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Dream of Deceased Grandmother Meaning


Dreaming about loved ones is quite normal, but it can feel strange when you have a dream of a deceased grandmother. She is no longer around to talk to you in your waking life, so it feels odd that she would suddenly appear in your dreams. After having a dream of a deceased grandmother, it is normal to wonder what is going on. Is she trying to tell you something from beyond? Is it just caused by your grief? Is the dream representing a feeling of guilt that you have? Depending on what happens in the dream, your dream of a deceased grandmother can have a variety of different meanings.

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Dream of Deceased Grandmother Meaning

At a basic level, this dream is often a sign of your grief. Even if it has been years since your grandmother passed away, you still have memories of her. Memories of our loved ones are extremely strong. They resonate deeply in the subconscious mind, so these memories can reappear in our dreams for years or decades after a loved one passed away. Likewise, death leaves a strong mark on the psyche. Because of this, your dream meaning could be as simple as you love your grandmother, miss her and have strong memories of her.

Some people believe that a dream about a grandmother shows that you have found your inner child. Other dream interpreters think that it shows a desire to spend more time with her, although you cannot actually do that in your waking life. A dream about a grandmother often shows happiness for your future. A grandmother is typically someone that makes you feel love or supported. You may dream about her when you are in deep need of these feelings, or you may also have these dreams because you eel happy, loved and supported in your waking life.

Depending on what happens, the dream can mean a variety of different things. It is said that the grandmother archetype represents female influence and the feminine side of your nature. It may be a recognition of the self. If you argued with your grandmother in the dream, it may mean that you are conflicted about what is important in your waking life. You will have to resolve this internal conflict if you want to stop the arguments in your dream.

In some cases, your subconscious will give you a dream of a deceased grandmother who has passed on to the other side or who is communicating from heaven. These types of dreams are typically created by the subconscious mind to help you get over your grief. They are a reminder from your mind that, although you are mired in grief, your grandmother is at peace. Having this type of dream is actually a good sign because it shows that your subconscious mind is starting to accept that your grandmother has passed away and you are starting to heal. The memories of her will always be with you, but you are starting to move into a better state of psychological health.

Dreams about Deceased grandmother

If your dream has other family members in it, it may actually reflect more on the family members than on your grandmother. This type of dream may foretell a difficult problem in the future. You may feel stressed in your family relationships, and your subconscious mind may sense that more problems are coming your way. Your grandmother may be present in the dream to guide you or to provide you with emotional support as your subconscious tries to sort through these problems.

The meaning of your dream can also vary depending on what your subconscious mind connects grandmothers and older women to. Many cultures believe that grandmothers are connected to nature. They may show that you have to reconnect to the natural world and the true state or reality. You may be surrounded by stress in your waking life, so you have to reconnect to the real world in order to recharge and fulfill your desires in life.

Some people see their grandmother as a guardian angel. When she appears in their dream, it is a sign that the dreamer needs love and support. The grandmother in the dreams is there to help you talk through your problems and prepare for any difficulties in the road ahead. If you are talking to a deceased grandmother in your dreams, it may show that you feel like troubles are approaching you and you want her protection and advice.

Some people also believe that a grandmother in a dream is a sign of a coming inheritance. They think that it connects to family members and a need for affection. The exact meaning of your dream depends on what happens in the dream, who is present and how you feel in your waking life. Your subconscious connotations about your grandmother and other situations in your dream can also be used to personalize your dream interpretation.


  1. Hi, thank you for this piece. I had a dream begging my dead gramma for her blessings. She actually looks wealthy and healthy. But right there on her seat without a word, she gets me closer and held my tommy, while I held her shoulders begging her to release the blessings as I was feeling the pains severely on my abdomen. I couldn’t talk because of the pains, had to start pouring water on her to release my tommy if she is not ready to bless me. Please assist with interpretation. Thanks

    • It seems that this dream is a reflection of your emotional relationship with your late grandmother, but you may feel that she is uncertain about your future. It is clear that you value her approval, but you may feel that something related to your abdomen may influenced her behaviors within the dream.

  2. My wife dreams of her deceased grand mother very often and in dream she sees her grand mother asking for food or crying for food. Many times she sees her with plate full of food but still hungry. Yesterday night she saw in dream her grand mother was saying that she is left with very little money and after that money will be over she will leave.
    We are blessed with a baby girl recently. My wife was dreaming her deceased grand mom during pregnancy also. Is there any connection and what does the dreams mean.

    • Your wife’s dreams are manifestations of her emotional relationship with her late grandmother and her child. The lack of food could be an indication of your wife’s knowledge of suffering that her grandmother may have experienced during her life.

  3. Hello, I have been so paranoid lately with everything I have read about dreaming about my grandmother. I had a dream that my grandmother that passed a year and a half ago called me on the phone and asked what was I doing, I responded nothing really just going somewhere, she asked if I could go help her with something real quick and I said ok I’ll go by later.. And then I saw marbles.. A really weird dream to me.. Could you please tell me what this means.. Thank you..

    • It is clear that your grandmother is on your mind, and this is likely a manifestation of your emotional connection. It seems that you are navigating fears in your life at this time. Honor the memory of your grandmother by sharing your positive energy with the world.

