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Dreams About Demons


When you have dreams about demons, you can wake up in a panic. You wonder if there is a demon possessing your spirit or if it is an ominous dream about the future. You may worry that it shows the sin you repressed or subconscious guilt about something you did. Depending on what happens in the dream, your dreams about demons can mean a number of things.

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Dreams About Demons

A ream about demons often shows how you feel about life. You may feel guilty about something you did or about repressed sexual urges. It may represent things like uncleanness, hatred or aggressiveness. A dream about demons may also represent your internal anxiety. You may be struggling with a moral issue or a problem in your waking life. You are worried that you are making the wrong choice, so the dream shows you that you must avoid falling into the wrong path.

Facing a Bitter Truth

When there is a problem in life, it is not always easy to face it head on. In some cases, you just want to pretend that the problem does not exist because you are hoping that it will go away on your own. When you see demons in your dreams, it is a reminder that you have to face the bitter truth. If you keep trying to avoid the problem, it will only become worse. You have to be proactive to avoid falling into a trap.

The Demons Could Represent Someone

Sometimes, your subconscious picks an animal or symbolic figure to represent someone in your life. Your dreams about demons might not actually be about a demon. They could represent someone who is immoral, dangerous or cruel in your life. Like the demon, this person could be an ominous danger that threatens you. Your subconscious may be trying to send you a warning to watch out for this kind of person.

In some cases, the demon represents someone who is being a bad business partner. They may be acting dishonestly or trying to betray you. It could also represent a romantic partner who is cheating on you or trying to harm you. In some cases, the demon represents people who are jealous of you and who wish to steal everything you have in life.

When you see a dream about demons, it is important to think about everything that happened. There may be other symbols in your dream that could show you how the dream relates to your real life. Before you act on the dream, be cautious and think everything through carefully.

A Representation of Yourself

As much as it hurts sometimes, negative things in your dreams could also represent yourself. You might have a negative personality trait or habit that you dislike. The demon may be just representing this quality. If the face of the demon is camouflaged in your dream, it is even more likely that it is representing some aspect of your personality.

You Feel Uncomfortable Within Your Mind

Some dreams about demons are only representative about what is going on in your mind. You may feel anxious or uncomfortable in your waking life. This discomfort and unease is represented in your dream world.

You Watched a Scary Movie

This is actually one of the most common reasons to dream about a demon. When you watch a terrifying film before bed, it nudges other memories in your subconscious mind. Even though there is nothing that is causing these dreams from your real life, your subconscious mind brings up these memories because you watched the scary movie.

A Fear of Someone in Charge

If you see a bunch of demons attacking you or someone else, it has a unique meaning. This particular dream often shows that you are afraid of someone in a position of authority. If you are attacked, then it means that you feel like the boss or authority figure could harm you. If someone else is attacked, then you feel like they are the person who is actually at risk.

When a demon attacks you, it may also remind you that you are struggling with your own feelings. You may feel drawn to do something or feel a certain way, even though you intuitively know that it is wrong. If this is the case, you need to reevaluate your own life and see what decisions need to be changed. A demon often represents immoral or selfish behavior, so be wary.

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Religious Overtones

Many people think that seeing a demon in their dream is a sign that the devil is trying to attack them. In reality, demon dreams are caused by the subconscious mind. People who do not believe in the devil never dream of him, so you have to have those ideas and memories for the dream to happen.

This does not mean that your dream do not have a religious meaning. They have the religious meaning that you give to them and to your life. If you are having these dreams because of guilt, it is your own religious and moral compass that is feeling the guilt. For you to stop having these dreams, you have to break free of your inner conflict and do the right thing. It is not always easy, but your subconscious is obviously trying to nudge you toward the right path in life.

Is This Dream Always Negative?

While it might seem dangerous or fearful, this dream can actually bring positive changes. Positive things can happen if you act on the dream’s meaning and make changes in your life. You have to start by analyzing your dream. What does it mean for you personally? Do you have an inner conflict? Do you feel guilty about something? Do you need to make changes in your life?

If something you are doing or thinking is causing the dream, then this type of dream serves to wake you up. If you decide to change because of the dream, then it can cause positive developments in your life.


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