have fallen asleep it can signify that you are struggling to let go of something. This is usually the case if you are feeling terrified or have anxiety while you are in your fall.

If you are feeling kind of content as you fall/trip, it’s most likely that you are thankful to be letting go of something. You finally feel like you are free to do what you please.

Think about what is happening in your life currently. Are you finally free of something that was preventing you from living your life the way you want? That could be why you are dreaming this.

Your Partner Is Unfaithful

Dreaming about your lover loving someone else is horrible. There’s nothing fun about that by any  means. This dream often comes out of a real fear of your partner having an affair. Whether or not they are is not going to be clear, but you must be feeling as if something isn’t right in your relationship or you would not being having this type of dream at all.

You are manifesting an insecurity about your relationship into dreams about your boyfriend or girlfriend hurting you in the worst way possible- Cheating.

You may want to jump out of bed to yell at your partner because you feel they are participating in infidelity, but don’t be so quick to do so. It’s important to not let your dreams overcome your reality, because they are not real.

It’s up to you to find out what could be causing you to feel so unsure in your relationship by evaluating it and talking with your lover.

You Can Fly

What could possibly be the reason about dreams that involve you flying? Thankfully it is nothing negative. It actually is a good indication that you have finally accomplished something important. Usually dreams about flying are more pleasant than they are anxiety inducing. You will feel free and joyful in them. This is the same way you might feel when you reach a long term goal.

There’s An Apocalypse/Natural Disaster

Can you think of anything more terrifying than the end of the world? We can’t. So we understand why you might be concerned when you are having dreams about something so crazy. Although it’s scary, it’s really not too worrisome. Dreaming about an apocalypse or a natural disaster means that you are simply feeling that things in your life are out of your control. You are not sure how to stop something that you don’t want happening, just like a disaster of some sort. Sometimes your worry is caused by something very unimportant, but it can still force you to have these insane dreams.

The best thing to do is figure out what you feel you need control of and trying to do just that.

Your Teeth Fall Out/Break

Before we get into what dream interpretation this is we must first ask you if you grind your teeth at night when you sleep? If so, you may be having this dream because you can physically feel yourself grinding your teeth, but you are unaware of what the feelings coming from. Try using a mouth-guard at night and see if it stops these dreams.

If you do not grind your teeth at night, you might be having this dream due to something more psychological. You may be feeling very insecure about something physically or emotionally and it is projecting itself with these terrifying dreams.

Your teeth are one of your most visible attributes and often a common thing people first see about you. Losing them all out of nowhere makes us feel vulnerable and ugly, right? So in your life you are feeling vulnerable and ugly, too.

Try to conquer whatever insecurities you are feeling and see if this dream goes away!

You Are Pregnant/Your Partner Is Pregnant

Dreams about being pregnant do not mean that you are pregnant and your subconscious is telling you. That’s entirely impossible. However, dreaming about being pregnant or that your partner is expecting, means that you are fearful of some responsibility in your life. You feel overburdened and overwhelmed by something at this current time.

You may have just gotten promoted or have a big project that you are working on.

Having a child is a lot of responsibility. You know that, your partner knows it and your brain most definitely knows it. Your brain is feeling neurotic over this problem and is making you dream about the one thing it knows is overwhelming, such as childbearing!

You may feel like something is growing larger. Such as a problem or a goal. This also can be symbolized by a growing child inside of you or your partner. As if you are starting to create something as you would a child.

Don’t be nervous about this dream! It can be easily stopped by facing whatever responsibility is on your plate right now.

You Are Being Followed/Chased

When you dream about being chased it can be utterly terrifying, but usually it doesn’t mean that someone or something is after you at all. Instead it means that you are wanting to avoid or run from something or someone! Ironic right? Although you are scared in your dreams, in reality you are wishing you could get away from whatever is bothering you. This may be an annoying person or an event that you are not looking forward to.

Our advice is to find what you don’t want to be around anymore and get rid of it once and for all!

You Are Late For Something

When you are dreaming about being late for class or work or some sort of event it can be ourselves reminding us of important upcoming events. It can also mean that you are feeling overwhelmed with time management in your life.

To stop this type of dream it’s important to tackle time management head on!

You Can’t Find Something Important

Often we have dreams where we have lost something and are trying to find it again. It could be something as unimportant as your keys or something as big as your child. This usually signifies that you are feeling very busy in your life and you don’t feel as if you are making time for the important things. Try clearing your schedule and focusing on the things that truly matter and this dream should start easing up. At least until you get super busy again.


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