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Dreams About Money


Dreams about money can mean a number of different things. Typically, money represents prosperity, success,confidence, power and wealth. In real life, it is a symbol of material or financial gain. It can also become a symbol of more abstract ideas like gains or abundance of wisdom, love and spirituality. Since this dream’s meaning can vary based on the situation and what it means to you, it is important to interpret exactly what happens in your dream. Think about who is present in the dream and how it might relate to your real life.

What Do Your Money Dreams Mean

Dreams About Money

While dreams about money often show material gain and success, they often link to the overall well-being of your psyche, spirit, health and intellect. They can show that you are rich in a certain part of your life, although it can also mean that there is another section of your life that is lacking.

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1. Losing Money

When you have dreams about losing money, it can cause a lot of anxiety. You feel like you have lost something and cannot get it back. This money dream can cause a sense of overall loss. While it might directly relate to your finances, it could also show an overall sense of loss and emptiness. This type of dream about money may also show that you lack energy. You may feel like you are running out of steam and do not have the energy that you need to accomplish things in life. You may need to take a step back from life to reevaluate your goals and recharge your batteries.

Sometimes, losing money in a dream shows that you are afraid for the future. You may be stressed out by a coming project or event, and you are afraid that you will not be able to navigate it easily. You may also worry that you will lose out financially or materially in some way. Keep a close eye on your belongings and take steps to protect your financial security.

Often, losing money can show that your life is lacking in balance. Normally, a healthy relationship has a balance of give and take. This is true for any type of romantic relationship, business partnership or friendship. If your relationships lack balance, you can end up dreaming about losing money.

2. Receiving Money

This is another common money dream. In the dream, someone hands you money as a gift or a payment. This type of dream is generally quite positive. It shows a gain in some way. Depending on the circumstances in the dream, it could mean that you are gaining in financial wealth or in your spiritual energy and love.

When you have dreams about money appearing, it means you feel happy and content. You feel like you are gaining power and wealth in your life. The dream does not necessarily mean that you are about to receive money. It just shows that your subconscious feels positive about the state of your life and thinks that abundance is coming your way.

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3. Saving Money

When you dream that you are saving money, it could mean something positive or negative. In most cases, saving money in a dream shows that you feel responsible and financially secure. Because you have been responsible with your financial stability, you have the resources you need to be happy.

In negative instances, this type of dream can go a bit too far. Instead of just saving money, you hoard it for the future. Extreme saving means that you are unable to share what you have with others. You are too tied to your own finances and plans to make time for other people. If you are hoarding cash in your dreams, it may be worthwhile to take a moment to consider other people in your life and how you can help them.

While being financially secure is important, it is the people we love who make our life worth living. If we hoard our real or metaphorical abundance, then it can harm our relationships. We have to be willing to give in our relationships if we want to achieve a balance in life. Hoarding money in dreams may show an unhealthy balance in your relationships or a deep-seated sense of insecurity.

Dreaming About Money Decoded

4. Stealing Money

Sometimes, your dreams about money involve you actually stealing the money. The meaning behind this depends on what happens and how you feel about stealing. If you know that stealing is wrong, it may show a sense of guilt or shame. If you like to break the law, it may show a desire to circumvent authority and break societal rules.

In negative cases, stealing money shows a sense of greed. It shows a selfish attitude and a total disregard for others. In order for the dreamer to gain, they feel like they have to take away the success and financial health of someone else. This could relate to actual success or to success in a relationship. The dreamer may feel like they are unable to reach their goals or needs through conventional ways. They feel as if they are out of options and have to go by the survival of the fittest rule to get by.

In positive instances, this type of dream shows that you are willing to take what you need in life. This could be in your relationships or with material goods. In business, it may show a cut-throat attitude to reach your dreams.

5. Spending Money

Spending money is another dream type that can be positive or negative. Look at what you are buying in the dream. If it is something that you need, it may mean that you know what is necessary life and how to obtain it. In this case, the dreams about money show that you know how to seize every opportunity and go after what you want in life.

If the item you buy is not necessary, it may show that you waste your money or energy on things in your life. You have to re-prioritize what you want or you will waste your time and energy on frivolous, useless things.

If you are shopping and feel like you can buy whatever you want, it may show a sense of security and safety. You know that you can accomplish your goals and feel like you are in a stable situation. If you are shopping and feel unable to get what you need, it shows a sense of insecurity. You may feel like you are lacking in success and are depleted. In this case, you should look at your goals and how you can attain them. Create small steps that can help you work toward your goals in life.

6. Borrowing Money

A money dream about borrowing shows that you are lacking in some way in your real life. You may have overextended yourself financially, at work or in your relationships. For you to build a stable foundation, you need to look at your life and give yourself a chance to recharge. You have to be realistic in what you want and in your life’s balance or you will not be able to reach your goals.

7. Watching Others Give and Receive Money

When your dreams about money involve other people exchanging money, it may show that you feel like you are missing out in life. You may feel jealous that everyone else seems to be getting attention and success. When this money dream is more positive, it shows that you you are learning from others about how to exchange money, support and love.


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