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Dreams About Kittens


Kittens are one of the most adorable creatures ever. They are playful, cuddly and unbelievably cute. In dreams and in life, kittens are often connected to women and feminine energy. While these creatures may be cute, there are a variety of good and bad connotations connected to dreams about kittens. To learn more about what these types of dreams can mean, read on.  The Meaning Behind Dreams About Cats

Dreams About Kittens

Kitten dreams can happen in a variety of different forms. The kitten could be playing with you, or it could be trying to run away. Some people say that dreams about kittens are a sign that someone is going to betray you in the near future. No matter what happened in your dreams about kittens, you can read on to learn about the different interpretations.

Black and White Kitten: A black and white kitten in your dream is not thought to be a positive sign. Instead, this symbol is said to represent suffering and sadness in your near future.

White Kitten: A pure white kitten is also considered an inauspicious sign. When a white kitten appears in your dream, it is said to be a subconscious symbol of the difficult problems that you are facing in life.

What does a cat dream about

Black Kittens: Black kitten dreams are said to be a sign of uncertainty. You know that you want something out of life, but you have not figured out exactly what to do yet. You want a goal or dream worth fighting for, but you have not found the right idea or goal yet.

Fluffy Kittens: Fluffy kittens in your dream are said to be a sign that you should care for yourself. Little kittens must be nurtured, so seeing this fluffy kitten is a reminder that you need to practice self-love and self-care.

Running Kittens: When you dream about a kitten running, it is a sign of independence and talent. It may also mean that a woman or female influence in your life has control, for better or for worse. Some people also say that this type of dream indicates difficult problems or bad luck in the coming future.

Chasing a Kitten: If you are chasing after a kitten in your dreams, it means that there are obstacles ahead of you. You might encounter problems and feel anxious, but do not give up. You have the ability to navigate the situation, but you have to persevere through all of the obstacles.

Dreams About Kittens

Brown Tabbies: If you see a brown tabby kitten, it represents a new message or important news that is headed your way. This news could even be life-changing, so prepare to be surprised.

Getting Attacked: They might be small, but kittens can be ferocious. If you dream that a kitten is attacking you, it is time to take a second look at your relationship. Even though you love him or her, it is possible that you are just too different to stay together forever. Don’t break up with your significant other based on the dream, but do take some time to evaluate your relationship and its future potential.

Getting Scratched: When a kitten scratches you in your dream, it is a sign that you are having problems with a particular woman in your life. The same interpretation is true if you see an extremely aggressive kitten in your dreams.

Screaming Kittens: Sometimes, you will notice some kittens screaming in your dreams. Other than driving you crazy, this situation has a unique dream interpretation. According to some dream researchers, screaming kittens represent someone who has offended you. This is someone you love who has hurt you unintentionally with their words. Even though their offense may have been unintended, you are having problems forgiving them for it.

What does it mean when a cat attacks you in a dream

Kitten Fight: A kitten fight in your dream shows that possible enemies are starting to surround you. You may not realize that they are there, or they may come under the guise of friendship. Either way, you should be extra cautious at this times. This type of dream may mean that someone will bring you to an uncomfortable situation that you do not want to be in. If you are not careful, you could lose your reputation or your valuable possessions.

Mini-Kittens: Miniature kittens are quite adorable to see in a dream, but their meaning is not particularly auspicious. Seeing miniature kittens is a sign that you cannot just listen to the people around you forever. At some point, you have to trust your own judgment and make decisions for yourself. If you are always influenced by other people, you will never be able to move forward in life.

Running After a Kitten: If you dream that the kitten is running away and you are running after it, it shows difficulties in the project or goal that you just started. Once you encounter difficulties, it will be extremely difficult to escape them, so be extremely careful.


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