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Dream of Deceased Grandmother Meaning


Dreaming about loved ones is quite normal, but it can feel strange when you have a dream of a deceased grandmother. She is no longer around to talk to you in your waking life, so it feels odd that she would suddenly appear in your dreams. After having a dream of a deceased grandmother, it is normal to wonder what is going on. Is she trying to tell you something from beyond? Is it just caused by your grief? Is the dream representing a feeling of guilt that you have? Depending on what happens in the dream, your dream of a deceased grandmother can have a variety of different meanings.

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Dream of Deceased Grandmother Meaning

At a basic level, this dream is often a sign of your grief. Even if it has been years since your grandmother passed away, you still have memories of her. Memories of our loved ones are extremely strong. They resonate deeply in the subconscious mind, so these memories can reappear in our dreams for years or decades after a loved one passed away. Likewise, death leaves a strong mark on the psyche. Because of this, your dream meaning could be as simple as you love your grandmother, miss her and have strong memories of her.

Some people believe that a dream about a grandmother shows that you have found your inner child. Other dream interpreters think that it shows a desire to spend more time with her, although you cannot actually do that in your waking life. A dream about a grandmother often shows happiness for your future. A grandmother is typically someone that makes you feel love or supported. You may dream about her when you are in deep need of these feelings, or you may also have these dreams because you eel happy, loved and supported in your waking life.

Depending on what happens, the dream can mean a variety of different things. It is said that the grandmother archetype represents female influence and the feminine side of your nature. It may be a recognition of the self. If you argued with your grandmother in the dream, it may mean that you are conflicted about what is important in your waking life. You will have to resolve this internal conflict if you want to stop the arguments in your dream.

In some cases, your subconscious will give you a dream of a deceased grandmother who has passed on to the other side or who is communicating from heaven. These types of dreams are typically created by the subconscious mind to help you get over your grief. They are a reminder from your mind that, although you are mired in grief, your grandmother is at peace. Having this type of dream is actually a good sign because it shows that your subconscious mind is starting to accept that your grandmother has passed away and you are starting to heal. The memories of her will always be with you, but you are starting to move into a better state of psychological health.

Dreams about Deceased grandmother

If your dream has other family members in it, it may actually reflect more on the family members than on your grandmother. This type of dream may foretell a difficult problem in the future. You may feel stressed in your family relationships, and your subconscious mind may sense that more problems are coming your way. Your grandmother may be present in the dream to guide you or to provide you with emotional support as your subconscious tries to sort through these problems.


The meaning of your dream can also vary depending on what your subconscious mind connects grandmothers and older women to. Many cultures believe that grandmothers are connected to nature. They may show that you have to reconnect to the natural world and the true state or reality. You may be surrounded by stress in your waking life, so you have to reconnect to the real world in order to recharge and fulfill your desires in life.

Some people see their grandmother as a guardian angel. When she appears in their dream, it is a sign that the dreamer needs love and support. The grandmother in the dreams is there to help you talk through your problems and prepare for any difficulties in the road ahead. If you are talking to a deceased grandmother in your dreams, it may show that you feel like troubles are approaching you and you want her protection and advice.

Some people also believe that a grandmother in a dream is a sign of a coming inheritance. They think that it connects to family members and a need for affection. The exact meaning of your dream depends on what happens in the dream, who is present and how you feel in your waking life. Your subconscious connotations about your grandmother and other situations in your dream can also be used to personalize your dream interpretation.


  1. Dreams are individual experiences and can mean many things in different ways to many different people. It is so sweet and romantic to hope dreams of people now passed, or no longer in our lives is a message. Whatever they may mean they can be so important. Some of my sweet dreams have true.
    So have some not so nice dreams. I feel so bad, my tiny little daughter used to have bad dreams a lot, yet I could not comfort her, we had no rapport. Thank you for your insight. It is beautiful.

    • Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences. We appreciate when our community members share such positive and supportive comments. Please share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Have a great day, Roxene!

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights. Please continue to share your positive and supportive comments in the future. Have a great day, Annmari!

  2. thank you for sharing this with us. I was also asking myself what it meant when I dreamt of my long lost granny. who travelled with me and my husband from heading our cattle then on the way she said we should proceed as she wants to rest. when she didn’t show up I returned back to check on her but couldn’t find her this worried me a lot.

    • Your dream is a reflection of your emotional connection with your late grandmother. Her behaviors in the dream are manifestations of her behaviors during her life. Her disappearance from your dream may be a sign that you are aware that she has passed. Allow this dream to guide you to share your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life, as this will honor her memory. Have a great day, Salome!

    • Thank you for sharing your positive and supportive comment. Please share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Have a great day, Jacqueline!

  3. Please provide me with the interpretation of a dream whereby I dream of a lot of R100 banknotes. Another part of a dream I went into a club with my ex & found people dancing,we danced & he was taken away from me by one of my junior colleagues & I didn’t have a problem with that but continued dancing.

    • The money aspects of your dream may be a reflection of your financial concerns and thoughts. The dancing may be a reflection of your hobbies and interests. You may have had various emotional and social influences manifest in this dream as well. Allow this dream to guide you to share your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life. Have a great day, Jacqui!

  4. My grandmother who Iā€™m also named after passed on almost 5 years ago. I had a dream the other night & she was in my downstairs bedroom i was bent over & when i turned around she was there. I quickly woke up.. what does this mean ?

    • Your dream is a reflection of your strong emotional connection with your late grandmother. It is possible that something in your life caused you to think about her. Your awareness of her presence in your dream and her sudden disappearance may be related to something in your life. Share your kindness and compassion with the world, as this will honor the memory of your grandmother. Have a great day, Pershail!

    • Your dream is a reflection of your social and emotional connection with your late grandmother. This dream is not an omen, but rather a manifestation of this relationship. It is clear that you want her to approve of your life and decisions. Ensure that your actions are filled with kindness and compassion, as this will honor the memory of your grandmother. Have a great day, Lhae!

  5. I dreamed that i went to the grocery store and that i paid with my bank card $2,071 something like that and the cashier was amazed why it came out less then what it should of , that it should of been $3,000 and something so she asked to live my email incase something had gone wrong. I belived it was my uncle and my deceased grandmother on our way back home and felt it was like in Mexico . All of the sudden i was tasting beens but i had added more pink Himalayan salt ( didn’t see my self adding the salt but i new i did and what kind) but did see myself tasting them and telling my teenage kid nephew has he was passing by me not to add a lot of salt to be carefull to put a little bit but he just said ok and kept walking has i was following behind him i entered the room went to the stove and started warming up flour tortillas to eat with my beans, when i looked back i saw my deceased grandmother asleep like taking a nap next to my niece so when i saw her i got so so happy to see her and very grateful to see that she was alive ,i told her , ” im so happy to see her” with that i had waken her up and she that she was praying and ask for forgiveness everyday because she doesn’t when will be the last day ….. and then i woked up

    • Your dream is a reflection of a wide variety of influences in your life. Your social and emotional connections with your family members appeared. Your financial and culinary thoughts manifested as well. You are seeking forgiveness, and the best way to do that is by sharing your positive energy. This will bring you many benefits. Have a great day, Yara!


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