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Dreams About Fish


Fish are a surprisingly common dream symbol to see. Dreams about fish can carry different meanings depending on what happens in them and the exact situation. According to one set of superstitions, fish dreams are said to be positive and auspicious. To really figure out what your dream means, you need to look at the type of fish and what the fish is doing in the dream. Is it talking to you or are you gutting the fish? Are you the fish in your dream? To figure out the exact meaning of your dream, you have to look at everything that is happening in it.

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Dreams About Fish

To figure out exactly what your dreams about fish mean, you have to look at all of the different aspects of them. To get you started, we have compiled a list of the most common fish dreams and what they mean.

Cooking a Fish: When you dream that you are cooking a fish, it shows a quest for spiritual knowledge. You want to learn more things in your life and bring a deeper level of spirituality into your existence.

Swimming Fish Dreams: Sometimes, the fish dreams only have fish swimming along. Many dream interpreters believe that this is a reflection of your subconscious mind. Another way to interpret this dream is by where the fish is swimming. If the fish is swimming near the surface of the water, it is thought to be a sign of good fortune and wealth. When the fish is swimming near the bottom of the water, then it indicates that some type of dangerous situation is rapidly approaching.

Another variation on this interpretation involves conception. According to one old wives’ tale, seeing fish swimming in your dreams is a sign that you will conceive soon.

Buying a Fish: When you dream about buying fish, it is considered an inauspicious sign. According to one superstition, buying fish in your dreams shows a potential illness for yourself or a family member in the future. Some people also believe that buying a fish can be a symbol of a greedy nature.

Eating Fish: If you dream that you are eating fish, it reflects your spiritual beliefs. If someone else is eating the fish that you caught, it shows a potential for someone in your family or friend group to fall ill. Eating fish in your dreams is also a potential sign of renewed energy and good luck.

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Big Fish: When you see a big fish in your dreams, it indicates that gossip and rumors will follow you around in the near future. The people around you may make you feel uncomfortable as they constantly spread lies and gossip.

Small Fish: Alternatively, you may have dreamed about fairly small fish. According to some dream interpreters, small fish are a sign that you could lose on something in the near future. You may fail in a project or you may lose an actual belonging. This could potentially cause harm to yourself or your financial security.

Cleaning a Fish: Cleaning a fish in your dreams is connected to your feelings. It is said to mean that you feel repressed emotionally. Even if you reach out to other people, you find it hard to get anyone to understand how you feel. When you have this type of dream, it is because your subconscious mind is trying to let go of your fears and strive to express your feelings to the people around you.

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A Big Fish Attacks You: If a big fish attacks you in your dream, it shows that you are avoiding emotional issues in your life. By avoiding these problems in the present and suppressing your emotions, you are only creating more problems for the future. By bottling up your emotions, you are setting yourself up for an emotional explosion later on. Release these emotions know or regret it later.

A Small Fish Attacks a Larger Fish: If you see a little fish trying to attack a larger fish, it can be a positive or a negative interpretation. This type of dream is like a reminder of the David and Goliath story. Never underestimate someone (including yourself) based on their size. Size does not equate to power or intelligence.

Catching a Fish in Dirty Water: If you dream that you have caught a fish from extremely dirty water, it is said to reflect on your work life. This type of dream is said to indicate that you have many problems at work. Other people may not help you with these problems. Instead, these important people may only create more obstacles that you have to overcome.

White Fish: When you dream about a white fish, it is said to represent your love life. A white fish in your dreams shows happiness in love. If you are in a relationship, it means that your relationship will grow even stronger. If you are single right now, then it indicates that you will enjoy a new relationship with someone.

Dreams About Fish Coming Out of Your Body: This type of dream can feel terrifying to experience, but it does not have a negative meaning behind it. It is said that this dream occurs to pregnant women. Some people even believe that it means that the woman will give birth to a baby girl.

Sea Fish: When your fish dreams are about a sea fish, it shows that luck is coming your way. You may get a sudden windfall or enjoy a period of success.

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A Big Fish Wants to Eat You: If you dream that there is a large fish that wants to eat you, it shows that people around you are using all of their power and abilities to hurt them. Do not put faith in someone unless you know that your trust is well-deserved because they may be secretly working to harm you.

Killing a Fish in Your Dreams: When you dream that you have killed a fish in your dreams, it is said to be an auspicious sign. According to dream interpreters, this dream means that you will have good luck in defeating your enemies and the obstacles around you in the near future.

Flying Fish: When you dream about a flying fish, it shows that you have the ability to overcome potential problems in your life. Even when there are difficulties present, you have the capability of safely flying over them.

Dead Fish: When you dream about dead fish, it is considered inauspicious. This type of dream is said to be a reflection of coming disappointment. You may lose some of your prestige or power. It is also possible that you will lose money as well. Be very careful in the coming days and you may be able to avoid some of these approaching problems. If you dream about a lot of dead fish, the n it is said to represent sadness and loneliness in your near future.

Fish With Legs: When you have dreams about fish with legs, it is said to have a unique, auspicious meaning. This type of dream is said to mean that the time is right for learning. Expand your “legs” and gain new knowledge. If you have the right knowledge and information, you can start to move on in life and make the changes you need to reach your goals.


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