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Dreams of Black Snake


When you dream about a black snake, it can cause you to feel terrified. From the Garden of Eden’s snake to the dangerous cobra, snakes have long been a sign of danger or deceit in various cultures throughout the world. While dreams of black snakes might be about something dangerous, there are actually a variety of meanings behind this kind of dream.

snakes in dreams symbolism

Dreams of black snakes can represent your darker emotions. This is the most common meaning behind these dreams. They may be a symbol of depression or a deep sadness. When a black snake is present in your dream, it can also indicate the unknown or the subconscious mind. It may mean that there are transformations and changes taking place in your dream. While it might represent a threat, it could also indicate a transformation or a fresh insight.

A black snake can represent depression, sadness or grieving. It can indicate the unknown or the unconscious. This type of dream may indicate a deeply-rooted drive or instinct. It could also indicate some significant change or gradual transformation in your current life. At a basic level, it could also represent some personal connection you have with snakes or the color black.


Seeing a black snake in your dream could mean that there is a deep transformation going on. It is rising up from the darkness in your subconscious. It could also show that there are lot of unknowns going on in your life. It is calling you to transform and progress in your life, but you are unsure about where the path ahead of you will ultimately lead.


Another common interpretation of dreams of black snakes is that you are facing a threat. Snakes are often seen as a threat, and black is an especially ominous color. You may be facing a challenging situation that you are trying to avoid. The black snake could also be a sign that you are unaware of just how big the threat is, so your subconscious is trying to warn you about it.

Emotional Darkness

Anytime you see an animal in black in a dream, it often shows your mood in your real life. You may be going through major changes in your live that are difficult. A part of you may mourn your past life or previous self. Something in your life like a loss of a loved one may be causing you to experience grief. This black snake could represent depression, sadness or a sense of loss.

The Unconscious

A black snake in your dream could be a symbol of the unconscious or subconscious mind. In your waking life, there may be an issue or a feeling that you have been avoiding or rejecting. You have to deal with these hidden desires and subconscious needs to progress in life. You have to discover the deep longings that drive you and deal with them.

dreaming of black snakes everywhere

Alternative Meanings

Sometimes, your dream is a nudge to take responsibility for your problems. If you recognize the meaning behind the black snake and deal with it, it can help you improve your life. By recognizing these feelings, you can become happy and content. You can reach a positive outcome if you take responsibility for your problems. If the snake is trying to tell you that a friend or co-worker is disloyal, you can reach a positive outcome by recognizing and acting on this fact.

Often, a black snake in your dream shows that you have power within you, but it may be hidden by an emotional storm within your soul. You have to deal with the threat of the black snake if you want to be happy and content.

If the black snake frightens in your dream, it shows that there is a hard problem or difficult person in your life. This may happen during a breakup or when you have a problem at work.

Meanwhile, dreaming that the black snake is cut in half shows a need to adapt. It may mean that you have to be more respectful or learn how to handle social situations better. If you see a baby snake in your dream, it shows the child within you. Some people also say that a baby snake is a reminder that you have to be smarter with your money.

According to Sigmund Freud, a snake of any sort was a reminder of emotional passion. He thought that the dreamer saw the black snake because their emotions or sexuality were repressed. Freud that it represented uncontrolled passion or temptation of some sort.

If the snake in your dream is a wild animal, it shows a danger. Your subconscious mind may be trying to tell you that negative forces are at work in your life. If you have to recognize and solve these negative situations or they could hurt you.


  1. Am confused really l always dream of snakes BT this time as transformed in a human being (man)and is a big black snake and l was scared and beside me there’s a lady cried and the snake utter some words don’t cry your hurting me.

    • The specific meaning of snakes in dreams can be best understood by reading this article. The transformation is an indication of a change in your life. Ensure that this dream guides you to share your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will draw positive people and energy into your life. Have a great day, Neema!

  2. I just had a dream where there were sharks and then I woke myself up and went back to sleep and had a dream I was in an old parlor shop. The other staff said that there was some snake issues so they had fake snakes around. Somehow a small black snake found its way around my left wrist. I was wearing a sweatshirt hand the sleeve fell down over the snake and I was scared to move and have the snake move it way deeper on me. I remember saying, well I guess it’s mine now, as a joke but I was terrified. Then I woke up.

    • The sharks and snakes may be manifestations of various concerns or worries that you may have in your life. It is possible that you are dealing with a fear. Many snakes are not harmful and shark attacks are rare, so it is possible that you are worried about something that will likely not harm you. Ensure that this dream guides you to share your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will draw positive people and energy into your life. Have a great day, Courtney!

    • Snakes are often manifestations of concerns or worries that you may have in your life. Driving may be a sign of your desire for freedom. You may be aware that you can make changes in your life that will reduce the amount of negative influences that you interact with. Make the decision to remove harmful influences from your life. You will find great benefit in sharing your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life. Have a great day, Kirsten!

  3. So I dreamed where I was in my old house and I saw two snakes in front of my neighbors door. One was Golden cobra but not that scary. The other one was pitch black, darker than black (idk how to explain but too dark) snake laying on the ground – I couldn’t even see its face. The black snake vomited some liquid(venom? some sort of gel) – My neighbor stepped on the vomit by mistake and it affected her. She didn’t die but it was too strong, it was like the poison was spreading in her body. The golden snake was just there kind of ‘watching’. I don’t remember what happened after this – I just woke up.

    This could be completely random or some meaning to behind it. I am searching on the net and trying to figure out what could be the meaning – I hope my neighbor who I haven’t seen for 13-15 years and who currently lives on the other side of the planet is fine.

    • The specific meaning of snakes may be found in this article. It is certain that this dream isn’t an indication of these events occurring in the life of your friend.


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