  4. Hi! Please help me interpret my dreams. I keep dreaming of my deceased beloved grandma who have died long years back. It will always appear mostly on near or her birthday. Oh by the way, I was her most loved and favorite grand son amongst…and was being nurtured by her till college days. I left her when I found work at other place and will met her once or twice a year during her birthday and our town fiesta. When she’s still alive she was very strict and very protective to me as a sign of her love. During her last and final day she waited me to come home and see me once before departing to the other side. During her last breath I hold her hand tighty while cyring a lot. At the same time I told her that no matter what happen please continue to guide and protect me at other side… Back to my dream, I saw and heard her talking to me angrily while I saw some foods beside her bed. What does it mean? Another thing also, in our local tradition even today, we used to offer foods and other thing(favorite foods of our deceased loved ones) while making prayers to them in home or while visiting cemetery.

    • You have addressed your question regarding the presence of your food within your dream. It is certain that you will honor the memory of your grandmother by sharing your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life.

  5. I have not seen my husband’s dead grandmother. I’m pregnant and I had a dream about her mentioning she was present at the babyshower function whole time(which is yet to happen) and later before leaving she blesses my husband and me. What does this mean?

    • Perhaps a part of your subconscious mind just wishes that all of you and your husband’s loved ones could be present for such a joyous experience. It is normal to dream about the deceased around major life milestones because you naturally want them to take part in the joy.

  6. I have been dreaming about my dead grandmother this month I dreamed of my dead grandmother alive we were talking happily and she was smiling the following night I had a miscarriage, I had a dream again I had a dream of her again she came home she was walking with two sticks she asked me to give her money and we wanted to go to church so the road that we use going to church is not so good so I saw it not g for her to use it since she couldn’t make it so I asked my brother to carry her with a motorbike to church when my brother agreed she smiled and she dropped one of her walking sticks then another brother of mine held her hands and they were kinda of playing so I went to hold grandmother too and that was the end of the dream can you please help me interpret it. And tell me why I keep on dreaming with my dead grandmother seeing her alive

    • It is certain that the strength of your emotional relationship with your late grandmother has influenced the appearance of your dream. The behaviors of your brother within the dream could be a sign of your knowledge of their shared relationship. These dreams are reflections of your knowledge of influences in your life that cause your grandmother to appear.

  7. I dreamed I was in my deceased grandmother’s old house. I was standing in her room when she walked in. She seemed startled to see me. She said “Oh you’re here?” as if she was not expecting me to be there. I was woken up before I could say anything.

    • She most likely appeared in your dream because you miss her and want to be around her more. The fact that she wasn’t expecting you to be there may mean your subconscious recognizes that you shouldn’t actually be able to see her yet because she has passed on and you are still living. Even though it isn’t the same as getting to have her in your life still, at least this dream gave you a chance to be around your grandmother once more.

  8. i had a dream this morning (europe time)with my grandmother,before that i was in the other house throwing some paper in the bin on the way back i saw a orange cat looking ate me,when i arrive home typically not my home it was from my aunt,when i come out i saw my grandmother smilling at me so i came closer to her and then she held my hands and ask me how am i?and i reply i am ok then i woke up,

    • Your dream is a reflection of your emotional relationship with your late grandmother. The appearance of your aunt and cat may be related to those relationships as well. It is clear that you cared for your grandmother, so ensure that this dream guides you in a positive direction.

  9. My grandma passed away last year. I recently had a dream of her being in a hospital bed and she was being moved from ward to ward. She seemed fine until she tried to get off the hospital bed, both her legs were swollen and as she tried to walk she fell on the floor. She didn’t speak in my dream either.

    • This dream is a reflection of your emotional relationship with your late grandmother. Her experiences within the dream may be related to her experiences during the end of her life. Allow the negative aspects of this dream to fade. Honor her memory by sharing your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life.

  10. Thank you, yes she did experience some of these things before she passed away. I had another dream about her being in hospital but this time I had a baby in my hands and she was smiling at the baby. I heard her speak a little bit, she was trying to express something about her arm. What could this mean and is it common to have recurring dreams of grandma?

    • It could just represent the fact that you miss her. It is also quite common to dream about a deceased loved one around major milestones in your life because it is only natural for your subconscious mind to wish that they could be a part of those changes with you. Perhaps this recurring dream is just your subconscious mind wishing that you could be around your grandmother and have her see everything that you have accomplished in life.

  11. This morning I had a dream of my grandmother in her house. She was crying & saying that she misses her son i.e my uncle.

    • Your dream is a reflection of your emotional relationship with your late grandmother. There may be many reasons for why this dream appeared. You may be aware of her emotional relationship with your uncle. Honor the memory of your grandmother by sharing your kindness and compassion at all times.

  12. Hi, please help interpret. I had a dream about my Grandmother emotionally hugged me in front of my Uncle & insisted on coming to stay at my house for a while. She didn’t wanted to stay at her son’s house & looked upset with him.

    • This dream is a reflection of your emotional relationship with your late grandmother. You may be aware of a stress between her and your uncle. It seems that you should allow this dream to influence you in a positive direction. You can honor her memory by sharing your kindness and compassion at all times.

    • The presence of your late grandmother within your dream may be a manifestation of your shared emotional connection. Her behaviors are indications that she cared about you and the memories that you may have of her. Ensure that this dream guides you to share your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will help you honor her memory.

  13. hi pls help.me interpret this. my mum is sick a terminal cancer. she havent seen her grandma ever. Tonight my mum saw her on her dream sleeping beside her with a small little girl. her granda was smiling at her and talk.something but my mum did not get the exact word. what does it mean? please help… thank u

    • This dream may be a reflection of your mothers emotional connection with her late grandmother, though she never met her in person. Her illness certainly has influenced her dreams, though this doesn’t mean that she is near death. Rather, the purpose of this dream is to influence her behaviors at this time. Your mother will find great benefit in sharing her kindness and compassion with everyone in her life.


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